Places To Visit In Switzerland For Honeymoon

By Deepak Kannan on Jan 31, 2019
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There is a common thing that most of the Indian movies share. No, not the same emotional story. Of course, they have that too. But there is one more thing most of the Indian movies share in common. There will definitely be a song sequence shot in Switzerland for sure. That is how romantic and attractive the alpine country of Switzerland is. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, honeymoon in Switzerland is one of the best things to have happened for newly-wed couples. And this blog on the best places to visit in Switzerland for honeymoon will help you plan your perfect honeymoon getaway.

Zurich - For a Colorful honeymoon


Rated as one of the most livable cities in the recent times, Zurich is a mix of the cultural and contemporary style of living. Set amongst lush green hills and the blue River Limmat, Zurich is a colorful honeymoon destination in Switzerland. Once a village, the city has transformed itself into an economic hub of the western Europe. With a blend of perfect natural setting and the modern comforts, Zurich provides the right ambiance for newly-married couples and is definitely one of the places to visit in Switzerland for a honeymoon.

Lucerne - For a Picturesque honeymoon

The city of Lucerne in Switzerland is a passage to the heart of the country. With a picturesque backdrop of charming mountains and beautified by the Lake of Lucerne, this is one of the pleasant places to visit for a honeymoon in Switzerland. And if you are an adventurous couple, Lucerne might come as a double treat to you as it has plenty of adventure sports to strengthen your love. Sprinkled with medieval architectural wonders and captivating music, Lucerne is the right place to click honeymoon photographs for your Instagram.

Geneva - For a Peaceful honeymoon

The second most populous city in Switzerland, Geneva is housed between the alpine peaks and the hilly terrains of Jura, offering an unparalleled view of Mont Blanc. Popularly known as the 'Capital of peace', Geneva eases up your minds and fires up the romance. Located on the banks of the Lake Geneva, this beautiful lakeside town is not to be missed. While you are here for your honeymoon, do try the delicious cuisine which has an exquisite French touch to it.

Bern - For a Medieval honeymoon

Built in Gothic style using distinctive grey-green sandstones, Bern is the de-facto capital of Switzerland. Cobbled streets, the medieval air, and historical museums make this place uniquely attractive and adds to the distinctive vibe which is in total contrast to the other cities of Switzerland. Topped with shimmering River Aare and red-roofed buildings, the old town of Bern is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Explore this untapped, characteristic city to add different layers to your honeymoon making it a memorable experience.

Basel - For a Historic honeymoon

I know honeymoons are not the time for history and are actually the time to make history. But for some couples, history is love and to get to spend their honeymoon by visiting historical places is the best thing they could wish for. Basel, with over 40 museums is one such place meant especially for historical couples. Situated at the Swiss-French-German tripoint on the River Rhine, Basel boasts of diverse culture and has a typical Mediterranean flair with 300 days of summer, a year. The artistic elegance and the floating bridges of Basel are guaranteed to offer you a wonderful honeymoon.

Interlaken - For a Lake(y) honeymoon

Embedded between the Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, Interlaken is named Interlaken for a reason. With its impressive mountain scenery - adorned by Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau, Interlaken is one of the famous tourist destinations in Switzerland and is best suited for honeymoon. What is more interesting is that Interlaken is also known for its numerous adventure activities. Seeking adventure during your honeymoon is not the ideal thing to do but is definitely an exhilarating experience.

Zermatt - For a Mesmerising honeymoon

Situated at the foothills of Matterhorn, the view from Zermatt is simply captivating. Proudly known as, "Matterhorn glacier paradise" Zermatt is one of the highest and the largest skiing regions in Europe and is a true heaven for snow lovers. Admire the scenic beauty, build a pretty little snowman, ride on a cable car and go skiing in the fluffy snows of Zermatt, for your fairytale honeymoon on the Swiss Alps just got real.

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