Best Reasons To Revisit Singapore

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They say, "No Man needs a vacation more than the man who just had one." A traveler would be reading that and nodding along saying, "Yes. Yes. That is so true." Nearly everyone takes a holiday in anticipation of exploring a new country, city, or place. Life is such that we believe we’re here only for a while. In this course, most of us are so eager to unleash the beauty of different destinations through the perception of our own mind. In the flurry of covering the world, maybe, there are hardly a few places we wish to revisit and relive or create new memories in. One city in that category would be Singapore. Here is why you’d want to revisit Singapore over and over again.

Singapore - An Entertainment Hub

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For multiple reasons, this island-city of pulchritude works as hypnosis on a travelers mind luring him to revisit the mesmerizing town just one more time. The multicultural city is home to a surfeit of museums, shopping malls, theme parks, zoos, gardens and everything you’d need to amp the entertainment and perfect your holiday. With so much at hand to satisfy its tourists, it is no surprise that Singapore is a top travel destination across the globe. Nothing could possibly stop you from revisiting this enticing city for its diverse range of thrilling activities.

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The Hidden Beach Fun

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While Sentosa island wins the ‘been there - done that’ expression, Lazarus island would steal the ‘I Never knew that’ utterance. The best of Singapore’s Southern Islands, Lazarus Island is a ravishing beauty dressed in cushiony white sand and sparkling azure water. This island can easily be accessed from St John’s Island from the Marina South Pier. On your first visit to this magical island-city, you explored what Singapore always flaunted. On your second visit, dig out the hidden treasure tucked in here.

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 Find the secret Restaurant

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The exciting city has a secret restaurant you can dine at only if you solve the puzzle of its location. And soforth is a top pop-up restaurant in the island city offers much more than just food. You visit here to divulge the true secret of the place. The simplest way to get here is by booking online. You will receive location clues on your phone through which you can unscramble the location of this eat out that will sure stir the adventurous crave in you contributing to a thrilling experience. On your first visit you explored the local delights and treated yourself to the yummy but cliché food Singapore served you. This time discover in the clandestine venue in the city. 

Enjoy the Multicultural City

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The island city accommodates diverse cultures flawlessly. The harmony and interaction of the many cults here is indeed commendable. In reality, this is the true beauty of Singapore. The city evinces Chinese, Indian, Malay, and Eurasian cultures in the form of various traditional and religious festivals. The Chinese New Year, Diwali and Christmas is celebrated here with great pomp and show. If you’ve enjoyed one of these festivals on your first trip to the city, revisit to witness to joyous celebration on another.

A Foodie’s Favorite

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Food is one thing that you’re never going to get enough of when in Singapore. A plethora of affordable, flavorful food floods the city’s nooks and corners inviting you to a real food feast on the island. ‘Binge eating’ would still be an understatement when it comes to trying out the Hainanese Chicken Rice, Fried Oyster Omelette, Popiah, Char Kway Teow, Mee Rebus, Prawn Mee, Laksa, Chilli Crabs, Kaya Toast and Indian Rojak, Hokkien. So you’ve already eaten this the first time you visited Singapore? Now satisfy those abrupt cravings for the same on your second visit.

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Even Singapore Has Underwater Activities

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The throng of 60 islands is often forgotten in the hustle and bustle of the city. Singapore on the other hand is not blessed with a gorgeous blue coast or underwater marvels, unlike Thailand and Indonesia. However, the mesmerizing southern island foster sea turtles, starfish, over 200 species of hard corals, nurse sharks, a shipwreck that dates back to World War II, cuttlefish, seahorses and more. This island therefore serves as a diver’s paradise and becomes an ideal spot for snorkeling as well. Feast your eyes on the marine beauty the effervescent city offers. If you’ve missed the underwater fun in the city on your first visit, revisit for a breathtaking experience.

There is Hiking Here Too

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You may not find this in a guidebook or a tourism site. However, Singapore is home to hiking trails as well like the Southern Ridges trail, canopy trails and more. These trails stretch over preserved forests giving hikers a glimpse of the unmatched natural beauty in the area. The commendable wavy bridge of wood and steel called Henderson Waves is the biggest highlight of the hiking trail.

Countryside Anyone?

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Yes. There’s countryside in Singapore too. The first time you were introduced to the mystic city, you got familiar with the hustle and bustle of the city. You explored the many activities, adventure and entertainment the city threw your way. This time get to the depths of the city. Breathe in fresh air, spend some time bird watching, take a cooking class, and satisfy your taste buds with some farm fresh delicacies. Immerse yourself in the calm and tranquility the nature-kissed countryside possesses and unleash a new side of this magical island.

The Sparkling Nightlife

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The sparkling night safari in Singapore of the island-city steals the show. If you feel Clarke Quay was enough of a fascination, you’ve set your bar too low at trying out different amusements. Clarke Quay is sure a crowd pleaser. But renting a yacht and exploring the south China Sea is fun on another lever altogether. The twinkling night sky, the music, the food, and the quenching drinks complement the priceless moment you spend through the night here.

Be it food, parties, historic monuments, enchanting architectural structures, nature, adventure or mesmerizing beaches, Singapore will never run out of reasons to have you in the city again. So visit once, visit again, this island city will always welcome you with a new surprise.

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