14 Offbeat Places Near Pune You Must Visit NOW!!

With city bustling with youngsters and young professionals, it is unique combination of Delhi (minus all the Show-off) and Bangalore (minus all the traffic). Weather is always pleasant be it a December night or an early May night. But sometime you need a perfect getaway to leave all the hustling behind. While Lonavala and Khandala seem to be an all time favourite weekend escape, its time you give all your senses a treat with these offbeat places near Pune.

1. Della Adventure, Lonavala

Image Source: dellaadventure

A day full of adventure and fun, Della is a single stop for all kind of fun filled adventurous activities for people of all ages, & worth every penny you spend. Take a package otherwise; paying for activities individually becomes very costly. An adventure park one of its kinds, which caters to the adrenaline rush of human senses. With about 40-45 different activities, you can experience mini-golf, cycling, zipline, rappelling, archery, horse riding, zorbing, paintball. Best time to visit is during rainy season as you can enjoy all the available rides. Camping/stay options are also available, which are hygienic and well maintained.

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2. Velas - Watch turtle eggs hatch

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If you have ever wondered how it would be to watch turtle eggs hatch and make their way into the sea, you can experience this moment at Velas, a small village in Ratnagiri District. This village is famous for Olive Ridley turtle that visit the beach every year and lay eggs during winter time. To witness the first steps of baby Ridley turtle is a unique experience. But besides, turtle conservation centre which makes it a unique place to visit near Pune, you can visit Vella for its scenic beaches, Bankot fort, delicious Konkani food and picturesque beauty. 

Distance from Pune : 194 kms

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3. Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

Image Source: Wikipedia

Endowed with natural protective boundaries like Shivasagar lake one side and the Western Ghats on the other, Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary has variety of flora and fauna in high biodiversity. It is divided into three major sections namely, Vasota, Maharkor and Indavli Met. At a distance of about 70 km from Satara City, Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary covers over 420 sq km of area and encompasses the Eastern and Western catchments of the Koyna Dam. Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, formed in 1985, is home to diverse species of wildlife such as tigers, panthers, gaur, sloth bears, giant squirrels, otters, pythons, cobras, brown capped woodpeckers, etc. 

Distance from Pune : 183 kms

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4. Japalouppe Equestrian Centre

Image Source: japalouppe.com

Started in 1999, by mother son duo Lorraine More and Rohan, this is the place for all horse lovers. Spread across 36 acres the centre is surrounded with mountains and lush green fields. The centre is an exclusive riding club and a great place for beginners. Besides a day visit, they organise stay camps for children too. While staying on the premises of the Equestrian Centre, the children will have the opportunity to follow daily routines like stable work, feeding, grooming and training of horses. Also they can enjoy activities like games, competitions, outdoor treks around the camp. 

Distance from Pune : 30 kms

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5. Imagica Theme Park

Image Source: Aaditya Bardhan/Flickr

If you looking for entertainment from children to adult in one place, then Imgica is just the place for you. Adventurous and amazing, Imagica is a must visit for theme park lovers. Imagica has something for everyone, from daring roller coaster to indoor movie ride, from evening closing parade to water world; this is one stop destination for your weekend. The 3D, 4D rides are very good and intriguing. The park is decorated during festivals so the place looks different no matter how many times you visit.

Distance from Pune : 90 kms

6. Murud Janjira

Image Source:Vikas Rana/Flickr

If you are interested in history of India then this is a part which has to be on your visit list. Janjira fort, around 950 years old and a kilometre away from the shore, is a perfect testimony to human dedication and capability. Janjira fort is truly a construction marvel of old time. You have to be really lucky to get to see this place as you have to take a ferry to reach the fort, which gets tricky. One of the oldest municipalities of India has perfect silvery sands to make your weekend perfect. The beach is not very crowded and water sports are cheap compared to Kashid beach.

Distance from Pune : 180 kms

Tip: Book a guide when you going to the fort, the history is worth knowing.

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7. Bedse Caves

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Bedse caves are located about 40 Kms from Pune on the old Mumbai Pune highway; you have to climb approx 400 steps to reach there. The caves are 2200 years old and take us back in history. The approach road is narrow but cars can easily go through.

