Take a dive in the world's largest plastic ball pool!

Life is plastic, its fantastic!

Wasnt childhood so much fun? You could go out and play for as long as you wanted (you just had to be back home by sundown, otherwise youd be in big trouble); you had absolutely no responsibilities (except finishing your homework and studying for tests- remember how much we hated that?); and the best part was that on top of all of this, you could have all the ice cream and cake in the world without having to worry about weight gain. Life was good. But Im sure almost all of us were in quite a hurry to grow up. Dont we regret that now.

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Weve forgotten what it felt like to run in the park with complete abandon until our legs hurt, to play in the ball pit with our friends, to play hide and seek until we lost track of time. Aaah, what fun it was. But those days are long gone, right?

What if we told you that there is a chance you can relive those glorious years? There is a giant plastic ball pit inside a museum in Washington D.C. No, this is not a spoof article.

                                       A giant plastic ball pit? Im there!

The National Building Museum in D.C. has a rather interesting exhibit these days. The exhibit is called The Beach and its on display (special emphasis on the play part) till September 7th. So you have plenty of time to book your tickets, grab your favourite teddy bear and head on over to Washington D.C.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Beach covers 10,000 square feet of the museums Great Hall and has been designed by Snarkitechture- an architectural firm that is based in Brooklyn. The translucent ballsalmost 750,000 in numbermake up the ocean part of the beach.


                                                 Somebody help me! Im drowning!


Swim, surf, dive into the ocean or lounge on the shore lined with monochromatic umbrella sand beach chairs with a good book. You can even grab a drink at the snack bar. The stark white exhibit is sure to bring some colour into your life and a giant grin on your face. Just dont forget your sunscreen! 


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