10 Places to Visit In Monsoon Near Chennai

By Seema Nande on Jul 14, 2016
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Waiting for monsoons, you often find yourselves planning a trip or getaway to immerse in the cool breeze, downpours, long drives, wet roads and the nature coming alive gloriously, with lush greenery everywhere. Now that the monsoons are here in full swing, you just got luckier as we bring to you a list of places to visit near Chennai in monsoon.

1. Pondicherry - A walk through the French vistas

Vistas of the prevalent French colonialism, as the rain gods strike, is something no one could resist! Spiritual institutions and the emerging contemporary lifestyle set a laid back yet lively vibe to this idyllic beach city. The monsoons give relief from the hot windy days, with pleasant showers of southwest monsoon winds making the weather mild and snuggly. A stroll around the lanes of the once French colony, with an umbrella, followed by some indulgence at one of the many restaurants serving regional specialties, super authentic in taste, is an experience in its own. All this puts Pondicherry at the top in the list of places to visit around Chennai during monsoon.

Distance from Chennai: 155 km

Type of trip: Laidback vacation

2. Mahabalipuram - Explore the marvels of this world heritage site


A laid back beach town, Mahabalipuram is flocked with national as well as international travelers. Listed as a world heritage site, this place has some great attractions rich in history and some nature-defying monuments like the Krishna's Butter Ball. With an option of a number of beach resorts, this is perfect for a rejuvenating monsoon vacay and one of the best monsoon getaways near Chennai. Don't forget to catch a glimpse of the beautiful Shore temple, Arjuna's Penance, Pancha Rathas and the crocodile farm!

Distance from Chennai: 56 km

Type of trip: Laidback vacation

3. Kanchipuram - Dwell in the history of the Silk city

The world famous Kanchipuram saree, originated here in this place, also called as the ‘Silk City’. Not only famous for the sarees, Kanchipuram’s culture and civilization with a glorious display of a thousand temples are popular too. Kanchi Kudil, a 90-year ancestral home resembling the old architecture of the entire town and the Vedanthangla Bird Sanctuary, a bird watcher’s paradise, are two attractions of this place other than its temples. A historical place with good entertainment, Kanchipuram is an ideal monsoon getaway from Chennai.

Distance from Chennai: 75 km

Type of trip: Weekend getaway

4. Tiruvannamalai - Yoga retreat at this pilgrim town

Essentially a pilgrim town, Tiruvannamalai is a very old city that has long since been connected to many yogis and has also become an international center for the study of Spiritualism. To indicate the prominence of the remote mountain "Annamalai", the word Thiru was added. The Arunachaleswara temple, a fort-like structure is widely visited. You can also visit the many ashrams here. If you are not too spiritually inclined, this place also has a good cafe culture, with a few cafes spread across and the Gingee fort too is a popular attraction here, or you could just sign up for some rejuvinating massages and detoxes at one of the retreats.

Distance from Chennai: 196 km

Type of trip: Weekend getaway

5. Pulicat - Unwind amidst stunning species of migratory birds

PC: Flickr.com/McKay Savage

Dwelling in the Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu, on the island of Sriharikota, this small seashore township divides the Pulicat Lake from the Bay of Bengal. With a list full of attractions, like the beach, Dutch cemetery, Fort, church and particularly the bird sanctuary, Pulicat has a plethora of things to do in monsoon. You can also visit the neighboring Vedurupattu and Nelapattu villages. Birdwatching is the most undertaken activity here, given the big number of stunning migratory birds, that can be spotted here. Pulicat also has watersports and other beach activities, to keep you entertained. If you want a quick outing this is one of the best places to visit near chennai in monsoon.

Distance from Chennai: 50 km

Type of trip: Quick Road Trip

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6. Vellore - Admire the fort city of Tamil Nadu

Warmly referred to as the ‘Fort City’ of Tamil Nadu, Vellore blends rich cultural heritage, reminiscent of the ancient Dravidian civilization with picturesque scenery vividly! The Vellore fort is marked as a prominent landmark in the city, housing the ancient Jalakanteswara Temple and the epic State Government Museum. Other must-see things here include the Archaeology Survey of Indian Museum the Srilakshmi Golden Temple, coated with gold both in the exteriors and interiors.

Distance from Chennai: 136 km

Type of trip: Weekend Getaway

7. Nellore - Fancy some fishing?

PC: flickr.com/Lalithamba

Nellore, an ancient town that exists since the Mauryan Empire rule, lies in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The Pulicat Lake, Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary, the manmade Somasila dam, Udaygiri Fort and Satish Dhawan Space Centre are some popular attractions of this place. Offbeat activities like stargazing (if you are lucky to have clear skies after the rain) and fishing can be undertaken here.

Distance from Chennai: 177 km

Type of trip: Weekend Getaway

8. Yelagiri - For those who love untouched beauty

PC: flickr.com/ cprogrammer

One of the best hill stations near Chennai, Yelagiri is situated in the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu, off the Vaniyambadi-Tirupattur road, at an altitude of 1,110.6 meters. This is a beautiful, cozy place surrounded by orchards, rose-gardens, and green valleys! If you are a sucker for untouched, raw beauty this is the place, as unlike other hill stations in Tamil Nadu like Ooty or Kodaikanal, Yelagiri is far less underdeveloped. However, with the Government’s decision to develop Yelagiri as a tourist destination, adventure sports such as paragliding and rock climbing are being promoted here. This is also a popular trekking spot.

Distance from Chennai: 230 km

Type of trip: Laidback vacation

9. Yercaud - Jewel of the South

Referred to as the ‘Jewel of the South’, Yercaud is a hill station in the Salem District of Tamil Nadu, located in the Shevaroys hills range, at an altitude of 1,515 meters. Yercaud meaning Lake Forests was named so owing to the abundance of forest near the lake. Enchanting and picturesque, this place can also be easily passed off as one of the best monsoon honeymoon destinations near Chennai. Trekking too is widely undertaken here, along with the many attractions Yercaud has to offer.

Distance from Chennai: 368 km

Type of trip: Laidback vacation

10. Nagalapuram - Rove through the temples to the waterfall

A village in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, Nagalapuram is popular as a temple town. It was built at the time of the Krishnadevaraya of Vijayanagara Empire regime, in memory of his mother Nagala Devi, from where the place derives its name - Sri Nagalapuram. The village was previously known as Harigandapuram. The Nagalapuram Falls is a waterfall attracting many tourists and trekkers. Being referred to as a temple town, you mustn't miss out on the Sri VedaNarayana Swami temple, Subramanyam Swami temple, the Valeeswara temple among many others. This is the ultimate place for people to trek and splash under the waterfalls, following the temple-venturing. Check out more such beautiful waterfalls in Tamilnadu during monsoon.

Distance from Chennai: 70 km

Type of trip: Quick short trip

With this compilation of monsoon destinations around Chennai, you know where to head next!

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