How to Plan Honeymoon on a Budget?

By Priya Saha on Feb 16, 2016
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How to Plan Honeymoon on a Budget

This is the time when couples, relax and unwind together; it does not only involve luxurious expensive travels and shopping, but also adventures and sightseeing. So how do you plan upon saving on the go? To help you out here's how to plan honeymoon on a budget. 

1. Check out air fares to save cost

Before you decide upon your honeymoon destination, remember that the major factor that incurs high costs is your air fare. For instance, if you’re planning to go to Caribbean islands, from Puerto Rico and Jamaica, there are continuous flights to the United States. Whereas, others like Nevis and Anguilla need a connection on a local airline. So just decide if you really want to spend on another travel leg and stretch your honeymoon budget!

2. Avoid traveling during tourist peak season

Nothing hikes up the prices for each and everything other than the festive season. People from every corner of the world are traveling and you’d only get crowded streets no matter where you go. More so, you’ll unnecessarily end up spending a huge sum and keep calculating your finances throughout the journey rather than enjoying the time.

3. Plan well in advance and Book Early

You just can’t keep waiting for the best time to book for honeymoon because there is nothing as such. Things will only benefit you if you book early. Some travel portals offer great deals and discounts on early bookings. You automatically save huge on your flight and stay expenses. Follow these steps to plan a perfect honeymoon.

4. Go for offbeat honeymoon destinations

Chuck the conventional Swiss Alps and Scotland B&B’s. Go for some wildlife adventure camping in Yellowstone National Park or the Amazon forest! Plan your honeymoon to the poles and experience the stunning Northern lights; possibilities are endless! Choosing honeymoon destinations the correct ways is a big cost saver.

5. Travel off-season, its fun!

Once the wedding season slows down, you may consider taking your honeymoon trip as you would definitely not prefer romancing amid other couples. As the prices will also come down once the peak season is gone, you’ll get a fair idea on how to save honeymoon costs in a more efficient way.

6. Go for bulk honeymoon package tours

A honeymoon package that is all exclusive of stay, flight, pick-ups, drops and other additional complementary services is a great thing. You get all the required benefits under one pre-designed travel package at a considerably low cost. You can check for budget honeymoon packages to save money.

7. Get on a cruise

Why always take a flight? A water voyage will save you big money as compared to air travel. A cruise is ideal for romantic long haul travels where you unwind and relax in the beautiful atmosphere, luxurious suites, elite class services and a breathtaking view of the ocean as you sneak out of the window. You already are on your dream honeymoon, as you get on the cruise! But, for best deals make sure you book well in advance. You can then even share your honeymoon ideas with your couple buddies who’re looking forward to a cruise journey!

8. Flight unsegregated

They are basically the ones who scan the web for best deals and directly send you to the airline or the booking engine. They’re the good place to begin your search with, as most of the mainstream travel portals often fool you by tracking your visits and hiking the prices, thus creating an illusion that the rates are growing faster and you need to do your booking as soon as possible.

9. Save by cheking Low cost carriers

Most of Low cost affordable airlines fly to the same destinations as the bigger carriers do, so why spend much over the carrier brand? Limit your honeymoon expenses by booking cheap airline tickets.

10. Sign up for travel fare alerts

Timely updates will let you plan your journey more efficiently. You’ll know the market prices and fares for each airline.

We’re sure these smart tips for planning your honeymoon on a budget will help you save huge monies on the go. Enjoy the time ahead!

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