8 Places To Visit In Assam - The Enchanting State

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Gateway to Northeast India, Assam is famously known for its exquisite Assam tea. The place is also known for their establishment of the first oil well in Asia. Located at the south corner of the Eastern Himalayas, Assam comprises of the Brahmaputra valley and the Barak Valley along with Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao districts. Assam is one of the renowned seven Sister States in India. The best time to visit Assam is during the month of summer and winter that spreads between November to March. Although the winters are chilly in Assam, it is a delightful and an enjoyable period. For those who don’t mind the climate nearing 40C, the summers are equally refreshing and pleasurable. Some of the best places that will quench your quest for a wanderlust experience are here in Assam. So here is the list of best places to visit in Assam.

1. Hajo


Image Source: Diganta Talukdar/Flickr  

Situated in the lower Assam, at approximately 24kms from Guwahati, Hajo is a place with a harmonious co-existence of three major religions of Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism. Famous for its Hajo Powa Mecca Mosque, Hajo also has the Hayagriva Madhava Mandir located in Monikut Hill. For those who are interested in experiencing the rich and opulent cultural heritage of India, this place is a perfect choice.  

2. Barapani ( Umimam Lake )


Image Source: Akarsh Simha/Flickr  

The picturesque lake presents itself along the Guwahati-Shillong road. The name Barapani translates "big water” in Assamese and there is no denying the aptness of the name. Spend your evenings for a breath-taking experience of watching the beautiful evening sky turn to the deep night sky. With several viewpoints, Barapani guarantees you a fail-proof hangout spot

3. Umananda


Image Source: Diganta Talukdar/Flickr  

Counted as the smallest river inland in Asia, Umananda is located at the heart of Guwahati. A ferry ride from the ghats of several famous bazaars of Assam, the place offers a breath-taking view of the mighty Brahmaputra. If you are an early bird or don’t mind the early rise for a memorable experience, then do not miss Umananda in the mornings.  

4. Nameri National Park


Image Source: Lip Kee/Flickr  

For all the ardent nature lovers, the Nameri National Park is a must visit. While the park shares its boundary with Pakhui Wildlife sanctuary, the view of the park is bespoke. With tons of adventurous options including water rafting and trekking, the place exiles into serendipity. The many rivers including the Jia Bharali make it one of the biggest tourist attractions in Assam and a popular trekking place in North East India.

5. The North Cachar Hills

Image Source: Arup Malakar/Flickr
The North Cachar hills are home for the Dima and Hasao tribes. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, the hills are known for the bountiful waterfalls and streams that gush alongside the exuberant bamboo forest. A lover of nature would not be disappointed visiting this place. The headquarters of the hills, Haflong provides transportation support with local trains to and fro the city of Guwahati.
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6. Tezpur

Image Source: Kinshuk Kashyap/Flickr
This Goa-like beach of North East is situated at a distance of 175kms from Guwahati in a small town named Tezpur. The beach makes the place an important tourist attraction in Assam, as most parts of the city are filled with mighty rivers and valleys. Running for about three kilometers long, the Kolia Bhomora Bridge was constructed close to the outskirts of Tezpur. Some of the popular tourist spots of this small town include the Bishnu Rabha Smiriti Udyan and the Cremation Point.  

7. Digboi


Image Source: Arup Malakar/Flickr  

A historic place of Assam, Digboi is located in the eastern district of Tinsukia. Famously known as the Oil City, this is the birthplace of crude oil in the 19th century. About 45kms northwest from the town of Digboi, the Debra Saikhowa Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the famous tourist attractions. Rich with flora and fauna, the place is a must visit for all nature lovers. Another notable place of attraction is the 18 - hole Digboi Golf Course as they offer leisurely walks during the off non-tournament season. Part of its historic essence can be felt in the Digboi War Cemetery that allows you to explore the grim days of World War II.

8. Sivsagar


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Travel 363kms from North-east of Guwahati to explore the historic artefacts of the Mughal dynasty in Sivasagar. Commonly referred to as ‘Colosseum of the East’, the Rang Ghar is part of the Ahom days and is one of the signature structures of Assam. The place is filled with monuments, man-made lakes, and temples that rekindle and allows us to travel back in time. The place is a testament to the fine architectural and craftsmanship of that bygone era.

9. Majuli 


Image Source: Wikipedia.org  

A perfect monsoon travel option, Majuli is surrounded by the ethereal Brahmaputra. Spread across a 452 km of land, Majuli holds the record for being India’s largest river island. With meadows and paddy fields, the place transports you to the old-world era where everything was beyond gadgets and technology. Ensure a weather check before planning your travel to Majuli, as the place is prone to erosion and makes it difficult to navigate. 

10. Barpeta

Image Source: Koshy Koshy/Flickr
Located 90kms from the northwest of Guwahati, Barpeta is also the spiritual hub of Assam. Infamously known for its lack of railway station, Barpeta has a different dialect of Assamese. Famous for its Neo Vaishnavite Satras and Vaishnavite Thaans, Barpeta is the embodiment of tranquility and inner peace. The easiest mode of transportation to Barpeta is bus and the city can also be explored easily. 

The beauty of Assam adds to the beauty of North-East India. With different cultural experiences and breath-taking locales, Assam is a treat to the eyes and heaven on earth to all those who breathe and survive as vagabonds. When you plan a trip to explore India, do not miss spending several days to explore Assam. Allow the city to engulf you in its beauty, and it really will. 
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