Visit These 12 Places To Avoid Monsoon In India

Travelling during monsoons is fun. The atmosphere is romantic, the landscapes are lush green, milky white waterfalls arising spontaneously all over, the sky is painted with various shades of blue, orange and red; and with cheaper off-season flights and hotels, you are much-tempted to plan that long pending holiday. But then there are some of you who absolutely hate the idea of getting drenched in the rains. Worry not for we have come up with a list of places to visit in India to avoid rains.

Understanding Indian monsoons:

The monsoons hit Kerala usually on 1st of June and keep moving north, sweeping the entire country with its bountiful rains. Rains bring the much-needed respite after a gruelling, hot summer season. The moisture-loaded clouds blowing from the Indian Ocean move up towards the north covering the entire region of India. The south-west monsoon is split into two parts, one part moves over the Bay of Bengal, covering the Eastern coast of India to reach the Himalayas while the other part moves over the Western Ghats along the Arabian Sea. 

Places to visit in India to avoid rains:

1. The historical town of Hisar

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Hisar is located in the Indian state of Haryana and is also referred to as the ‘The Steel City’ of India. Hisar is a history buffs’ heaven with many traces of Pre-Harappan Civilization and Harappan Civilizations found here. Hisar is a living testament to the earliest settlements of the humans in India. Hisar was ruled by Firoz Shah Tughlaq during the mid-14th century who named the city, Hisar-e-Firoza. Through many years, Hisar has been a great example of a blend of historic and modern India.

Attractions in Hisar include: Lohari Ragho, a site of the Harappan Civilization; Barsi Gate, a gate dating back to the era of Prithviraj Chauhan; Asirgarh or Hansi Fort, a 12th century fort built by Harshavardhana; Firoz Shah Palace, residence of Firoz Shah Tughlaq which is a fine example of Indo-Islamic architecture; and Rakhigarhi, one of the earliest sites of Indus-Saraswati civilization. A visit to Hisar will leave you spellbound, the tales of the evolution of mankind through history are quite fascinating here.

How to reach Hisar:

The nearest airport is located in New Delhi at a distance of 168 kilometres. With a good rail and road network, Hisar is well-connected to the nearby towns and cities.

Hotels in Hisar:

A nightly stay in Hisar would cost you an average of INR 1500. There are many hotels available close to the Hisar bus stand. 

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2. Jaisalmer – the Golden city

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The heart of the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer is aptly called the ‘Golden City’. This desert city is surrounded by golden sand dunes. With many quaint havelis built in the golden sandstone, this city is a fine example of royal architecture. Jaisalmer was founded by Bhati Rajput ruler Maharawal Jaisal Singh in the 12th century who initially built this city surrounded by the walls. Walk along the beautiful sidewalks of this city and be mesmerised by its magnificent architecture.

Activities in Jaisalmer include: camel safari in the Thar Desert, visiting the massive Jaisalmer Fort, exploring the stone cenotaphs at the Bada Bagh, walking through the museum at the Patwon Ki Haveliyan, and boating in the Gadisar Lake. The city of Jaisalmer thrives on tourism, with numerous temples, palaces, and monuments, a visit to Jaisalmer should definitely be on your bucket list this monsoon.

How to reach Jaisalmer:

The nearest commercial airport is located in Jodhpur. Jaisalmer is well-connected with trains coming in from major Indian cities. If you wish to drive, Jaisalmer is well connected to cities like Jaipur and Ajmer. 

Hotels in Jaisalmer: 

Hotels are available in the city centre. An average cost of one-night accommodation in Jaisalmer city is INR 1800. Accommodation is also available in tents near the Thar Desert.  

3. The snow-clad Zanskar Valley

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Nestled in the Ladhak region of Jammu & Kashmir, a visit to Zanskar Valley is said to be a life changing experience for many. The beautiful barren landscapes, frozen rivers and lakes, thorny shrubs and cactuses sprouting all over, vibrant flowers with long, empty roads are a site not be missed. This remote village is located at an altitude of more than 7000 metres above the sea level. Due to harsh weather conditions and low oxygen levels, visiting Zanskar Valley requires visitors to be physically and mentally fit.

Things to do in Zanskar include enjoying wonderful the view of the Drang-Drung glacier, visiting the fort of Zorawar Singh at Panikhar near the Suru Valley, camping at the Penzella Pass, exploring the Gelugpa monastery at Karsha, and trying a hand at river rafting from Serchu to Nyimu via Padam. The spectacular Zanskar is surely not to be missed. 

