31 Best Tourist Places to Visit Near Bangalore

So you're in Bangalore, you are troubled by the traffic that you have to survive everyday, you want some peaceful time off with your family, friends, or sometimes just yourself! You are longing for a holiday, and not some where far! This is the right time to explore the hidden treasures that lie around your city! Bangalore is dotted with plenty of destinations that will offer you a tranquil retreat from the daily chaos and will pump you up with an energy that no materials can! Be it a short weekend break or a little longer vacation, there are plenty of tourist places near Bangalore that are just perfect for a holiday!

Have no clue where to go? Fear not! We provide to you a list of tourist places to visit near Bangalore:

Tourist Places to Visit in Bangalore Within 50 kms

1. Thottikallu Falls

Photo by Manjukirans

Distance from Bangalore: 25 Kms

Why Go There: Also known as TK Falls or Swarna Mukhi Falls, this spot is perfect for a getaway from the city crowd. Not known to many, the Thottikallu Falls will provide you the serenity with a slight workout, as you trek your way up to the waterfall. 

Make Sure To: Take a boat ride in the lake.

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2. Dodda Alada Mara

Photo by romana klee

Distance from Bangalore: 28 Kms

Why Go There: India's second oldest tree, Dodda Alada Mara translates as 'Big Banyan Tree'. Spread over 3 acres, this banyan tree is around 400 years old. While the main trunk has succumbed to natural diseases, the tree stands over thousands of roots growing out of it.

Make Sure To: Eat bhajjis and drink sugarcane juice at the stalls.

3. The Art of Living International Center


Distance from Bangalore: 28 Kms

Why Go There: For finding inner sanctity, visit the Art of Living International Centre. Full of greenery, you can peacefully roam around the centre and participate in their satsangs.

Make Sure To: Visit at night in order to see the centre illuminated beautifully by LED lights.

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4. Bannerghatta National Park

Photo by Ashwin Kumar

Distance from Bangalore: 29 Kms

Why Go There: This is the most famous wildlife sanctuary around Bangalore. Spread over 25,000 acres, this park is divided into a number of sections, namely, the nature reserve, the zoo, the children's park, the aquarium, the crocodile park, the museum, the butterfly park, the snake park and the safari park.

Make Sure To: Take the Grand Safari and check out the White Tiger.

5. Wonderla Amusement Park

Photo by Saad Faruque

Distance from Bangalore: 30 Kms

Why Go There: One of India's largest amusement park, Wonderla is a perfect way to have some major fun over the weekend. With over 50 rides, spread over a vast area of 82 acres, Wonderla resorts to all kinds of thrill needs, be it on land, in the water or up in the air.

Make Sure To: Check out the newly added Rain Disco.

6. Nrityagram

Photo by Pavithrah

Distance from Bangalore: 34 Kms

Why Go There: This village is for all classical Indian dance enthusiasts. Established in 1990 by renowned Odisi dancer Protima Bedi, this dance village was made with the idea of a 'gurukul' for those who wanted to learn Indian classical dance.

Make Sure To: Visit during the Vasanthahabba festival during spring.

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7. Hesaraghatta Grasslands

Photo by kiran kumar

Distance from Bangalore: 35 Kms

Why Go There: For those looking for a weekend getaway that is not so crowded by tourists, or people, head to Hesaraghatta Grasslands. One of the few remaining grasslands in the country, Hesaraghatta is a beautiful green stretch, with lush trees at the ends.

Make Sure To: Cycle around the Hesaraghatta Lake.

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8. Innovative Film City


Distance from Bangalore: 36 Kms

Why Go There: This is one of southern India's biggest film cities. A place meant for adults and children, Innovative Film City offers thrill rides, water rides and a variety of renowned indoor attractions like Ripley's Museum, Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum and Dino Park.

Make Sure To: Check out the 'Bigg Boss Tour'.

9. Manchanabele Reservoir

Distance from Bangalore: 38 Kms

Why Go There: Manchanabele Reservoir was made mainly for the purpose of irrigation and drinking water. But the beautiful surrounding grasslands and hills make this lake a picturesque location. It provides the chance to go trekking and hiking or just sit by the backwaters and just enjoy the peace.

Make Sure To: Try out kayaking and raft-building.

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10. Pyramid Valley

Distance from Bangalore: 39 Kms

Why Go There: If the Pyramids of Egypt have always fascinated you, head to Pyramid Valley. Built in 2005, by the Pyramid Spiritual Trust of India, Pyramid Valley is a place of pure tranquility. An ideal place for meditation, the pyramid is surrounded by greenery to add in to the serenity.

