Places to Visit in the USA in June

By Arundhati Bhand on Feb 19, 2019
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June... the month that shines bright... the month when you can travel anywhere... and the month which happens to be just happening.

With the entire country celebrating the gorgeous weather, it is obvious that most of you would be planning a vacation. Whether it be a weekend getaway or a family trip, setting out to soak up some sun is what you all would be aiming at. While the beaches and the parks are an obvious choice for summer vacations, we have a list which is a blend of all types of holiday spots! So, this is our list of the best places to visit in June 2019 in USA, pick one that excites you the most!

  1. Anchorage
  2. Minneapolis-St. Paul
  3. Ithaca
  4. San Juan Islands
  5. Albuquerque
  6. Boulder
  7. Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  8. Birmingham
  9. Santa Barbara
  10. Raleigh

Read on to know the best ways to enjoy June of 2019 at these perfect summer destinations:

1. Anchorage, Alaska

One of the best places to visit in June in USA, Anchorage is filled with surprises. Known for its white snowy blanket and the Northern Lights illuminating the skies during the winters, the summer brings with it a flourishing paradise, which makes this time of the year perfect to plan a trip to Anchorage. You will be welcomed by blooming wildflower fields, waterfalls, and scenes which have come to life from a fairytale book. Coupled with many sites that take you through the heritage and culture of this heavenly land, you will have the perfect summer vacation here.

Things to do: Walk along the unruffled streets and visit the Anchorage Museum. Plan an excursion to the many natural reserves, explore the wilderness, and make the most of the season, as it is the prime time for bear viewing! Enjoy the wild and the company of all of its inhabitants...

Best for: Families, couples

Weather: Alaskan warm…! Temperatures: 48 to 63 degree Fahrenheit.

2. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota


A place that’ll teach you the true meaning of celebrations, Minneapolis-St. Paul is always busy with festivities. From art and culture, to religion and festivals, you will never have an uneventful weekend here. Food, music and merriment at its best, these twin cities give you an extraordinary blend of the sparkle of the city that lies amidst refreshing nature. An unending list of parks and reserves with a gorgeous riverfront make for great one-day getaways. The best summer destination for families, you will hardly be able to resist a holiday here!

Things to do: Delve into the green and blue hues that the city offers, and rediscover the mystic of nature. Set out sightseeing, the monuments and the museums, and don’t miss out on a show at the world-renowned, award-winning theatres!

Best for: Families, youngsters

Weather: Warm sunshine! Temperatures: 58 to 79 degree Fahrenheit.

3. Ithaca, New York

PC: Bobistraveling/Flickr

One of the best places to enjoy the warm summer amidst the cool waterfalls, Ithaca is surrounded by some of the most spectacular cascades that nature could offer. One more mesmerising than the other, you will find yourself going on the biggest yet relaxed adventure. Renowned for the smallest trickles to the thundering falls, you must try hiking across the rolling hills to view some of these. While planning a romantic getaway in June here, don’t forget to include the Cayuga Lake and the Gorges in your plan! If you are looking for some cheap summer vacations in USA, come to Ithaca.

Things to do: Hike along the mountains and soak in the beauty of the many waterfalls, go boating in the lake and the gorge, and explore the state park and gardens to have an experience of a lifetime! After indulging in the miracles of nature, head out to the wineries, the casual pubs and the restaurants to gorge on the delicious food and beverages.

Best for: Family, couples, youngsters

Weather: Soak in the summer refreshments! Temperatures: 53 to 76 degree Fahrenheit.

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4. San Juan Islands, Washington

PC: J.c winkler/Flickr

Just off the shore of Washington is this hidden beauty. While the main island of this archipelago may be a popular summer holiday spot in USA, the other islands are equally exciting, if not more! Nestled in the lapping waves of the Pacific Ocean’s straits, these isles are within themselves a completely different world. Go island hopping as each isle has a different personality, and will have something special to show you. Confusion is inevitable, as you will have too many thrilling things to choose from. While whale watching, kayaking and hiking seem like the most obvious choices, you can also indulge in brews, fine dining, concerts and more!

Things to do: Enjoy the show that the lovely orcas put up for you during sunset, and visit the wineries and pubs on the islands. Go horseback riding or hiking through the state parks, and enjoy the combination of the mountains and the sea!

Best for: Couples, families

Weather: Warm sunshine! Temperatures: 48 to 67 degree Fahrenheit.

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5. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Away from the city monotony, Albuquerque is a fun place to go in the summer with your family in th US. The distinct culture of New Mexico is what entices people to plan a holiday here, and with the perfect weather all year round, this is one of the best places to visit in summer. Take a hot air balloon ride to view the brilliant Rio Grande Valley, go hiking or biking along the mountains and relax on the riverside picnicking… This city has exciting sightseeing opportunities, a unique artwork of nature to explore, and the spicy, vibrant cuisine that you won’t be able to resist!

