Real Life Hogwarts School Opened Up in Poland

  • UPDATED Oct 17, 2018

Hogwarts Letter. Trip to Diagon Alley. Platform No. Nine and Three Quarters. Hogwarts Express!

If you are a Potterhead, your heart must have skipped a beat and your eyes would have lit up with spark and joy, on reading the above. If you, like me have literally lived through all those seven books that give us a one way ticket into a magical world of wands, potions, quills and flying brooms, then you would be thrilled to know that we may just have our very own Hogwarts! Potterheads throughout the world have forever sulked at not having received the letter. There's millions of fan-fiction written and alternate realities imagined by crazy and avid fans all over the world for the same. They dream of sitting at the Great Hall and slurping on that Pumpkin Juice while the ceilings light up with a million candles and pet owls deliver your letters and mails. You would give any adventure trail a miss for that one trip to Forbidden Forest to fly on the back of Buckbeak, pay a visit to Hagrid, maybe touch and run from the Whomping Willow and hope to spot the Unicorn. 

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What if I were to tell you that you could actually do all of the above now? No I am not kidding and yes, you could actually live the magical life in this muggle world too now! A group of Harry Potter enthusiasts have come up with a theme based school called "The College of Wizardy" at the Zchocha Castle in Poland

This college gives you the ultimate wizard-role playing experience. It's open to people of 18 years of age and older. It is conducted in English, so as to provide for international participation or, in other words attendance. The school welcomes students from all over the world. The event is in the second year of its running and stands sold out already for this year's round. The students come with their favorite wizard related items. The school provides them with attires in the form of robes and a house tie, along with books. The school is set in a historic castle and hence is not exactly a replica of Hogwarts. Hence, it's portrayed as one of the wizarding schools like Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. It has its own unique four houses. All of the students get to explore magic courses, socialize and take part in various magic related activities, all over the course of four days! All of it, irresepective of the house they get into!

We bring to you a few glimpses of the magnificient real life School of Wizardy:

The entrance to the castle is graced by two beautifully carved, stone columns. Capped with wrought iron lamps, almost inviting you into the world of magic and at the same time, promising to protect the castle, much like a tangible version of Dementors. 

The entrance paves the way to the bridge which could be equated to the Great Lake that you sail through to reach Hogwarts. Once on the bridge, you get a much better feel of the solitary nature of the castle. 

This gate spelling charms of its own, gives a steeward view of the bridge above. It also indicates at the existence of secret passages and pathways in the castle. 

The lower causeway of the castle leads to an inner sanctuary. It flaunts a wooden rampart and a stone staircase to the upper reaches. The magic is only unfolding itself now.

 The bridges also proves to be an awesome point for flight to anyone looking for one. The blue sky above and your Broomstick between your legs, one kick to the turf and you are all set!

You could study Potions in much the same fun way in which students at Hogwarts did, sans any chance of explosions and random whiffs! What could actually be better than a chance to actually study and predict the outcomes of those Magical Potions! Spare hair, anyone?

It may be fun and absolutely mind blowing, but still, you are in a school and hence, studying is an important task. You always want to be updated and at speed with your Spells, Magical Creatures and most importantly, Defence Against Dark Arts. *evil-grin*

Those into Herbology can literally explore and discover all about those plants and their secrets from their professors.

Since it's still a school, regardless of the fact that there's a chance you could spot Wands and Quills, classes are a must for all. Not that anyone of us would mind that in a school of magic. There's always a fair chance your teacher could apparate!

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The walls of the castle are large and beautifully decorated with plasterwork. It even has an oak balcony above.

The ground features humble and giant trees, ornamental statues and structures, as well as, well maintained flowers and trees. 

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A closer glimpse to the Great Hall gives a clear view of the beautiful woodwork on the ceiling.

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The castle's windows sport colorful stained glass paintings in various shapes and colors, but all with a meaning. This could be the Hungarian Horntail. What'd ya think?

The bathrooms have that rustic old world elegance and feel. Heavy and stiff could be comforting too, all we need is magic! 

The shape and demeaour of this well is that of the sink of the girl's lavatory, which magnificently opens up to the Chamber of Secrets. Should there be a Basilisk waiting, we must brush up our Parseltongue! Oh, and how about a game of chess?

The alleys, turns and narrow paths fill us with that tingling feel of the magical world. Doesn't this turn remind you of Knockturn Alley? Keep your Floo Powder intact, just in case! 

Fully decorated with colors and ribbons, the Great Hall is an apt display of the school's houses. The students are all chatty and cheerful here during the mealtimes. 

Now that you are full and hearty, after a trip to the Great Hall, how about a robust game of Quidditch to work that meal out! Minus the topples, ofcourse! 

After delicious christmasy food and a good game, its time for some magical studying. Pupils enjoy it equally much as it gives them ample time to socialize and indulge in some good magic related discussions and trivia exchange with fellow attending students. 

Students often come prepared with magical study itinerary, like quill set and leather bound books to absorb and learn about the maginificent magical world. 

Each Potterhead have their own story in mind when they come to the School of Wizardy. But they have in common is the time of their lives and a blast! 

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You'd be lying if you tell me you were never fascinated by the DA (Dumbledore's Army). Perhaps Defence Against Dark Arts is thus the most important of subjects, hence. 

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The castle in itself is fully equipped to give the authentic old world feel. What with iron works all throughout the castle! 

The main courtyard, protected with high walls and wooden ramparts provides for a perfect place for the congregation of students and perhaps a showdown between the next Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy.

Apart from the courtyard, the perfectly pruned yet wild gardens provide for a comforting place to let your hair down after a hard day of magic. 

YES! We are just as excited and giddy at the news as you are!

May the Magic be with you!

Always. :')

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