How to reach Zanskar:

You can reach Zanskar by road that runs through Kargil. Zanskar is located 235 km away from Kargil. Regular buses, jeeps and taxis ply between Kargil and Zanskar. 

Hotels near Zanskar:

JKTDC Alpine Huts and many guest houses are located along the Kargil – Zanskar route. An average nightly cost at these hotels is INR 3000.

4. The quaint town of Dharamshala 

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dharamshala is a perfect mix of tall mountains, Buddhist monasteries, Tibetan cuisine and western cafes. Planning to spend a calm and relaxing holiday among the mountains? Head out to Dharamshala. The drive to Dharamshala is quite a scenic one. One has to pass through curvy road and valleys to reach this lazy town. Located at about 10 kilometres from Dharamshala is Mcleodganj, home to Dalai Lama.

Things to do in and around Dharamshala include: trekking to Triund, jumping off a mountain cliff at Bir Billing Palampur, offering your prayers at His Holiness Dalai Lama Main Temple, and enjoying the delicious momos & noodles at the local cafes. 

How to reach Dharamshala:

The nearest commercial airport is located at Chandigarh while the nearest railway station is located at Pathankot.

Hotels at Dharamshala:

Many homestays and budget hotels are available at Dharamshala. An average nightly cost is INR 1000. 

5. Visit the holy city of Amritsar

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Culturally, historically and politically one of the most important cities of India, Amritsar is a place to visit on our next holiday. Home to the Harmindar Sahib, or the Golden Temple, Amritsar is loved by all. Take a walk through this city and you will find many places worth stopping by.

A few must do things in Amritsar include: Visiting the Golden temple, made of gold and other precious stones this temple is nothing short of a heaven; Watch the Wagah Ceremony, the closing of India - Pakistan border gates that happens every day at 5 PM; Pay your tributes at Jallianwala Bagh where one of the most brutal massacres in the India history happened; and explore the architectural wonder of Chand Baori, a step-well. Amritsar is also a foodies’ paradise. Do not forget to gulp down a big glass of Lassi while you are here.

How to reach Amritsar:

Amritsar is well connected to the rest of India by a network of air, rail and road. 

Hotels at Amritsar:

Hotels ranging from budget to five-star are available at Amritsar. Per night average cost of stay at Amritsar is INR 2000.

6. Walk through the cosy lanes of Jaipur

Image Source:

The ‘Pink City of India’, Jaipur is the capital of the state of Rajasthan. Founded by Sawai Jaisingh II in the early 18th century, Jaipur is famous for its many buildings that are built using the red sandstone. Jaipur showcases a vibrant array of bright and intense monuments. The many monuments of Jaipur were laid out according to the Vedic Vastu Shastra and the detailed and intricate architecture of these monuments makes this city a must-visit.

Attractions in Jaipur include: Hawa Mahal, a pink sandstone fortress with a honeycomb façade; City Palace, a centrepiece of Jai Singh II’s reign; Jantar Mantar, an ancient astronomical observatory; Ishwar Lat, literally meaning ‘heaven piercing minaret’ this monument that offers great views of the entire city; and Albert Hall Museum, an industrial arts exhibit centre. The city of Jaipur is very welcoming and has consistently ranked as one of the must visit places in India by many international media houses. 

How to reach Jaipur:

The city of Jaipur is well connected to the rest of India through an air, rail and road network. Daily flights and trains operate from all major cities of India. 

Hotels in Jaipur:

Jaipur has a wide range of accommodation options from luxury chain properties to homestays. A per night stay in Jaipur would cost you an average of INR 2000.

7. Hiking through the flower-beds at Valley of Flowers:

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Located in the state of Uttarakhand, Valley of Flowers is one of the most loved treks in India. As the name suggests, this hiking route takes you right into the heart of one of the most enchanting places in India. With many small waterfalls and colourful blossoms, this place is a photographer’s paradise.

Valley of Flowers is adorned with beautiful meadows of flowers. Flowers such as orchids, poppies, primulas, marigold, and daisies can be found here. This unspoilt valley is a must visit. 

How to reach Valley of Flowers:

The nearest airport is located at Dehradun. To reach Valley of Flowers, one must travel by road via Rishikesh – Joshimath - Govindghat.

Hotels at Valley of Flowers: 

Accommodation is available in dormitories and tents. 