Things to do: While the hot air balloon ride is a must, don’t forget to visit the cultural center to get a glimpse of this dynamic city. With amusement parks, nature reserves, galleries, bar and more, you will never have a dull moment here.

Best for: Families, youngsters, couples

Weather: Beautifully bright! Temperatures: 59 to 89 degree Fahrenheit.

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6. Boulder, Colorado

PC: Pedro Szekely/ Flickr

With June, Boulder welcomes the summer. The quick change in the pace of life won’t go unnoticed, and you’ll find yourself drawn to the heat. At its glorious best during this time, the city offers you exciting opportunities for camping, activities amidst nature, and also entices you to get a glimpse of its art and culture. The Boulder Creek and the Flatirons cannot be missed, and once you step into the busy streets of the city, the breweries and restaurants will beckon. Make the most of the wonderful weather and enjoy your trip to one of the best cities in USA to travel in summer.

Things to do: Go hiking up the mountains, biking across the nature reserves, tubing in the river and swimming and fishing too! Go restaurant hopping and try the different brews and dishes that are offered in this lively city. Enjoy the perks of the weather and the destination.

Best for: Youngsters, families, places to travel alone in USA

Weather: Hot. temperatures: 51 to 82 degree Fahrenheit.

7. Great Smoky Mountains National Park

PC: Thomas/Flickr

One of the best places to visit in June, Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most diverse park in the country. With a variant topography, you will be treated to hot, humid days and cool, comfortable evenings. Not only is it a prized National Park, but it has also been titled as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hiking and fly fishing are the most popular activities amongst tourists, and the park has so much more to offer! With camping options and historical sites strewn across this park, you will have the most exciting summer trip here.

Things to do: Sporting activities like biking, hiking and trekking can be enjoyed here. Perfect for a weekend getaway, you can explore the unexplored areas of the park which are truly rewarding.

Best for: Youngsters, families

Weather: Hot. Temperatures: 58 to 86 degree Fahrenheit.

8. Birmingham, Alabama

PC: Ralph Daily/Flickr

Birmingham, Alabama is a great summer vacation idea for couples. Packed with eateries of all kinds, you will be surprised by the food and the feast! If your idea of a romantic vacation revolves around trying different cuisines, exploring the authentic culture of a new city and taking something new back home, this is your answer. This city has the world’s best restaurants, award-winning fine dining restaurants and also the cosiest and lovely little cafes. New and old, posh and humble...all of these restaurants have just one thing in common, they serve food for the soul. Apart from the foodie’s appetite, you can also be an audience to plays and theatre.

Things to do: A number of museums from automobile to science, are all across the city, all waiting for you to visit. The parks are no less and the experience of exploring different restaurants is thrilling to say the least!

Best for: Couples, families

Weather: Comfortably warm. Temperature: 28 to 31 degree Fahrenheit.

9. Santa Barbara, California

PC: Damian Gadal/Flickr

With the onset of summer, and with it the peak season, Santa Barbara, CA comes to life in June. And while tourists flood in to be a part of the exciting annual events that are conducted, you can slip in with your partner for a happening romantic vacation. Ornate with art and culture, food and wine and the most stunning vistas ever, you can have the best time with one another. Set out on a day trip to the Channel Islands, take painting and cooking classes, and relax on the soft sandy beaches. Check out things to do in Santa Barbara.

Things to do: A number of gardens, parks and monuments await your visit. Don’t forget to take a trip to the zoo, but most importantly, just relax in the company of your loved one and rejuvenate before heading back home.

Best for: Couples, youngsters, families

Weather: Hot! Temperature: 58 to 71 degree Fahrenheit.

10. Raleigh, North Carolina

PC: Sergey Galyonkin/Flickr

With the summer shining in all its glory, Raleigh creeps up towards its highest temperatures in the month of June. While this may not be the best time to visit for all those looking to escape the heat, this off-season brings with it deals and rates that will make you pack your bags and head here. With bright yellow and oranges all around, hiking is a must. But what is even more exciting are the museums which offer you free admission! Check out swimming holes in North Carolina.

Things to do: Museums, monuments and shopping can be enjoyed here, along with a number of parks and nature trails which are the perfect way to escape the scorching sun!

Best for: Families, youngsters

Weather: Hot! Temperature: 65 to 87 degree Fahrenheit.

Summer brings out a different me every time! Shopping in the afternoon, picnicking under the sun and escaping into nature, is usually how my summer goes. And if you are anything like me, and love to celebrate the heat, our list of the top places to visit in June will certainly be of help to you! So, pack your sunscreen and sunglasses, and head out to any one of these thrilling destinations to challenge the sun!

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