12 Reasons Why Bengaluru Is The Best City In India

By Sameer Kapoor on Nov 03, 2015
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There are very few cities in India like Bengaluru that have nestled modernity, tradition, culture and technology in such a harmonius way. Today, this cosmopolitan hub of Karnataka beams with modernity, trekking destinations and that simplicity that make up for its beautiful landscape. Come to think of it, people who are staying in this city don't wish to leave it for the sheer number of choices and pleasures that it offers. So, what makes Bengaluru so special that people refuse to settle down anywhere else in India:


1. Believe it or not! Bengaluru is the proud owner of that amazing weather that has no peer in India. Perfect place to plan your outdoor adventures!

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2. Just like its weather, Bengaluru stands conspicuous for being the Silicon Valley Of India.

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3. Bengaluru has well established Supermarkets that sell whatever you need including wines as well!

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4. And then there is a thriving Pub culture in Bengaluru that spoils you with its glitter.

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5. Epicureans would love to fall in love with Bengaluru’s street food that pampers your taste buds forever!

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6. Thanks to its location, the city has a number of weekend getaways that would fill up your weekend itineraries.

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7. Even if you are not going out, the city is green itself to offer that communion with nature!

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8. The city has a thriving art scene and art galleries like Mahua, Gallery Skye and more.

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9. Most of the people in Bengaluru speak English which means that you won’t feel out of the place even if you are not Kannada.

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10. The markets that offer you the best of Kannada and cosmo experience.

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11. While walking down its streets you will get to see the best of painted walls that will keep your aestheticism alive.

Image Source: Pexels.com

12. And last, but not the least, there is certain simplicity in Bengaluru that acts as cherry on the cake.

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