Best Things To Do This Rakshabandhan in 2018

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Raksha Bandhan 2018 is just around the corner! Last year too, the streets were lined with kiosks selling colorful Rakhis. These feather-light, decorated, multi-hued little threads were inviting me. The Rakshabandhan was approaching and while everybody was busy making plans for the Rakhi weekend, I was slightly disheartened to have no one to celebrate it with. 

I don't have a brother; and this was the only day in the entire year when I felt little poignant about it. Then I realized, I could just be grumpy about it and not be a part of the celebration or, think of all the possible things I would have done if I had a brother, be it the siblings vacation ideas!

Siblings are the best gift given to us by our parents. They fight, they compete but they are the ultimate support, irrespective of the distance, age or situation. And when it comes to brother-sister relationship, the words fall shot! And as they say,

"Sometimes, being a brother is even being better than a Superhero"

This Rakshabandhan, here's a list of how you could strengthen your bond with your brother/sister.

Take an Adventure Trip


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Traveling can be a great way to strengthen the bond with your sibling. Brother and sister traveling together can make the festival of Raksha Bandhan even more exciting and unique. So, if you have an adventurous side, it would be awesome to take an adventure trip. There are places to travel with your brother or sister in India like Rishikesh, Udupi, Manali, Goa and more where you can share the fun!

Go on a BBQ Picnic

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Picnics are the best family time. There are many fun places to go with siblings, but going for a bbq picnic to the place you both loved as a kid could be a great choice. Right from packing a basket to a fun game of Frisbee, to the adorable laid-back afternoon where you are too full with all the BBQ delicacies you just hogged on, a BBQ picnic is the perfect way to spend a quality time with your brother/sister.

Take a Trip to an Amusement Park

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You loved going here as a kid. And there are some rides that scared you as a child! Here's an opportunity to face your fears. Visiting an amusement park can be one of the best brother and sister vacation ideas on coming Raksha Bandhan. Hop on the rides and scream like a kid, when you have your brother by your side, what's there to be afraid of!

Make a Slide Show of Your Childhood Pictures

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If you want to celebrate your Raksha Bandhan holiday 2018 in a different manner, living the childhood nostalgia through pictures can be a great choice. That perfect picture moment ruined by the grouchy expression on your face because your brother just pulled your pony tail, that adorable baby picture when you sister first saw you in the crib at that hospital; pictures of your childhood are a treasure! How about making a slideshow of the best pictures and watching it with your family of Rakshabandhan? It'll surely leave you teary eyed and rejoiced at the same time!

Spill the Beans

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Remember that time when your sister told your parents that you flunked a test? Recall the time when you kept you brother waiting after school while you were busy gossiping? Remember how you secretly broke your sibling up with the guy/girl you didn't really find suitable? This Rakshabandhan, open up and confess. You've both grown past it and its okay to say sorry to each other once in a while. Who knows, you might end up having a laugh!

Revisit Old Restaurants and Relish Your Childhood Comfort Food

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One of the best places to go with your brother in India is the restaurants that you loved dining and snacking at. This was the reward you got when either of you topped a class or won a running race. This was your idea of celebration. And sure, now you've travelled the world and eaten every cuisine possible, but there's always a sense of comfort in the Butter Masala Dosa or the Pav Bhaji and Faluda you enjoyed in your childhood. Revisit those restaurants where you were taken for family dinners and treats!

Fight it out at a Game of Laser Tag

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You've always wanted to punch your little brother but just didn't do it! There have been times when you have controlled your anger towards your little brother just because you were scared of your parents. Although you might not have those grudges anymore, a game of laser tag or paint ball will pave way for your hidden desires to hit and have a physical combat, plus it's fun!

Express your feelings

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Yes, sometimes it's important to say how much you miss each other. It will definitely pump up the spirit of Rakshabandhan when you confess how much you love each other. If you are not going to be with your brother/sister this Rakhi, send them an email, or a text message or a good old handwritten letter to tell how much you care about him.

Treat Every Girl in the World like you want your Sister to be Treated

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So, this one's just for the guys! It's natural to care about your sister and be protective about her. And so, it's also anticipated that you respect every girl and women in the world and treat her just like you want your sister to be treated. After all, she's someone's darling sister, isn't she? That's probably the best Raksha Bandhan 2018 gift you can give your sister!

After all, Rakhi is all about the celebration of love!


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