15 Places to Visit in Indonesia for Your Honeymoon

By Seema Nande on Aug 13, 2016
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One of the most popular honeymoon destinations, the bewitching island of Bali, paints a romantic picture of tropical rainbow of shores, towering volcanoes, lush green rice paddy fields, and dense jungles! However, Indonesia has 13000 large and small, tropical islands, that are exquisite in their own way with an abundance of serenity and solitude, waiting to be explored. Enlighten yourselves as we bring to you this beautiful list of places to visit in Indonesia on your honeymoon!

1. Moyo Island

PC: flickr.com/Farhan Perdana (Blek)

Treat yourselves to the unspoilt nature, at this marine reserve that lies east of Bali. With anumber of boutique hotels spread throughout the island, you could absolutely make this your love nest! Coral reefs of the Flores sea is a nature's marvel you must visit. The sweltering savannah and pristine beaches are a delight in their own way. World-class water activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing amongst others are great activities you could undertake with your spouse.

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2. Surabaya

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Relish the Indonesian spirit, amidst exceptional mosques and monuments, here at Surabaya. Also, an indulgent affair with the Chinese culinary delights of Surabaya’s China Town would make a good memory of the romantic things you did in Indonesia.

Having an atmosphere and beautiful underwater scenery, Lombok Island is utterly fascinating. The soft waves will only add to the romance, making this place one of the best Indonesia honeymoon destinations!

3. Lombok Island

PC: flickr.com/Ivetta Inaray

Having an atmosphere and beautiful underwater scenery, Lombok Island is utterly fascinating. The soft waves will only add to the romance, making this place one of the best Indonesia honeymoon destinations! Lazy strolls on the beaches, would be ideally the best thing to do here, or taking some boat rides in the sparkling sea waters.

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4. Ora Beach

PC: Pixabay.com

Disconnect from the world, (possibly the ultimate thing to do on your honeymoon) at these supremely remote Indonesian island! White sandy beaches and crystal blue waters of the Sawai bay will make you revere your own little world right here. And if you are inclined towards a little adventure, scuba diving and snorkeling are always some great ideas! The forested island of Seram and the Manusela National Park with it's lush green forests, are great places for hiking and bird watching!

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5. Komodo

PC: flickr.com/Benjamin Hollis

To get the best of your honeymoon, its necessary to indulge all your senses in your surroundings, of course with your partner. Komodo, with its Pink Beach, Merah Beach, Batu Bolong, Tatawa islands and the Komodo National Park give you the opportunity to do just that! Dipping in the blue waters or admiring the marine beauty including amazing corals, are some of the most romantic things to do in Indonesia.

6. Banyuwangi

PC: Wikimedia Commons

Nature doesn't cease to delight you, as you venture through places to visit in Indonesia for honeymoon. Sure, Bali is famous for its ocean and beaches and laid back atmosphere, but don't be surprised to spot some lava fumes as you glare into the scenery of volcanic mountains! Banyuwangi is one such island where you can totally expect this wonder. The Ijen volcano is a enchanting to watch, as it emits its blue flames from all over the yellow sulphur rocks. The Sukamade beach is another gem where you can spot baby turtles taking their first steps, and the Baluran National Park safari ride cannot be missed!

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7. Bali

PC: flickr.com/mrskyce

Of course! The most popular of all the Indonesian Islands, this list of honeymoon in Indonesia is incomplete without the mention of Bali! A honeymoon heaven, Bali offers you a sweet blend of adventure and romantic activities to do. From picturesque temples to surfing on the shimmering waves, hitting the white sand beaches, honeymoon in Bali is a nothing less of a tropical heaven! Plan your honeymoon around the best time to visit bali.

8. Banda Islands

PC: WikimediaCommons

Located in the Maluku province, the Banda islands, are a delight for those who love the ocean! With a rich marine life, the Banda sea will amaze you. Today, this watersports thriving island, that once was a well-known spice garden, offers some breathtaking sights of seaweeds and corals, that You must behold on your honeymoon in Indonesia!

9. Lake Toba

PC: flickr.com/Ben Bland

A large volcanic lake set with a backdrop of beautiful mountains, lake Toba is an ideal spot for a leisurely swim, strolling around or fishing at the Parapat Town. The Batak Toba offers some great entertainment in the form of ritual dance and music. Together with you lover, how nice would it be to learn a new culture altogether?!

10. Togean Islands

PC:Jelle Visser/flickr.com

Stunning reefs, beautiful underwater scenery the Togean islands, are another great place to visit on your honeymoon in Indonesia. The usual water activities can be performed at the barrier reef, Patch Reef, and atoee. And if you wish to take the off beaten path, venture the secluded Karina beach or the Bajo village.

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11. Mount Bromo

PC: flickr.com/Zexsen Xie

One of the most active volcanoes in the world, Mount Bromo, is an adrenaline boosting hike, for some spectacular views of the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park! The Poten, a Tenggerese Hindu temple is another popular attraction closeby. A friend who visited this place, mentioned how you encounter the steam on your hike, Holding your face over this steam is sure to give you that rich-mineral glow! Now, this is ought to make things more romantic!

12. Belitung Island

PC: Pixabay.com

Spectacular granite stones of the Belitung island will amplify the amount of beauty you seek on your honeymoon in Indonesia! What to do here, you ask? Watch the sharks in Nangka island, swim with hawksbill turtles at the Lengkuas island and explore the caves in Seadong Island, which are our top picks!

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13. Sampireun Village, Garut

PC: flickr.com/Bart Speelman

Compared to rest of Indonesia, west Java is busier and not as laid back. But the romantic ambience and rustic panoramas of the Sampireun village will surprise you! Many luxury resorts thrawl this place, where you can be spoilt for choice. It's a tough one, given some super relaxing features like floating resorts, stunning gazebos, and lip-smacking cuisine, these resorts offer!


14. Bintan Island, Riau

PC: Wikimedia Commons

This one is for those who love to be secluded! Having the characteristics of other Indonesian islands, the Bintan is not very different, but a must go if you want to be away from the crowd. Treasure the untouched beaches like the Sumpat beach. Some resorts around, even have golf! The Maitri Graha and the Floating village are popular attraction of the Bintan island.

15. Takabonerate Island, South Sulawesi

PC: Wikimedia Commons

A soon to be international-hotspot, the Takabonerate hosts some great annual programs of international tourism. You might be lucky if there is one hosted during your honeymoon here! Lay down under the sun, on the soft sand of the pristine beaches, as you forget the hustle of mundance lives or take a diving session at the Tinabo Island Dive Resort.

With these 15 destinations, we sure have spoilt you for choice! There is nothing particular to keep in mind while planning a honeymoon in Indonesia. It would be safe to state that any time of the year is the best time to visit Indonesia for a honeymoon! Just have fun and let the serenity take over you and your precious spouse.

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