14 Beautiful Places to Enjoy Snowfall in India

By Neha Kapoor on Feb 19, 2019
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There are many people in India who want to visit some coastal and warm locations in India during winters. However, the ones who belong to the category of enthusiasts visit those locations in India where they can enjoy the chilling weather and ofcourse the snowfall to complement with. With some of the best locations that are located at insuperable heights and receive tremendous snowfall, India becomes one of the coveted destinations. So, you don’t have to go to Switzerland to watch that foogy snowfall, its here, you can enjoy snowfall in India. Here are 14 Beautiful Places to Enjoy Snowfall in India

1. Sonamarg

Sonamarg - The best place for snowfall in IndiaPC: Wikimedia Commons

Tourists flock to this small hill resort in heavy numbers to see the enchanting natural beauty and snow clad peaks. Known as the 'Meadow of Gold', Sonamarg is set amidst a valley of flowers and lakes. The word "Sona" literally means "Gold" in Hindi, and this golden beauty covered with white snow is most attractive in the spring. No doubt, Sonmarg is the best place to experience snowfall in India.

When: Sonamarg experiences winters in the months of November to March. The average temperature range during these months is -8C to 18C. The whole place is covered with a sheet of snow during these months.

Winter Activities: The best way to enjoy snow here is to visit the Zojila Pass and Thajiwas Glacier or hike through the Satsaran Pass. You can also walk through the royal garden of Chasmah-e-shahi.

2. Patnitop

PC: Wikimedia Commons

Considered to be one of the most beautiful hill resorts in Jammu region, Patnitop offers a great deal of adventure, cultural, religious and recreation activities options to the tourists. With Patnitop, you can explore the beauty of Himalayan valley along with extremely beautiful snowfall and trekking routes.

When: November to February. Temperature in these months varies from 24C to -14C. Snowfall is common in these months, and this is an ideal time for skiing.

Winter Activities: Patnitop is the best place to go golfing in the 9 Holes Golf Course of Sanasar. Further, you can do paragliding at Sanasar-Kud, or Natha Top-Kud; ski in Madhatop or try your hand at rock climbing in Kud.

3. Pahalgam & Gulmarg

A hill station located at an elevation of 8,825 ft., Gulmarg is the best ski destination in India. Skiing enthusiasts & snowfall lovers from around the world and from India come together in Gulmarg soon after the freezing December winter and make the best of the snow sports adventures, the area offers. Pahalgam is a perfect relaxation destination; one where all that the traveller must do is eat, sleep and walk around the town to absorb all that splendid prettiness.

When: To enjoy the snowfall, visit Gulmarg between November and February. The Gulmarg Winter Festival and the renowned Snow Festival are the two major festivals that are celebrated with great fanfare and enthusiasm here during these months.

Winter Activities: Ride in the cable car, Gulmarg Gondola, enjoy golf at the Gulmarg Golf Course, and ski.

4. Auli

PC: Wikimedia Commons

Renowned for the fascinating ski resorts and stunning natural vistas, Auli is enveloped with snowy peaks of the mighty Himalayas. This hilly terrain offers the enchanting sceneries of oak fringed slopes and coniferous forests.

When: The period from late November to late March is generally considered ideal for skiers. As the winters set in, the mountains are covered with snow and very suitable for ski runs. At this time one can even take ski courses if you are a beginner and advanced ski courses if you need to enhance your skills. 

Winter Activities: The main activity here is ofcourse skiing! You can also take a ride through the cable car or trek to the nearby area to enjoy the best panoramic views.

5. Munsiyari

PC: Wikimedia Commons

Literally meant as place covered with snow, Munsiyari is one of the most beautiful villages in India, that is situated in Pitthorgarh district of Uttarakhand. Often reffered to as Little Kashmir, Munsiyari is enveloped with snow capped peaks and splendid vistas.

When: The period from January to March is when Munsiyari experiences snowfall. For those who can bear the cold and wish to view a completely snow laden Panchulli range, this could be a good time to visit Munsiyari.

Winter activities: Trek to the Khaliya Top

6. Dhanaulti

Set amidst thick virgin forests of Deodars, Oaks and Rhododendrons, Dhanaulti is an ideal location that ensures absolute peace of mind and soul. The green meadows, towering trees, breathtaking view of the Himalayan peaks, make Dhanaulti an enticing hideaway for tourists. Dhanaulti is also the base point for numerous treks into the snow-capped Himalayas, especially to the Tehri region of Garhwal.

When: Dhanaulti is very famous for snowfall (Dec-March) and scenic view of Gangotri-Yamunotri Glaciers. During this time, the mercury plummets and occasionally there is a snowfall that caps the tree tops and mountain peaks beautifully.

Winter Activities: Mountain cycling, rappelling, and mountain climbing.

