22 Best Places to Visit in Barcelona

  • UPDATED Apr 24, 2018

Barcelona has always romanced the mysterious minds of artists, creators, painters, poets and inspired them to enhance their talent a little more. Barcelona is so amazing that Woody Allen had to express his love for the city through making a movie reflecting on how it changes personalities. He also showed how it accepts just about anybody and easily makes them a part of it's widespread charm. A first time visit to Barcelona is like a first kiss, indecisive of the fact whether the rest would be a fling or a commitment. More often than not, one's affair with Barcelona turns into a lifetime commitment! Here are the some of the best places to visit in Barcelona:

22. Soviet Bunker at Salvador Andreu House

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Take a break from the architectural beauties of Barcelona, and let's check out some of the monuments from the Civil War era. The Salvador Andreu House was constructed in 1926; but its owner died soon after, thus leaving the house vacant. Hence, it was converted into a Soviet consulate and for a time, also hosted the Soviet Ambassador. When the Italian forces began to bombard Barcelona, a strategic bunker was created at the Andreu House. Guided tours can explain all the uses and history of this bunker.

21. Palau Dalmases

Image Source: Facebook.com

Stop for a drink at the bar at Palau Dalmases on Carrer Montcada. There cannot be a place more soaked in art than this gorgeous 16th century palace. You will find some of the most impressionable paintings in Barcelona in the Baroque courtyard. Plan your visit in correlation with a flamenco performance at the palace; there isn’t a better way than this to experience Spain. This palace is also let out for weddings and opera performances. It is one of the best examples of intersection between modern and the ancient.


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20.    Champagne Sunset Tours

Image Source: Pexels.com
Head out of the Spanish docks at sunset and drift around the city with a glass of champagne at hand. Sounds dreamy? Champagne Tours are very much a part of reality in Barcelona. They usually begin at the city docks, head out into the Balearic sea, offer the best food and drinks on board, and bring you back in time for a party at the beach. Who wouldn't want to be pampered like this on their trip?

19. A Man, A Time, A wine - Bodega Jean Leo

Image Source: Youtube.com

Jean Leon has long made a name for himself as one of the best connoisseurs of wine all over the world. Even though, France is known for it’s wine- you can get a similar grape goodness right in the city of Barcelona. Perfect for any wine lover, the wine tours at Bodega Jean Leon are easily one of the best places to explore and understand the awesomeness of wine a little more. Jean Leon Winery was also one of the first in spain to plant a chardonnay. Today, it exports to over 40 countries and spreads the magic of this red and white potion all across the World.

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18. Candy Creation Saga - Papabubble

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Papabubble was literally a blessing to all the kids and all the sweet tooths in the city. A store that started in the year 2004 has come a long way in spreading all the happiness. If you are into sweets, there is absolutely no way you can miss this fairly new but amazing place for candies. There are various types, shapes and colors of candies available in Papabubble. It was made with the idea of reviving the old art of candy making and until now has been pretty successful in establishing that.

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17. Experience the delicate intricacies - Gastronomic Center

Image Source: Salomé Chaussure/flickr.com

Their name has Tapas, Tours and Friends in it. People swear by the awesomeness of the tapas that you get here. Being a specialty of Barcelona, Gastronomic centre experience is a must try for food lovers. It is an experience unmatched in terms of the quality of the food and definitely the simple yet an ambience that is worth remembering. A tour for going around and exploring the Tapas around the city is a perfect way to completely indulge sinfully and shamelessly in a dish that will remain with your taste buds for a long time.

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16. Jardins de Ca n'Altimira

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Ditch the usual public parks in Barcelona and discover the historical wonder of the gardens of Ca n’Altimira. Formerly private gardens attached to the mansion of Josep Altimira, they were acquired by the city of Barcelona and opened to the public. The gardens were home to some of the most exotic plants in the country. You will find a lower level that has a sablon square and a fountain along with a hypostyle room full of columns and arches. These could easily be the most meticulously planned gardens in Barcelona.

15. Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum Barcelona

Image Source: Wikipedia.org
Move on from the history of Spain and check out the unusual story of weed in the Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum. Almost everything related to weed has been given a place of honour in this museum. Spend some time here and you will learn a lot about the making, history, political movements and economic implications of weed. From paintings to pipes, every aspect of weed, good or bad, has been represented in this museum. Go on for an interesting info tour. 

14. Labyrinth Park of Horta

Image Source: wikimedia Commons
Barcelona’s love for gardens and architecture has given birth to the Labyrinth Park of Horta. Famed for being the oldest garden in the city, the lower terrace of this park is home to a massive maze that has a statue of the Greek God of Love, Eros, in its centre. You could try to weave your way across the maze to reach the statue. Apart from the labyrinth, the garden has plenty of flowers, waterfalls, and sculptures divided into the neoclassical and the romantic gardens. This is one of the most romantic spots in Barcelona.

13. The magnificence of performances - Gran Teatre Del Liceu

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Gran Teatre Del Liceu is definitely the place to be to enjoy grandeur of architecture sprinkled with love for performing arts. One of the best opera houses in the city, the lighting and the sounds are sure to teleport you to an unbelievable world of storytelling. This theatre has been refurbished and you should definitely catch a performance, specially if you love the arts. Every place has culture reflected in their performances and this is your chance to see Barcelona's culture specially tailored for you. 

