Destinations in India that Heal the Broken Heart

By Neha Kapoor on Feb 02, 2016
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Love is like a double edged sword. If, it can elevate a person to dizzying heights, it can also leave one in abyss of loneliness and gloom when deserted. Heart breaks can be devastating and can leave you in an existential crisis atleast for the time being. However, travel is one therapy that can transcend you from such heart breaks and revive you out of the state of guilt or rejection. Travel, explore and discover what the world has to offer and you will eventually recognize that there is more to this creation than just one relationship. Here’s a list of places in India that you can visit for the ultimate break up therapy and retreat. 

1. Alleppey - Houseboat resort for a Serene Introspection

mend your broken heart in Alleppey

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Hire a houseboat in Alleppey and enamor the beauty of nature in the backwaters of Kerala. After a break up, what you need is a tranquil sojourn, not to cry but to reflect what went wrong in your relationship and there is no other place better than Alleppey for that. After all, it is nature that can be the best healer in such moments. Reflect upon your relationship while watching the water pass by in your houseboat.

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2. Pondicherry -the eternal city of peace

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Pondicherry is the ultimate Nirvana destination in India. This eternal sleepy and peaceful city might just come across as too lazy for the residents of cosmo culture but it does possess a distinct charm that is unmatched by any other place in India. While the rest of the world might be just cribbing for the things that went wrong, you can attain that peace of mind while walking down those colonial streets of Pondicherry and wondering at that French architecture.

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3. Udaipur - For a Recreational Luxury

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If you have got money, it is damn easy to go through the heart break. Udaipur is one destination in India where luxury dons the attire of royalty and attracts the travelers with its charismatic self. There are a number of royal accommodations in this city of lakes that will immerse you in pool of luxury, to be cherished forever. To name a few- The Leela Palace, The Oberoi Udaivillas and Taj Lake Palace- will come to the rescue for that sobbing heart. And if you wish to book these hotels, do that with us! 

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4. Naggar Village in Manali - Ancient Simplicity at its best

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The quaint charm of Naggar village in Manali offers a rejuvenating stay to forget your woes and worries. The local culture and its simplicity will certainly bring you out from your mood of despondency. Must see here is the ancient Naggar castle.

5. Lakshadweep - the Mauritius of India

Photo by Jai Vishal/Flickr 

Lakshadeep has always been an underrated travel destination in comparison to the natural marine beauty that it offers. Staying for a few days at this destination can bring you in harmony with nature, aquatic life and the moments of silence. There can be nothing better in this world to relieve your heartache than siting by the seaside and watching that sunset. Remember, break up therapy does not take you away from the memories of relationship, it tries to make you come out of the uglier side of it.

6. Kashmir - Heal your broken heart amidst the Valleys

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The valleys of Kashmir are traditionally considered to be best as a honeymoon destination in India. However, these valleys also work as cannabis for the aching heart. After all, if there is one heaven on Earth- its here. Apart from its natural beauty, Kashmir has a lot to offer in terms of culture and food.

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7. Majuli - meet the tribal culture of India

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The largest river island in India, Majuli offers a solace to the aching heart with its blue sky, Holy River floating across the banks, and beautiful landscape. There is something bewitching about Majuli’s landscape that lies in its relaxed, shimmering carpet of glowing rice fields and water meadows bursting with hyacinth blossoms.

8. Sula vineyards - wine to heal your heartache

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What else in this world is proven to purge you of distasting memories of love than a glass of wine? After all, the winking bubbles of wine have inspired many poets to translate ache into poetry. Sula vineyards have indeed become the officially well-known vineyards in India and visiting these after a break up can definitely make you forget those parting words and moments.

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9. Gurgaon - the ultimate party destination

There are people who just wish to forget about their feelings of remorse, guilt and rejection by indulging in parties. For these people, Gurgaon is the ultimate party destination in India that offers a range of pubs and bars where you can chill out with your friends and forgive whatever happened.

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10. Thar Desert - Find another love

Photo by India Voyage/Flickr

There have been innumerable love stories written about love across the Thar Desert- stories of lovers who have been parted away because of the boundaries of nation and religion. However, visiting Thar desert is a beautiful idea to watch the quaint side of nature. Parting away from your love might just create a barren desert in your life but it is this desert that can make you again fall in love with the idea of love itself.

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11. Sacred forest, Mawphlang - get closest to the nature

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Camp or stay in the Sacred forest, Mawphlang and see how difficult life can be without luxury. Walking down the root bridges and the dense forest can actually make you fall in love with other beauties of Creation rather than just one person.

12. Hampi - Experience some history lessons

Photo by Sunil Shinde/Flickr

There is no better way you can channelize your ache than to gather knowledge. Discover Hampi and see what the ancient world and architecture have to offer to you. Knowledge is an unfathomable sea and visiting Hampi can definitely make you drink few drops of that ocean.

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Remember, the best way to come out of any heart break is not to forget it but to rethink and reflect what went wrong in that relationship. And these place will definitely offer an ideal backdrop for that reflection.

Have you ever been through a break up? Which places do you think can heal the ailing heart? Let us know.

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Destinations in india that heal the broken heart
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