Make Sure To: Celebrate Buddha Poornima.

11. Rasta Cafe


Distance from Bangalore: 42 Kms

Why Go There: Not your regular place for a Cup o' Joe, Rasta Cafe provides you a 360 degree experience for all your senses. Spread over three acres, this place has a cafe with mouth-watering delicacies and groovy ambience, an adventure sports arena and unique stores for the shopaholic inside you.

Make Sure To: Try out the English Breakfast.

12. Pearl Valley

Photo by Anoop R

Distance from Bangalore: 42 Kms

Why Go There: Locally known as Muthyalamaduvu, Pearl Valley is a stunning place near bangalore to spend a day at. Just like a picture out of a story-book, the valley has a beautiful waterfall, overlooked by lush mountains. It is even more breathtaking to see the water sliding down the flower around the falls, making it seem like a string of pearls, thus giving it the name Pearl Valley.

Make Sure To: Visit during the monsoons to see the valley in its full glory.

13. Varadenahalli

Distance from Bangalore: 45 Kms

Why Go There: For all the girls out there who have always been fascinated by traditional silk sarees, this is the chance to understand how these gorgeous creations orginate. The village of Varadenahalli is one of the villages where you can learn more about silk-farming.

Make Sure To: Have a hands-on experience of the process.

14. Savandurga Hills

Photo by PlaneMad 

Distance from Bangalore: 50 Kms

Why Go There: One of Asia's largest monolith hills, Savandurga is the ideal spot for rock-climbers and trekkers. There are two trek trails leading up to Savandurga, which are tough enough for even the best trekkers to break into a sweat. For those who love trekking, the one of the best tourist places to visit near Bangalore is Savandurga.

Make Sure To: Visit the Savandi Veerabhadreshwara Swamy and Narasimha Swamy temple at the foothills

Places to Visit Near Bangalore in 100 kms

15. Nijagal Betta

Distance from Bangalore: 54 Kms

Why Go There: Nijagal Betta is one of the best place for adventurers who are passionate about history too. The trekking route is adorned by sculptures from the Hoysala period. There are ruins on top of the hillock has another charm that will make your trek up Nijagal Betta worthwhile.

Make Sure To: Go early morning and catch the beautiful sunrise.

16. Nandi Hills


Distance from Bangalore: 60 Kms

Why Go There: Well if trekking is your thing, then definitely go to the Nandi Hills. But if you're up for a little offbeat experience, go for a wine tour at the famous Grover Vineyards. Stroll through the colourful rows of grape vines, and get an insight on how the delicious elixir is made.

Make Sure To: Experience 'The Great Grover Stomp'.

17. Channapatna

Photo by Hari Prasad Nadig 

Distance from Bangalore: 62 Kms

Why Go There: No matter what age we are, there will always be a child inside us that gets excited to play with toys that have been such a major part of growing up. Channapatna is a small town that will cater to that very excitement, with its award-winning, world-famous wooden toys. Along with the toys, this town is also known for door hangings, powder boxes and traditional jewellery.

Make Sure To: Buy the toys that adorn the White House.

18. Anthargange Caves

Distance from Bangalore: 65 Kms

Why Go There: If cave exploration is what excites you, Anthargange is undoubtedly a must visit tourist place near Bangalore for you. Famous for its caves and temples, Anthargange attracts pilgrims and adventurers, equally. The place is named after a spring that originated from the hill and flows through the bull statue in the middle of the hill.

Make Sure To: Go rapelling.

19. Kokkare Bellur Bird Sanctuary

Photo by Koshy Koshy

Distance from Bangalore: 88 Kms

Why Go There: Calling out to all the bird watchers, is the Kokkare Bellur Bird Sanctuary, which is named after 'kokkare' or endangered painted stork found here. Along with these, there are over 250 other species of birds that can be found at this bird sanctuary.

Make Sure To: Watch out for the Spot-billed Pelican.

20. Chunchi Falls

Photo by Sourabh P Hamigi

Distance from Bangalore: 90 Kms

Why Go There: Trekking can be a rewarding experience when, at the end, you are rewarded by a scenic sight like Chunchi Falls. Surrounded by a beautiful forest, you can stroll along the river or go ahead and get wet in the waters, this will be quite a memorable experience for sure.

Make Sure To: Visit during the monsoon to see the main waterfall.

21. Mekedatu & Sangama

Photo by Rayabhari

Distance from Bangalore: 95 Kms

Why Go There: For a day long trip from Bangalore, to experience nature to its fullest, head to Mekedatu and Sangama. Mekedatu or 'Goat's Leap', is a gorge through which the river Cauvery flows. It is said as per local legend, that a goat once leapt over this 10 metres wide gorge to save its life from a chasing tiger. While Sangama, is the point where the rivers Cauvery and Arkavati merge together.