8. Walk through the ruins of Hampi

Image Source:

Hampi, the erstwhile capital of the Bahmanis empire is today a UNESCO world heritage site. Located along the banks of river Tungabhadra, the town of Hampi is divided into parts: One, with many sacred temples and monuments and the other, with a hippie touch to it.

Attractions in Hampi include: Lakshmi Narasimha temple, Badavilinga temple, Queen’s bath, Mahanavami Dibba, Zanana Enclosure, Hazarrama Temple and much more. Visit Hampi and walk through the long corridor with series of pillars to touch upon the history of the bygone era. 

How to reach Hampi:

The gateway to Hampi is the town of Hospet. Located at a distance of 12 kilometres from Hampi, Hospet is well connected to neighbouring towns and cities through a rail and road network.

Hotels in Hampi:

There are many budget stay options available in Hampi. Per night average cost of staying at Hampi is INR 800. 

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9. Explore the colourful town of Bikaner:

Image Source:

Surrounded by the golden sand dune, Bikaner is one of the most vibrant cities in Rajasthan. The city of Bikaner was founded by Rao Bika of the Jodhpur family in the 15th century. Visit Bikaner and walk through its narrow lanes, explore the primitive Rajasthani architecture, mingle with extremely hospitable people who wish you “khamma ghani sa“ every now and then, and shop at the city’s busy markets.

Places to visit in Bikaner include: the 16th century Junagarh Fort, Lalgarh Palace that was built in red sandstone, Shri Laxminath Temple, the 15th century Jain Temple and many more. Oh! and do not forget to snack on some Bikaneri Bhujia ??

How to reach Bikaner:

The nearest airport is located in Jodhpur. Bikaner is well connected to other town and cities of India by an extensive rail and road network

Hotels in Bikaner:

Basic accommodation options are available in Bikaner. Prices range from INR 1000 to 2000. 

10. Travel to the rustic Leh:

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Travelling to Leh is every travellers’ dream. Leh will greet you with many rugged & natural valleys, magnificent mountains, barren lands, curvy road, placid rivers, and clean & blue lakes. One of the most enchanting views here is the confluence of Indus and the Zanskar rivers.

One can drive past the scenic Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges that offer extremely surreal views of its snow-clad mountains. Places to visit in Leh include: Nubra Valley, Thikse Monastery, Shanti Stupa, Magnetic Hill and the azure Pangong Tso Lake. 

How to reach Leh:

Leh has a commercial airport and daily flight operate from New Delhi and Mumbai. Alternatively, you can also reach Leh by road via either Srinagar or Manali. 

Hotels in Leh:

Many dormitories and guest houses are available in Leh. Average nightly cost is INR 1500.

11. The Blue City of Jodhpur:

Image Source:

Here all the buildings are painted sky-blue! Jodhpur is the second largest city of Rajasthan and enjoys amazing weather all year round. A great blend of tradition and urban culture, Jodhpur is a must visit.

Things to do in Jodhpur include: Enjoying a Rajasthani Thali overlooking a fort, enjoying a traditional Rajasthani folk dance, touring the Mehrangarh Fort, exploring the Umaid Bhavan Palace, walking through the Mandore Gardens, visiting the clock tower, shopping for traditional art and handicrafts at the Sadar market and enjoying the delicious pyaaz ki kachori. Do not forget to soak in the magnificent view of this blue city from atop a fort.      

How to reach Jodhpur:

Jodhpur is well connected to major towns and cities in India through an extensive air, rail and road network. 

Hotels in Jodhpur:

Many budget and luxury hotels are available in Jodhpur. Per night average cost of stay at Jodhpur is INR 2000.

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12. Mahabalipuram – The ancient ruin city

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Located off the shore of the Bay of Bengal, Mahabalipuram is a UNESCO World Heritage city. The ancient architecture of its many historical monuments is quite impressive. With its historical caves, centuries-old stone structures, cycling tours, beach surfing activities and delicious food, Mahabalipuram makes up for a great holiday destination.

Places to visit in Mahabalipuram include: The Shore Temple, Panch Rathas, Descent of the Ganges, Tiger Cave and Krishna's Butterball among many others. 

How to reach Mahabalipuram:

The nearest airport is located in Chennai. Mahabalipuram is connected to Chennai via a National Highway. The nearest railhead is located at Chengalpattu. 

Hotels in Mahabalipuram:

Guest lodges are available at Mahabalipuram. Per night average cost of accommodation at Mahabalipuram is INR 1000.

So, what are you waiting for? These places will offer you some of the most exquisite monsoon experiences like you have never seen before. 

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