Crazy Myths About Midwest Debunked

By Akshata Mishra on Jan 08, 2019
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Myths go hand in hand with pre-conceived notions. People usually have a tendency of harboring them and making it their yardstick to judge and form opinions about people from a specific region. Midwest in The United States of America, which comprises of: Chicago, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Nebraska is the victim of similar such bias. If you are extensively taken aback, let me clear, it does have "flyover” states! It is much more than endless stretches of farmland spreading all across, as some people imagine it to be.

So, we present to you here, a breakdown of popular misconceptions that some people have about the Midwest. Hope this gives travellers, residents and inhabitants a breath of fresh air, alike.

1. Crime is the only problem

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At the risk of sounding grave and threatening, let me clear out that crime is not the only issue in the midwest. No doubt, the scenario is not exactly rosy and peaceful, there are much bigger problems coming up with time and advancement. Now that employment rates have soared and most people actually have jobs that pay, no matter how menial, substance abuse (meth, in short) has become a looming impending danger. It was always an issue there, but now with more cash and a stable source of economy, though debatable, this threat has actually matured. This is a direct result of a lot of jobs getting created due to the extensive oil mining in North Dakota. There’s literally loads of people applying for it even when there’s no official setup yet. These jobs usually don’t require you to have any skill set and hence, literally anyone, including hardened criminals are getting it! Not to forget, in the pursuit to find this liquid gold, extensive use of all sorts of technologies is being done, which wasn’t the case before. Those may possibly be causing earthquakes too!

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2.   Everyone’s white!

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AS elitist or sad as it may sound, this is not true. Wars and disturbances have led to the migration of a lot of Latino and Black population in the Midwest. This has led to the white community even figuring under the minorities in some states. There even was a Miss Sudan Beauty Paegant held!

3. Everyone is ultra conservative 

Okay, quick memory jog here, South Dakota outlawed abortion in 2006. Also, the first state to legalise same sex marriage? That’s right people, it’s Massachusetts! So, as we surmise this is not exactly a state of conservative hardcore Christians, who yearn for the days when abortion would be illegal. There definitely is pockets of them present throughout the state, but that doesn’t mean it’s all like that.

4. It’s so cold!

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NO doubt it’s cold, very at that! The further North you travel, the colder it gets and people usually ask the inhabitants as to "How’s the weather there?” But, summers in the midwest are just as brutal as the winters! The temperature quite literally hits three digits on one of ten summer days. It’s not just damn cold, it’s freaking hot too!

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5. Everything is rural.

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Chicago, Illinois. Don’t stop at that. Almost every state has a relatively urban-ish city, some even more than one. There’s Ohio which has quite a few presidential elections to its credit and they definitely are not for nothing. That should come as a major "revelation” to folks who live in New York and have the perception that somehow everyone in Midwest lives on farm and that somehow the place they live in is more of a farm than their own!

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