Make Sure To: Avoid swimming as the water flows very fast between the gorge.

Tourist Places to Visit Near Bangalore in 150 kms

22. Muthathi

Photo by kiran kumar

Distance from Bangalore: 101 Kms

Why Go There: A settlement along the banks of river Cauvery, Muthathi is surrounded by a dense forest which is location for the Kaveri Wildlife Sanctuary. Mythologically the place has links to Sita and Hanuman, and is a site for a temple dedicated to Anjaneya (Hanuman).

Make Sure To: Not get into the water due to undercurrents and whirlpools.

23. Bheemeshwari

Photo by Abhijeet Rane 

Distance from Bangalore: 103 Kms

Why Go There: An idyllic place for trekking, Bheemeshwari is a natural habitat for Mahseer, one of the best game fish. You can go for a camp in the surrounding forest, or you can try your luck at one of the fishing camps available there.

Make Sure To: Enjoy a coracle ride.

24. Lepakshi

Photo by Premnath Thirumalaisamy 

Distance from Bangalore: 122 Kms

Why Go There: Those who admire historical locations showcasing brilliant architecture, the Lepakshi Temple is a must visit. As per Ramayana, Lepakshi was the place where Jatayu was found by Lord Ram and Lakshman, after he was injured by Ravan while trying to save Sita. The famous temple in South India has the largest statue of Nandi bull in the whole country.

Make Sure To: Buy a Lepakshi saree.

25. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

Photo by Dinesh kannambadi

Distance from Bangalore: 131 Kms

Why Go There: The largest bird sanctuary in Karnataka, this bird sanctuary is spread over 40 acres. Over 30 species of birds have been recorded here, and it is home for a large number of Steak Throated Swallows. You can also catch a glimpse of a Mugger Crocodile every now and then.

Make Sure To: Go boating for a closer look at the birds, but beware of the crocodiles in the water.

26. Shravanabelagola


Distance from Bangalore: 143 Kms

Why Go There: Meet the original Bahubali! One of the most famous pilgrimage destinations for Jains, the town of Shravanabelagolan holds a 57 feet tall statue of Gommateshvara Bahubali, carved around 978-993 AD.

Make Sure To: Visit during the Maha Masthak Abhisheka ceremony, which occurs once in 12 years.

27. Horsley Hills

Photo by Shyamal

Distance from Bangalore: 143 Kms

Why Go There: In the state of Andhra Pradesh, is this scenic summer resort, Horsley Hills. The drive to the hills is stunning with thick vegetation growing on each side of the road.

Make Sure To: Visit the Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary.  

28. Mysore

Photo by Spiros Vathis

Distance from Bangalore: 147 Kms

Why Go There: Once known as a royal city, Mysore has evolved into an IT hub, making this place a combination of the past and future. Be it the breath-taking architecture of Mysore Palace, or the mouth watering Mysore Pak, or the gorgeous Mysore silk saree or the futurustic Infosys building; Mysore has something for everyone.

Make Sure To: Visit Mysore Palace during Dusherra.

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Places to Visit Near Bangalore in 200 kms

29. Hogenakkal

Photo by Ezhuttukari

Distance from Bangalore: 153 Kms

Why Go There: For those who always dreamt of witnessing the Niagara Falls with their own eyes but could not, head to the Niagara Falls of India. A small village on the banks of River Cauvery, this place is famous for its Hogenakkal Falls, one of the famous places to visit in tamil Nadu.

Make Sure To: Experience a medicinal bath.

30. Yelagiri Hills

Photo by solarisgirl

Distance from Bangalore: 168 Kms

Why Go There: This small hill station near Bangalore is idyllic if you wish for a quite time for recuperation from regular hustle bustle of city life. An abode for hundreds of snakes, Yelagiri is actually a popular spot for trekking.

Make Sure To: Go paragliding and rock-climbing.

31. Biligiriranga Hills

Photo by Shyamal

Distance from Bangalore: 180 Kms

Why Go There: Named after the Biligirirangaswamy temple, Biligiriranga Hills, aka, BR Hills is a bio-geographic link between the Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats. The hills are an abode to some rare flora and fauna and it is home to a wildlife sanctuary. The site was declared a tiger reserve in 2011 by the state government.

Make Sure To: Go for a jungle safari.

Now that you are equipped with so much knowledge, plan out a trip to Bangalore and get the break you need so much!

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