10 Reasons Why Travel Blogging is Trendiest Career

By Neha Kapoor on Jan 08, 2019
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"The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless”- Jean- Jacques Rousseau

What makes history different from literature? It is the desire to retell something creatively and imaginatively that shapes any historical fact into a form of storytelling. This is what the travel bloggers are doing these days. By moulding perceptions into words, imagination into creative writing, experiences into travel literature, they are reshaping the world of facts and forming a new age reading corpus. By weaving their words into the yarn of stories, the travel bloggers have actually become the cinematic as well as the literary counterparts in an otherwise commercially driven world. By blending technology with the world of storytelling, there are reasons for which they have given way to the trendiest careers in the world. Here are some of the reasons for which they stand out from the rest of the crowd:

1. The magicians with the words- a new creation everyday

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What I really like about the job of travel writing is that every day you create something new. With the power of the words and the conjuration of imagination, you can let people see what they sometimes might just fail to observe. You can make a place look more beautiful and exciting by being the magicians with the words.

2. Continuous learning- an integral part of this job

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Have you ever imagined that jobs can be different from the work of robotic repetitions? Yes! While you are a travel blogger, you get to know so many interesting facts and locations along with experiences that offer something new and add to your knowledge every day.

3. Inspiring people to travel and to follow tips

Being a reader I am always inspired by the travel yarns that the storytellers tell. Inspiring the young at age and heart alike, the travel bloggers offer a world of experiences that definitely become fruitful and handy at times. Concerns such as female travelling safety, the entertainment quotient and other facilities are most of the times observed by people who read such tales.

4. The preservers of culture

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By letting us know the cultural and historical backdrop of a certain place, the travel bloggers are doing everything that attempts to preserve culture and tradition.

5. They make people live the world with them

What happens with most of our vacations? The memories might just stay with us for few days or years but with the world of storytelling, the writers create places and locations in the mind of people, which is an art in itself. So while real experiences and time may just come to an end, their accounts remain immortal.

6. Everyday you coin something new

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So while the world is busy working and using the set patterns, the travel bloggers come up with unique coinages such as uo;glamping”, uo;staycation” so as to rouse interest in their readers. So, in a way you are adding to the dictionaries in your own unique way.

7. Capturing history at its best

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By adding human element and emotion to the tales that you tell, you preserve the history of a place in best way possible. After all, if the world is brazen, you make it golden with your words.

8. You tell how to travel in a unique way

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By suggesting travel dimensions through your experiences you tell how every travel opportunity can become a unique feature in itself. I have seen many a travelers trying something new at a certain place thanks to what they read through these storytellers. The travel blogger is at times the person who tells you take a road less travelled that ultimately makes all the difference.

9. Making you an interesting person to talk to

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Everyone likes to talk to a person who has travelled wide. By telling your tales you become one of those coveted persons to who people would love to talk to. It also gives you an opportunity to interact with various people and other fellow writers as well.

10. Creating a new form of ‘reporting’

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Gone are the days when people would like to read only the factual details of any place. The traditional form of reporting fails to capture the essence of the place and leaves a barren scope for imagination. By merging imagination with reporting, the travel bloggers make a place not just interesting to visit but lived in memories as well.

I am certainly loving every part of this profile! So if you think you have the playfulness with the words and travel experiences, this is the time to take this profile!

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