7 Restaurants In UAE That Offer The Best Of Live Entertainment

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When it comes to fine dining experiences in UAE, the country has all sorts of experiences and cuisines to offer. From high-end hotels to the street stalls, traditional cuisines of the country are served by all. But what makes dining at this majestic country different from the others is the extravagance it carries with the live entertainment options at its numerous restaurants. From the traditional belly dancing and falcon shows to the more modern Arabic bands and Sufi nights, UAE has every sort of recreation in abundance. So if grooving to some stellar tunes whilst dining sounds like your thing, head to these place and soak in the Emirati vibes. 

1. Marakesh at the Millenium Corniche Hotel in Abu Dhabi

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A little Moroccan gem nestled at the heart of Abu Dhabi, Marakesh offers an intimate dance show and live music along with finger-licking cuisines. Located beautifully inside the grand Millenium Corniche Hotel, the restaurant offers authentic Moroccan feel worth experiencing in the city. With intricate decor and entertainment which could include anything from Sufi nights and belly dances to live band and music, Marakesh is a food lover’s paradise. 


2. Burlesque Restaurant & Lounge at Abu Dhabi

Burlesque RestaurantImage Source: pixabay.com

Adorned with vibrant colors and royal chandeliers, the Burlesque Restaurant & Lounge will let you witness twirling dance moves and musicians spread their magic at the audience. Overlooking the Yas Marina, the restaurant offers stunning views from its grand terrace. The Burlesque show on weekends which combines dancers, singers and performers are not to be missed here. So grab a seat and watch entertainers do their utmost to leave you spellbound. 

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3. Avatar at the Grand Hyatt in Dubai

Grand HyattImage Source: wikimedia.org

With its grandeur and lavish interior, Avatar at the Grand Hyatt is quite a splendid place, but when the belly dancers, live band and singers take to the stage, the ambiance transforms to a whole new level of vibrancy. Offering authentic Lebanese menu along the intimate setting, the hotel is a slice of paradise for the luxury seekers. Expect to soak in the true Arabian experience while you gulp down the mouth-watering food in here. 

4. Al Hadheerah Restaurant at the Bab Al Shams Resort in Dubai

Al Hadheerah RestaurantImage Source: pxhere.com

With abundant of entertainment which includes falcon display, camel show, dance show, belly dance, heritage museum, Arabic band, and tanoura dancers, Al Hadeerah restaurant is the one-stop destination that’ll never run out of activities to refresh the visitors. Whilst enjoying the live shows, you can choose from the variety of items on the menu, freshly prepared at the live cooking stations. Endless kebabs and drinks in an atmosphere charged up with live entertainment is the sure shot recipe for a memorable outing. 

5. Al Khaimah at the Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa in Dubai 

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If you wish to experience traditional Arabic hospitality amidst a spectacular beachside setting, Al Khaimah is the place you can head to. From Egyptian folk dance and Arabic bands to belly dancing and scrumptious food, the restaurant offers the perfect combination for an Arabian dine out. Feast on the flavors of Middle East and watch your evening turn out to be a package of the best of the Arabian extravaganza. 

6. Ayamna Lebanese Restaurant at the Palm Atlantis in Dubai 

Restaurents in UAEImage Source: flickr.com-kristoffertrolle

If you are someone who craves for the flavors of good old days that made your childhood in the Mid-East even more delightful, Ayamna Lebanese Restaurant is the ideal place you can head to and relive those golden flavors. Put on some smart casuals, gather your gang and stop by the Ayamma Lebanese Restaurant for a wowing dinner with a showcase by the belly dancers, singers, and other performers. Don’t forget to try the famous hummus, pastry, and chicken and lamb cubes while you are dining here. 

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7. Nay Restaurant and Lounge at Emirates Financial Towers in Dubai 

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A place that sees the most lavish and high-end crowd of Dubai, Nay Restaurant and Lounge is recognized to serve the best Lebanese cuisine in the city. The lively ambiance, Arabic decor, and authentic Middle-Eastern food are sure to delight you. And when it comes to live entertainment, the place comes with singers and dancers who will make your experience worth cherishing. The spinning tunes and traditional meals are pure luxuries in here. 

So dress up and get that party going at these royal and entertaining places! 

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