Poop Museum In Japan - Where Shit Looks Adorably Cute


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Japan is never the one to shy away from weird museums and this time, it is bringing you the latest addition of poop museum! Opened in the spring of 2019, Unko (yes, you guessed it right, it means poop in English.) Museum in Yokohama is all about maintaining the Kawai culture of the country even when it comes to the nastiest function of our body. This museum is set to overcome the stigma that comes with poop. In here, it is not a dirty brown thing; it is colorful, cute, and photogenic art where kids, as well as adults, willingly soak in the poop-flavor.  

From enjoying a simple tea-party where you get a cake with turd-shape frosting to catching shit (in a video game) to fill up your toilet, you can do all sorts of things here. But the best part is shouting ‘unko’ as loudly as possible in a microphone. Wondering what's the fun in that? This microphone will calculate the decibels of your voice and will compare it to the size of famous landmarks. So, when you yell ‘unko’, your poop can get as tall as Tokyo Skytree - that’s 634 meters, folks!

Said to be open only until July 2019, this Unko Museum in Japan will shower you with poop and you are going to love every bit of it. Do not forget to buy souvenirs of all things poo-themed and poo-shaped. After all, a little inspiration in the morning to do your business nicely after you go back home never hurts! 

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