Places In India To Buy Pocket Friendly Travel Clothes

  • UPDATED Jul 02, 2018

Who does not wish to look perfect in their travel pictures? With photo and video sharing social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, travel photos are becoming an emerging trend. Traveling itself is becoming a widely celebrated leisure activity. With these millennial trends, we all want to click likes worthy vacation pictures and look good in those. Worry no more, because here is a list of places in India where you can find picture-perfect travel clothes which are pocket-friendly too. Some places are even amongst the cheapest clothes markets in the world. Give this a read and you will never have those fashion blues again!

1. Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi

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Who needs an introduction to the Sarojini Nagar Market! It is one of the trendiest and most crowdest markets in India. The variety of clothes in Sarojini Nagar demands an extra bag for all the shopping you will be doing there. The denim palazzos, ruffle jumpsuits, cute skirts and distressed jeans make up for the perfect summer vacation outfits. Moreover, all of these is very cheap and durable.

What to buy: You can get a great deal on trendy jackets at Sarojini Nagar.

2. Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

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The Colaba Causeway or the Colaba Market as known by the locals is a street shopping heaven in Mumbai. It is a perfect place to bargain and buy fashionable clothes and accessories. The Colaba Market is more famous for the accessories it has. Here you can look out for trendy sunglasses, colorful scarves and other accessories that will make your travel outfit complete.

What to buy: Cheap trendy floaters for both men and women are a must buy.

3. New Market, Kolkata

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The New Market is a colorful world of clothes, satin, silk, glass, and tin. It is the bargainer’s paradise. Here at New Market, you can not only shop for clothes, footwear, and handbags but also for local Bengali accessories and garments. These will be a great choice of the outfit while taking a tour of Bengal. Since the New Market is located at the city center, it is very easy to reach.

What to buy: The Kashmiri shawls here are perfect for a winter vacation.

4. Commercial Market, Bengaluru

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The entire premise of Commercial Market is up close with latest fashion trends. Be it the apparels, footwear or accessories, everything seems to have come straight away from the runway. Everything from funky patterns and colorful clothes is housed at the Commercial Market. The Ibrahim Saheb street running parallel to it has a range of ethnic wear to choose from.

What to buy: linen pants and cosmetics

5. F. C. Road, Pune

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The Fergusson College can arguably be considered amongst the cheapest shopping destinations in Asia. With the quirkiest clothes and a wide variety of jewelry items, F. C. Road is the trendiest shopping destination in Pune. Besides all season clothes, it features seasonal clothes available at very cheap prices. Trendy summer tops, summer dresses, winter cardigans, you name it and you have every trendy travel apparel here at F.C. Road.

What to buy: Denim shorts and Summer dresses

6. Pondy Bazar, Chennai

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Pondy Bazar is one of the largest shopping destinations in Chennai to buy western clothes. It has a wide variety of loungewear, accessories, and dupattas. Located in the George Town, Pondy Bazar offers you a plethora of options in clothing suitable for travel. The comfortable night pants and t-shirts available here are perfect for a long train journey or bus journey. Besides, you can make a nice statement with a dupatta on a plain top.

What to buy: Traditional Dupattas

7. Hong Kong Market, Dimapur, Nagaland

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Hong Kong Market in Dimapur, Nagaland is the best place to buy imported stylish goods at cheap prices. The apparels and accessories at the Hong Kong Market are mainly imported from Thailand and Myanmar. This market houses clothes and accessories for people of every age. The Highlight of Hong Kong Market is the winter garments. These garments available at really cheap prices are a must have while going on a winter trip.

What to buy: Winter jackets and sweaters

8. Anjuna Market, Goa

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Goa is undoubtedly the party capital of India. And while partying at this vibrant place, Anjuna Market is the perfect place to buy some stunning and fashionable party dresses and tops. One of Goa’s oldest markets, the Anjuna Market is a colorful and quirky world of clothing and accessories. Get party ready with the eclectic clothing choices at Anjuna!

What to buy: Floral dresses and sarongs perfect for the beach!

9. Koti Sultan Bazar, Hyderabad

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The Koti Sultan Bazar in Hyderabad is one of the busiest markets in the city. It has a vivid range of apparels for both men and women. Not just that, it also houses jewelry, imitation watches, shoes, and accessories. Everything here at this market is very affordable. The Koti Sultan Bazar is a delight for all those who don’t want to spend much on their travel wardrobe.

What to buy: Chinese wooden necklaces and trendy printed kurtas

10. Bhutia Market, Nainital

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The Bhutia market in Nainital, Uttarakhand is a home to a variety of hand-knit woolen garments. These garments are knit by the women of Almora which is world famous for woolen clothes. You can choose from the vibrant and differently patterned jackets, shawls, gloves, sweaters, caps, mufflers and other types of winter clothing. The Bhutia Market also features artificial jewelry.

What to buy: Woolen clothes

Shop for your travel clothes at these shopping destinations and save loads on your travel budget!