Top 10 Reasons Why You Must Visit Mumbai in the Monsoons

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You can either hate or love it deeply but you cannot escape monsoons in Mumbai. Bringing the city together, rains in Mumbai foster an inscrutable spirit in the people of Mumbai. Amidst all the chaotic water-logging and transport mayhem among other problems the city somehow manages to subdue its damage with its fantastic list of things to do in Mumbai in monsoon. It is only when you check out the following places to hang out in the monsoon in Mumbai do you realize that the city is indeed at its best as it soaks up the deluge in all its porousness!

1. A stroll in Ballard Estate


SoBo or South Bombay is the city’s town area, pretty much untouched from the urbanisation its suburban counterparts are facing. The colonial edifices dating back to the British Raj, the lush greenery formed by century-old trees and awe-striking sculptures lend this old European style business district an unparalleled charm in the monsoons. After a hearty stroll, make sure to indulge in an Irani feast at the vintage Britannia And Co. Restaurant. Regular visitors have a go-to favorite combination of the berry pulao and Pastonji’s ice cream soda!

2. Shopping at the Sales


Mumbai boasts of a rich textile history owing to its location in India’s cotton-producing belt and its being as India’s financial, commercial and entertainment capital. Thus, businesses related to clothes have flourished on multiple folds in the city making shopping here a big deal. Its reputation as an alpha world city has some of the world’s best luxury brands have their exclusive outlets in the city. If luxury is not your things, you can still look forward to global street fashion stores and even literally shopping off the streets. The month of July is when the semi-annual sale is on and you are sure to find some fantastic stuff at marked down prices!

I must also mention how shopping in Bombay is an experience complete with stores set in charming establishments like the Zara at Fort or even malls that leave you spoiled for choice!

3. Chai at Marine Drive


If you don’t mind a little thrill of some wild waves then a visit to the Marine Drive has got to be one of your purposes of visiting Mumbai in monsoon. This necklace-depicting boulevard is a lovely place to enjoy a hot cup of chai as the waves precipitate a refreshing mist and the ocean makes for a mesmerizing sight to behold. Along with chai, you can also get some other nibbles to gorge on like vada pav, bhel, raw mangoes and chanazor garam making for the perfect monsoon refreshments.

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4. Beer at Mondegar


Known to be one of the city’s oldest and most iconic restaurant and bars in Mumbai, Mondegar has established several traditions, beer in the monsoons being one. With its striking location, Mondegar is easy to spot. Flanked by vendors selling statement accessories and pashmina shawls, Mondegar beguiles you with its mural-adorned walls. The murals are equally notable as the beer here, having been painted by India’s popular painter and cartoonist Mario Miranda. It is a popular spot to grab a beer and something to snack on with both national and international tourists.

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5. Admiring the bay from Taj’s Sea Lounge


Views of the Arabian Sea, yachts swaying afloat and the magnificent view of one of India’s top tourist attraction, the Gateway of India are what you can treat yourself to as you sip on some English tea at the Sea Lounge. However, bear in mind that a visit here is recommended only if you are in the mood to splurge! Grab a window spot and your favorite book if you like as you embark on your journey to utopia.

6. Watching the waves splash at Bandstand


Infamous for a number of reasons - unfortunate accidents in an attempt to click selfies, lovers sometimes crossing the line of PDA and fans that tend to create a ruckus outside Shahrukh Khan’s house ‘Mannat’, Bandstand in undeniably a great monsoon visit place in Mumbai. Walk of The Stars, counted as one of the best things to do in Mumbai right lies on this promenade, it honours Bollywoood’s legends. Evenings are a great time to visit Bandstand and munch on some spiced roasted corn or bhutta as you get soaked with the splashing of the waves.

7. Driving across the Sea Link

One of the city’s most iconic constructions, the Bandra-Worli Sea Link has befitted the city in many ways than just cutting down travel time from Bandra to Worli by a substantial 30 minutes. The ten-minute drive bequeaths you with a lovely experience of beholding a rather panoramic view of Bombay. The smooth road is pretty impressive to make a great drive absolutely any time of the day.

8. The exotic flora and fauna at Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Formerly referred to as the Borivali National Park, this attraction is home to some exotic wildlife that has found a home in the exotic flora and fauna of the region. Owing to monsoons, the flora and fauna enliven like no other time and it is only a delight to explore this park’s area of a whopping 104 kilometer-square. Should you be a nature or photography enthusiast, a visit here during the rains will surely mesmerize you.

9. Some of the best monsoon weekend getaways lie just a drive away


You can reach some of the best places to visit in the monsoon in Maharashtra barely within a few hours from Mumbai. Alibaug, Matheran, Pune, Mahabaleshwar, Nashik, Lonavala, and Khandala lie at a stone’s throw away distance and are very well connected by buses, trains and taxi operators. Each having their distinct appeal, these are often trodden as places to visit near Mumbai in the monsoon for 2 days or lesser by locals.

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10. Ride a ferry from Gateway of India to the Elephanta Caves

Last but not the least, the Elephanta Caves that hold immense historical and cultural significance. While visiting these are a common tourist activity, taking a ferry ride in the monsoon is just something! If you are up for some splurge, you may also rent a yacht!

With this list, you have plenty of reasons to pack your bags and head to Mumbai, the city that never sleeps!

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