11 Places To Visit Before They Disappear Off The Planet

By Niyati Shinde on Mar 08, 2019
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Global warming is a serious quandary. If the global temperatures continue to rise, if we let them go unabated, a rise in sea levels is inevitable. This would be the greatest threat to the planet. According to a recent study, the levels can rise anywhere between 0.8 to 2 meters by the year 2100. They could go up to five metres in coming centuries. This will gravely affect low-lying islands, cities and towns.

Here’s a list of some of the magnificent places to visit before they disappear off the planet if the global temperatures continues rising. Visit these before they become a stuff of legends. Better yet, contribute towards the preservation of the environment and take efforts towards getting the temperatures under control.

1. Maldives:

places to visit before they disappear off the planet

Image Source: pixabay.com

Maldives is the world's lowest-lying nation. Due to its geographical location, it is more susceptible to flooding from climate change and thus is the third most endangered nation. This beautiful tropical nation is known for its pristine beaches, unrivalled luxury and underwater beauty.

2. Ocean City, USA:

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

A resort town in the state of Maryland, Ocean City is a coveted destination for beach bums. According to a study, in the next 40 years, a sea level rise could double the rate of erosion at Ocean City. If erosion control measures are not taken, the shore might erode upto 153 feet by the year 2025.

3. Great Barrier Reef:

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The largest coral reef in the world, the Great Barrier Reef is massive- it is spread across approximately 344,400 square kilometres. However, this natural wonder is under threat. Because of increasing challenges such as rising ocean temperatures and water pollution, the reef might be completely destroyed within the next 100 years.

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4. Solomon Islands:

Image Source: Jenny Scott/Flickr

A nation of many islands, Solomon Islands is located in the South Pacific. Known for its magnificent scuba diving sites, the islands are rapidly losing land area due to increasing water levels.

5. Republic of Cape Verde:

Photo Credits: rey perezoso/Flickr

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, the Republic of Cape Verde is an island country made up of 10 volcanic islands. A Morna Music show is something you have to catch while visiting the nation.  Highly vulnerable to climate change, the country is facing rapid increase in sea level and its adverse affect on the environment.


6. Venice, Italy:

Image Source: cheryl strahl/Flickr

One of the most romantic destinations in the world, the Italian city of Venice has long been sinking. However, with the city facing increasingly drastic floods year on year, it might be uninhabitable in a few decades.

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7. Kiribati Islands:

Image Source: KevGuy4101/Flickr

Comprising of 33 coral atolls, the Kiribati Islands are perfect for bird watching, fishing and diving. Its land sits about 2 meters above sea level and it is disappearing at an alarming rate. With an average sea level increase of 2.6 millimetres per year between 1992 and 2010, the islands might vanish by the end of the century. The president of Kiribati, Anote Tong, has already bought 6,000 acres of land on the Fijian island of Vanua Levu. This would be where the denizens will relocate.

8. The Alps:


Image Source: goodfreephotos.com

A coveted destination for skiing, the Alps might disappear by the end of this century. Global warming will bring about changes in the patterns of rainfall and snowfall in the region and this might lead to avalanches and floods. Simultaneously, a rise in temperatures will degrade the permafrost layers thus causing landslides and slope instability.  

9. Torres Strait Islands:


Image Source: Feral Arts/Flickr

These beautiful and mesmerizing islands are falling victim to climate change which is causing some serious harm within the islands. The denizens are facing problems such as floods, coral bleaching, coastal erosion and infrastructure damage.

10. Seychelles:

Image Source: pixabay.com

A tropical paradise, Seychelles is a collection of approximately 115 islands. Beach erosion is a threat that the archipelago is facing and experts estimate that it will be submerged entirely in water within the next 70 to 100 years.

11. Micronesia:

Image Source: Matt Kieffer/Flickr

Already trying to battle climate change, Micronesia, located in the western Pacific Ocean, has passed its Climate Change Act. Promoting sustainable development, this act incorporates climate adaptation plans into the country's policies. Scientists have warned that even a one meter rise in the water levels would make the island uninhabitable.

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