As you start climbing the stairs up from where the jeep-able approach road ends, you'd be rather lost in the lush green surroundings & you wouldn't be expecting the history coming alive in front of your eyes in just a few minutes! The caves were constructed in such a way that it could be seen only after one reaches the top. Once on top we were then transported to the magical 2nd Century BC Buddhist Caves which took us back around 2000 years in time. if you think you want to get in to a time-machine, this is it!

Distance from Pune : 40 kms

Tip: On the way, stop in Kamshet for paragliding. The weather here is aptly suited for paragliding and the high rise hills offer the perfect jumping spots.

8. Rafting at Kolad

Image Source: pixabay.com

Kolad is a perfect place to quench for adventure like kayaking, laddering, waterfall canoeing and rafting. Kolad is adorned by Kundalika River thus there are numerous camp sites to give you a refreshing experience. Most of the camp sites are hygienic and well equipped. An ideal place for nature lovers and adventure junkies give you the adrenalin boost and then one can enjoy the camp facilities - reasonably comfortable tents, good food, carom, chess, TT. It's the perfect place for a weekend - even with kids!

Distance from Pune : 194 kms

9. Dehna - Watch fireflies

Image Source: Windslash/Flickr

Imagine seeing thousands of fireflies hovering around you. If you looking for holiday with a difference, Dehna, an amazing blend to experience mix of rural activities and rejuvenation, ride around for days on motorcycles; meet long forgotten tribes, live with hunter gatherers. Surrounded by mountains, dense forests and even hidden ancient shrines, village Dehna is still an unexplored place near Pune. Visit Dehna and you will know this village never fails to surprise you. Be bewitched by tiny fireflies glowing in the night, let it leave you spellbound! Feast your eyes on the bounty of nature. Lie by streams of fresh waters, and be rejuvenated in soul and spirit.

Distance from Pune : 281 kms

Tip: Grassroutes organises trips to Dehna, where the fireflies phenomenon can be seen in September.  

10. Mhaismal

Image Source: Jay/Flickr

Mhaismal is a small hill station in Aurangabad District of Maharashtra. Located at an altitude of 1067 m, is about 12 km from Khuldabad and about 40 km from Aurangabad. The hill station attracts visitors during monsoons when it is covered in greenery. One gets to see a fantastic view of the surrounding valleys. Goddess Girija temple, Balaji temple and Ghrishneshwar temple are the religious structures located in the area. Besides spirituality, if you looking for adventure you can also visit Ellora Caves and Devgiri Fort which is 40 mins drive, or on the way while coming from Aurangabad.

Distance from Pune: 260 kms

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11. Hot Air Ballooning In Lonavala

Image Source: Pixabay

Make your vacation the most memorable one by watching the valleys with the clouds. Head to Lonavala straight and come back with awesome memories. The sight of the majestic Sahayadri Mountains, including lush greenery, beautiful waterfalls and picturesque forested hills during the balloon ride is simply breathtaking.

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12. Purandar Fort

Image Source: Himanshu Sarpotdar/Flickr

Located at a distance of 40 kms towards south-east of Pune, Purandar is a nice place to go for hiking. The Fort comprises two fortresses, namely: Purandar and Vajragarh. You can spend an entire day here as a hiking picnic. The Forts are located at a height of 4,472 ft. and it is a fabulous way to watch the panoramic view of the entire city from above.

Distance from Pune: 57 kms

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13. Rappelling at Dudhiwara Falls Lonavala

Image Source: Scarleth Marle/Flickr

Swing by the string at the beautiful Dudhiware falls. Start by having some awesome breakfast and go full power rappelling. Waterfall rappelling is the modified version of rappelling with added adrenaline rush where you rappel through a high speed waterfall. The torrential volume, sheer force of water and slipperyness of slope makes it very tough to rappell down. But at the same time it gives an ultimate taste of adventure which exactly you are looking. Utmost fun, guaranteed!

14. Thosegar Waterfalls, Satara

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

About 20 kms from Satara, Thosegar is one the best kept secret places in Maharashtra. There are a series of waterfalls, some of them 15 to 20 metres and one of 500 metres in height. The road to the viewing place is well laid out and you have to walk about 500 meters to reach the tower from where you see the waterfall. There are a series of waterfalls, some of them 15 to 20 metres and one of 500 metres in height.

Distance from Pune : 134 kms

Tip: Visit Kaas Plateau during season to see some of the best flora.

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