10 Chennai Restaurants That Serve American Way

By Sameer Kapoor on Jan 08, 2019
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The city has long been serving as a cosmopolitan hub incorporating various cultures within its folds. Since, Globalization has become the order of the day; the city is not far behind. Come and explore with us at least ten restaurants that serve food in an American way. Lets just gorge on the authentic dishes such as chicken wings, burgers that have long since defined the American cuisine. If you are really in love with the American ways or eating and lifestyle, then see how Chennai wins this time in serving the cuisine of this nation within an original American style.

1. Cuckoo Club Diner

american restaurant in chennai

Image Source: thehindu.com

This restaurant offers the "Best Breakfast in Chennai" on Harrington Road, Chennai. The place promises an all-day breakfast and Californian cuisine; and the prospect of pancakes for dinner is alluring.  This is one restaurant that will truly cater to your cravings of food flavours from California.

Whats Special: Zucchini fries and spicy chicken croquettes served with a Cajun sauce

2. Harrys Wrap and Roll

Image Source: thehindu.com

The newest entry in the list boasts of a menu that will have meat-lovers erupt in cheers. Bacon, beef, chicken you name it, they have it. The focus is on Middle Eastern (dubai) and Mexican-style takeaway food such as doner kebabs and tacos. And since America is a cauldron of all cultures, this fusion certainly works out best in order to represent the flavours of this nation.

Whats Special : Doner Kebab Roll and Chicken/Beef/Pork Gringo Burrito Wrap.

3. New Yorker

Image Source: zomato.com

True to its name, this restaurant in Nungambakkam is for vegans and vegetarians. It is quite popular for the Mexican and Italian dishes that will make you fall in love with this restaurant. The nice ambience, wide range of food and friendly staff make New Yorker Restaurant a place worth visiting! 

Whats special: All American Corn and Cheese Balls and Enchiladas and the sizzling Brownie.

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4. Big Bang Theory

Image Source: thehindu.com

This is a newly opened restro-pub that has been furnished with beautiful dcor. Big Bang theory is also the place where economic policies, politics, Freud and Manto would be discussed over a cup of steaming coffee.

Whats Special: Jamaican Jerky Chicken, which they call the Buffalo Soldier

5. Hard Rock Cafe

Image Source: zomato.com

Furnished with a beautiful dcor that is inspired by local elements such as bells hanging from the ceiling, with lights in them, a huge door stylized in Chennai style, this restaurant offers finger licking cheese dishes, all American in soul.

Whats Special: Nachos, haystack chicken and hot fudge brownie sundae

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6. QT Grill

Image Source: QTGrills/Facebook

A haven for the lovers of meat! Its a cosy dining place furnished with 80s vibe and offers delectable grilled cuisine.

Whats special: chicken streaks

7. Brick House Bistro

Image Source: thehindu.com

This is a must visit for those love to eat burgers and American food enthusiasts. Located in Anna Nagar, this restaurant has earned quite popularity in its initial phase of opening.

Whats Special: Double Ground Beef Burger, Double Dog and a Stunner King Club Chicken Sandwich

8. Tovo Infusions

Image Source: tovoinfusions.com

As its name suggests this restaurant offers fusion cuisine with regional toppings. Enjoy your American food here as the Beatles play in the background as we lounge on comfortable sofa seats.

Whats Special: Strawberry Chocolate Explosion, Chicken Rolls

9. Chennai Wing House

Image Source: Chennai Wing House/ Facebook

Just visit this restaurant for experiencing a bucket full of chicken wings dipped in your favourite sauce. It is the ultimate combo for watching a movie at home with your friends. Strictly non-vegetarian!

Whats special: Chicken Wings

10. Double Roti

Image Source: zomato.com

This restaurant gains its popularity because of its quirky ambiance. Double roti is the place that comes with a blackboard backdrop that displays wacky write-ups, which clearly represents their love for food.

Whats Special: Chicken Sandwiches

Do keep on adding to the list if you know more!

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