12. Calder Mercury Fountain

Image Source: --v/flickr.com

The Mercury Fountain is unique not just in terms of design but also the history involved in its creation. The mines at Almaden were the largest suppliers of mercury before the metal’s toxicity was brought to light. The mines were shut soon after. As a tribute to their contribution to Spain's importance, the government commissioned a fountain that dispenses mercury instead of water. This special yet highly toxic fountain is in the Fundacio Joan Miro Centre for Contemporary Art.

11. Joan Fontcuberta’s Outdoor Art

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Not just museums, spellbounding art is present right on the streets of Barcelona. Take for example the highly intricate mural done by Joan Fontcuberta. From a distance, you will see an image of a kiss, but go up close and you will realise that the mural has been made using tiny photographs sourced by the artist. The inherent theme of these photographs is freedom and its meaning to the citizens of Spain. Each of the images has contributed to naming the mural, The World Begins With a Kiss.

10. Casa Comalat

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Discover Modernism in Spanish architecture at the Casa Comalat. At a quick glance, it is easy to overlook the beauty of this structure, but you will be stunned once you discover its complete expanse and the details of the work involved in it. There are two approaches to this building, both from different streets and directions. It is hard to deny the resemblance of this structure to Gaudian buildings. This is also architect Salvador Valeri’s most prominent work in the city.

9.  Eat a little culture - Euskal Etxea

Image Source: Yelp.com

Euskal Etxea or Euskal Taberna as it is commonly known is your best chance to eat away while gazing at Old Barcelona go by it’s day. As mentioned earlier, it is located in the old town on Barcelona and is known to offer the best of Pinchos and Tapas. A little tavern cum restaurant, this place is definitely a must visit to grab a quick bite or fill yourself up with the exquisite meals that Barcelona has to offer to you. 

8. Sant Andreu Market

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
Avoid the bustling, touristy markets of La Boqueria and head towards the Sant Andreu Market at Plaza del Mercadal. This covered market was constructed in the 19th century for hawkers and farmers to sell their wares. Today, it sells all sorts of things that you would expect in a market. This bazaar is a lot less crowded than the main ones, and yet offers you good deals on the goods sold here.

7. Tamarita Gardens

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
Another private garden that has caught the love of the people, the Tamarita Gardens are not your regular grass and greenery. This garden is influenced by two different styles of designing - classicist and natural. Adorned with fountains, sculptures, full grown trees, and small pools, every corner of the park has an interesting sight to behold. Stroll along the winding paths with your beloved in this ode-to-time garden. 

6. Chocolate Museum

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
Museums not your thing? Well, the Chocolate Museum can be. No one can deny the lure of this delicious place. Learn everything about the world’s most popular sweet, from its history to the methods of production used to make it. Visitors are welcomed with a piece of chocolate and they can also check out cocoa trees in the museum premises. All in all, this sweet experience is a must for dessert fanatics and chocolate lovers. 

5. Get lost in the rhythm - Palau De La Musica Catalana

Image Source: palaumusica.cat

Built between the year 1905 and 1908 by Lluís Domnech i Montaner, this is definitely a must visit place in Barcelona for music lovers. It is a concert hall which has the capacity to get you lost in the melodies and the rhythms that are being played in the performances. The interior and the architecture of Palau De LA Musica Catalana makes it one of the most sought after destinations to watch a performance or even give a performance for that matter. When in Barcelona, to relax with a quiet melodious performance and to get completely lost in it, you should definitely visit this. People swear by the performances here and call it one of the best tourist attractions of Barcelona. 

4. Barcelona’s Ice Bar

Image Source: Yelp.com
Step out of the sunny warmth of Spain into the chilly ice zone of the Ice Barcelona bar. This bar is a well-loved place for grabbing a drink as it offers a blast of chilled air, quite literally! The ice lounge is a prime spot in the city to unwind after a long day. With beautiful ice sculptures for company and a range of cocktails mixed at your request, it's hardly difficult to imagine why it's such a popular bar in Barcelona.

3. Peace at Santa Maria del Mar,  buzz at Port Vell

Image Source: santamariadelmarbarcelona.org
Spend an evening marvelling the architecture of Barcelona by visiting the Santa Maria del Mar Church. Built in the 14th century, this church is a work of art, be it on the inside or outside of the structure. This magnificent stone building can leave anyone spellbound. Once you have visited the church, you can shop and dine nearby in Port Vell, the waterfront entertainment district of Barcelona. This glitzy district comes alive at night and you can easily spend a couple of hours soaking up the sights.

2. Sant Sebastia Beach

Image Source: Eric Chan/flickr.com

Sant Sebastia is one of the best beaches in Barcelona for sunbathing. This is one of the two nudist beaches in the city and is immensely popular amongst those working on their tan. Sant Sebastia beach is the longest in the city and has often been used as a location to shoot movies. Surfing along the coast is also a popular activity. Spend a day soaking up the sun on this beach.

1. Barcelona Erotic Museum

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

This one certainly tops the list of unusual museums in Barcelona. The Erotic Museum captures the history of sexuality and sexual practices right from the beginning of human civilisation. Collections are divided on the basis of region, which also gives us an insight about the cultural approach to sex. Move over natural history museums, this museum talks about the history of mankind since he began spreading his seed.

These are the places I definitely covered on my first visit, we would love to know about you!