Top 10 Places To Practice Yoga In Thailand

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If you're planning to visit Thailand not for its "massage parlours" or the trendy clubs, but to connect with the real you. We bring you top 10 places you can practice Yoga and meditation without a lady boy trying to offer you a lap dance.

1) The Sanctuary 


Image Source: Sanctuary Thailand/Facebook  

Situated on a small and peaceful Island in Haad Tein Bay, the Sanctuary offers a peaceful and complete relaxation of your soul and body with affordable cleansing and yoga programs. The program can stretch from 1 to 10 days depending upon the type of treatment you’re opting for. They provide organic-only scrubs which helps your body to de-oxidize your body and relieve your stress. Did we mention that it’s also cheap?

2) The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort 

This resort is pretty secluded compared to the other resorts on our list. It is located in the Ann Mae Valley which is an hour away from Downtown, Bangkok. But the trip is well worth it as they offer some of the best yoga treatments in the country. They also offer a different kind of skin treatments which includesdetoxingg of the skin by natural organic herbs. They also have a gourmet restaurant in their vicinity.

3) Chiva-Som

Chiva-Som which is located in the Hua Hin area of Bangkok is a top-notch retreat center with around seven acres of beautiful tropical gardens. It is a luxurious yoga resort which has attracted many Hollywood celebrities over the years. They offer services such as detoxing, different types of yoga and aesthetic spa treatments. The prices are one on the expensive side but it is well worth the money. 

4) Kamalaya 

This next place is as spiritual as they come. It was built and centered on a cave that used to serve as a place for meditation for Buddhist Monks. It is also surrounded by thick gardens and lushes that go along with the luxurious rooms. The resort offers a 7-day, 8-day packages that include full body treatment of mind and soul.

5) Orion Healing Centre 


Image Source: Orion Healing Reiki Group/Facebook   

If you to go on a yoga retreat in a beach-front resort but are on a budget, this is the place for you. The white sand beach in Srithanu Bay will help you relax and de-stress while doing different kinds of exercises here.

6) TRIA Integrative Wellness 

This next place on our list can be considered as a luxurious health resort rather than a Yoga retreat. It is designed as a five-star hotel which consists of state f the art facilities and everything you’d imagine you’ll need for a relaxing holiday. You can opt for the 8 days Yoga program that involves been scrubbed by exotic and rare lotions. Make sure your pockets are deep before you visit this place.  

7) Crystal Women 


Image Source: Crystal Women Samui Retreats/Facebook   

The Crystal Women is not a big property by any means, as it stretches over only two acres. It was constructed on a private beach in Koh Samui, and it surprisingly includes an infinity pool with the view of the ocean. They offer different kinds of vibration and Thai healing massages. As the name suggest it is a very popular destination for a girls-only vacation. 

8) Dhamma Kacana Vipassana Meditation Center

If you don’t want a fancy swimming pool or a fully equipped gym to relax, this is the place for you. It is located in a small village of Wang Kayai in Kanchanaburi Province. There is nothing fancy here and it just consists of a meditation hall, separate male and female cabins and a dining hall. What separates it from the rest is that it is one of the few places which teach Vipassana Meditation, which includes no communication of any sorts for 10-days. The stay here is free of charge for those who can’t afford it, but as the place is entirely run by donations you can donate whatever amount you can conjure.

9) The Yoga Retreat 


Image Source: Yoga Island Retreats/Facebook  

This resort is located high-up in the mountains of Koh Phanagan. It is quite a traditional yoga resort which is run by a family. The instructors are very well trained in their craft and offer many courses such as chakra healing, Pilates, etc. There’s also a restaurant nearby which offers a delicious range of healthy food. You can choose between a 5 to 14-day retreat.  
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10) Suryamuni Healing Center

It is a few hundred yards from the tranquil Lipa Noi Beach on the west coast of Koh Samui. This beach-front resort is very unlike other resorts who offer different kinds of amenities. It is a very simple place for people suffering from mental and physical distress. It is a non-profit organization which means you can donate whatever amount you can. They offer a variety of treatments such as karma clearance, yoga, and a personal healing session. 
What are you waiting for? Grab those Yoga pants and your passport! 
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