7. Almora

PC: Wikimedia Commons

Known as the cultural capital of Kumaon, Almora is situated on a 5 km mountain range situated at an altitude of 1,650 m and from a distance its shape resembles a horse shoe. Almora was not discovered and developed by the British like other hill stations in India; instead it was the seat of power of the Chand Dynasty who ruled the land of Kumaon for almost a millennium. The town has maintained its old customs and traditions that are visible in the way houses and roads have been built.

When: December to February offer chilly cool climate with temperature touching down to 4C. December and January months are freezing with beautiful snowfalls.

Winter Activities: trekking, mountain biking, river rafting

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8. Kufri

PC: judith_shalini/Flickr

In winters, the natural beauty of Kufri reaches at the top level as the mountains and valleys get covered with the glittering snowfalls, the chilled wind start blowing and fog appear on the peaks.

When: The winter in Kufri is extreme with average temperature varying around 17Celsius to -3Celsius. There are times when the mercury drops to as low as -10Celsius. The winter season is from November to March and the place witnesses heavy snowfall during December and January.

Winter activities: skiing on the slopes of Shimla and Kufri; ice-skating trekking, river-rafting and snowball-fighting.

9. Manali

Blessed with some of the most spectacular and beautiful landscapes anywhere, Manali is a traveler’s paradise  that looks beautiful with its lofty snow peaks, deep gorges, lush green valleys, fast flowing rivers, enchanting mountain lakes, flower bedecked meadows, beautiful temples and monasteries steeped in time. One of the perfect and best place to enjoy snowfall in India.

When: December end to January is the best time to visit Manali for snow. It is the time when you can enjoy snowfall and the spectacular scenic white views of the surrounding mountains, making it a favourite with the honeymooners. This is the ideal time for adventure enthusiasts who want to go skiing. 

Winter Activities: Snowboarding in Rohtang; paragliding, hand gliding, sky-diving, and Solang Valley; and recreational activities at the Club House.

10. Dalhousie

PC: Wikimedia Commons

Located at an elevation of about 8000 feet, Dalhousie is one of the finest tourist destinations in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The place is quite popular amongst travelers all around the world due to its old world British charm as well as picturesque views and beautiful snowfalls..

When: Winters in Dalhousie begins in December and continues till the end of February. The average night temperature during the season hovers around 4C, while the maximum settles close to 11C. Snowfall is a common feature here, which adds up to the bitter cold in the town. If you are one of those who loves to watch snowfall and can really bear the cold then winter is the best season to be in Dalhousie.

Winter activities: paragliding; trekking; hiking; outdoor camping; and horse-riding

11. Tawang

Located in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, Tawang is one of the very beautiful cities to visit and is resplendent with breathtaking sceneries with beautiful snowfall and serene spots. The city is abode to the Monpa tribe and shares its border with Sela range in the east, Tibet in north and Bhutan in the south-west.

When: November- March-The winter months in Tawang experience heavy snowfall and it is advisable to have a flexible itinerary in case the roads close.

Winter Activities: Trek through the Sela Pass and enjoy the gushing of Nuranang Falls.

12. Darjeeling

An old-time summer destination, Darjeeling, continues to remain the most favorite destination even during the winter season, as it is one of the famous hill stations of British era. Darjeeling is also considered as one of the popular destinations trending in India for snowfall and Christmas holidays.

When: The winter season generally lasts from the month of December to mid-February, and the temperature during these months rises to a maximum of 6oC only. Frequent hailstorms occur during winters and the place also receives occasional snowfall. The place becomes an ideal burrow for people who wish to enjoy the typical winter chill.

Winter Activities: Watch out for snow leopards, red pandas and Tibetan wolves at the zoo in Darjeeling.

13. Lachung

PC: genobz/Flickr

The picturesque mountain village of Lachung is situated at a height of 8610 ft and is surrounded by snow capped mountain peaks, breathtaking waterfalls, sparkling streams and apple orchards. Sprawled across the banks of the Lachung Chu River which slices the village in two, Lachung is famous for its apples, peaches and apricots.

When: Winter is chilly during October till February as the temperature remains between 10C and -5C. Heavy snowfall and continuous fog can be seen during these days. Mountains are covered by snow and offer you the most amazing sightseeing.

Winter Activities: Visit the Seven sisters’ falls, bathe under the Hot Water Spring; hike through the Gurudongmar Lake; and trek to Thangu.

14. Narkanda

PC: Sandeep Chandra/Flickr

Situated at an attitude of 2708 meters on the Hindustan Tibet road (NH - 22), Narkanda offers a spectacular view of snow ranges. This is an ideal retreat for the tourists who seek seclusion in mountains. It commands a unique view of the eternal snow line, the inviting apple orchards and dense forests. Narkanda is famous for beautiful snowfall, Skiing & Winter sports.

When: Between December to February, Narkanda receives snowfall due to which it becomes a beautiful retreat for skiing.

Winter Activities: primarily skiing.

So which of these places would you like to visit to see that magical covering of snow?

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