9 Best Places to Visit near Mumbai in Monsoon

Mumbai puts on another face in the monsoons, with the city coming alive to yet another spirit, of the many that it has! Beautiful is an understatement, courageous? Yes! Embracing certain irritants like traffic jams that don’t seem to end, humidity, and unaccommodating sewage systems that lead to disruption of the normal routine of life! Sometimes, all you need is a break from this, especially to behold the beauty of monsoons. Here is a list of places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon, for the knockoff you need.

1. Karnala

Situated as close as 80 kilometers from Mumbai, a drive here through the misty Sahyadri ranges or even a trek to the 11th century Karnala Fort is very invigorating! The Karnala Bird Sanctuary is a treat for nature lovers, which is also one of the most exciting places near Mumbai for bird watching especially in the months of july-August. Monsoon gives you the opportunity to spot exotic bird species like the Malabar Whistling Thrush, Magpie Robin, and Paradise Flycatcher. If you still want to stay in the city, check out the best things to do in Mumbai.
Distance from Mumbai: 80 km
Type of trip: Quick road trip

2. Bhandardara


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Positioned at 1646 meters, Bhandardara cases the highest peak in the Sahyadri Ranges - Kalsubai. You are welcomed here by lush vegetation, lot of springs and streams during monsoon. With a temple atop, enjoy magnificent views of the backwaters of Bhandardara, if you climb this peak. Ideal for adventure enthusiasts, one can also head to the Bhandardara dam nearby which often overflows in the monsoon.
Distance from Mumbai: 165 km
Type of trip: Weekend getaway
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3. Durshet

Durshet greets you with thick forests, the Amba River flowing through the woods amidst utter tranquility. Full of waterfalls in the rainy season, one can enjoy trekking through the falls and greenery here. The more adventurous one can undertake activities like rock climbing, rappelling, river crossing, etc. Given a wide variety of flora and fauna, you can hear the shrill of the birds chirping or see a butterfly at work! Undoubtedly one of the unexplored monsoon getaways near Mumbai.
Distance from Mumbai: 76 km
Type of trip: Quick road trip

4. Mulshi

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Backwaters of the Mulshi dam, span the entire area starting from, another famous weekend spot, Tamhini to the village of Mulshi, this place gives a very Swiss vibe, kid you not! Go here in the monsoons and it doesn't look any less than a YRF film's set. Hardly a 3-hour drive from Mumbai, Mulshi Dam is great for a day’s escapade, there are many resorts too where you can just relax, spend the night. The dam is built on the Mula River and is a major electricity generator for Maharashtra.
Distance from Mumbai: 167 km
Type of trip: Weekend getaway
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5. Kolad

If your idea of a monsoon getaway is adventure, this one’s for you! Situated on the Kundalika river, Kolad is a popular river rafting spot. There are endless activities to do here, owing to its scenic landscape coupled with several waterfalls emerging from the surrounding mountains. These look spectacular during the monsoon months from June to September. Trekking and camping are other most undertaken activities here. The Kuda caves, a series of thirteen caves that were carved out of rocks by Buddhists, are a great site here to see ancient carvings, inscriptions, and sculptures. The fourth-century fort Tala, Tamhini and Kansar waterfalls and Devi Kedar Janani Hills are popular spots during monsoon in Kolad. 
Distance from Mumbai: 167 km
Type of trip: Weekend getaway

6. Vasind


Image source: wikipedia.org  

Camping in tents, kayaking and barbecue sound like the most appealing things one would want to do on a weekend getaway! Camping at Vasind gives you the opportunity to do this and much more. A no hassle, stress-free getaway one looks forward to while planning a trip is what your experience at Vasind is essentially about.
Distance from Mumbai: 62 km
Type of trip: Weekend getaway

7. Badlapur

With the greenery around, Badlapur serves as a great camping destination. There are several trekking opportunities too around this quaint place near Mumbai. Kalvantin Durg is the most popular trek, though, around Badlapur. The close by Kondeshwar too is a popular temple with a magnificent waterfall that comes alive gloriously in the monsoons. Some places also offer activities like commando net, river crossing etc. that the kids will enjoy. Also, a great place, if you just want to do nothing but be away from the city as you enjoy the rains. Badlapur is a must visit place close to Mumbai during monsoon.
Distance from Mumbai: 52 km
Type of trip: Weekend getaway
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8. Kamshet


Image source: youtube.com

Now Kamshet has one of the rarest activities that a usual weekend getaway has. Amongst the many activities this place has, Kamshet give you the opportunity to paraglide! Paragliding schools for beginners and those who want to learn the sport properly are there here. Other activities include rock climbing and water sports. The Vadivali lake is a good spot to indulge in some reading, a swim or just lie beside it. Nearby Bedsa caves are a good place to visit, where you can admire excellent sculptures.
Distance from Mumbai: 102 km
Type of trip: Weekend getaway

9. Raigad

Getting some heritage and history lessons of the land we live on, is a great thing to do on a monsoon weekend. Raigad, situated in Mahad, is a fort that the great Shivaji Maharaj, made his capital in 1674 when he was crowned King of the Maratha Kingdom, which later developed into the Maratha Empire, eventually covering the majority of modern-day India. Indulge in some scrumptious Maharashtrian food after the heritage tour. Explore some very interesting tours in Mumbai.
Distance from Mumbai: 169 km
Type of trip: Quick short trip

Monsoon brings out the best vistas and topographies of a place, which you must experience, for the much-needed stimulation and kick start to lead our monotonous routines.
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