7 Road Trips That Will Offer You A Delicious Gastronomic Journey

By Preksha Goyal on Jan 11, 2019
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While Bollywood movies keep raising the benchmark of our travel goals from Goa in Dil Chahta Hai to Spain in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, one thing has remained constant- road trips! The forever in-thing our generation totally loves experiencing. Whether it is to satisfy the so-called wanderlust, escape the monotony or to simply have a friends reunion, the obsession with road trips has taken over us. 

And as they say, the truest way to experience a place’s soul is through its food, every road trip demands you to have some authentic cuisines. From makke di roti and sarso da saag to dosa, idli, and vada, India is loaded with mouth-watering dishes, the taste of which changes every kilometer. So if you are planning a road trip anytime soon and would want to have an unforgettable gastronomical experience, head to these places and don’t forget to fill your Insta feeds with some eye-catchy pictures of these local delicacies.

1. Indulge in authentic Maharashtrian and Kolhapuri delicacies from Mumbai to Goa

media_gallery-2019-01-7-9-Mumbai_to_Goa1234_7b71264213faec45f6125473efce075d.jpgImage Source: Flickr.com

media_gallery-2019-01-7-9-Mumbai_to_Goa123_8005e794952b50d3db05f4a42ed5637f.jpgImage Source: Wikimedia.org

Apart from being a route that’s loaded with mesmerizing landscapes, the road from Mumbai to Goa has some of the best dhabas and restaurants where you can try some scrumptious local food. Stop by Satara to have the famous Maharashtrian vada pav, pittle bhakri, and kacchi dabeli. Another stop you can take is in Kolhapur where the famous Kohapuri bhel, tambada rassa, and misal pav are a must-try. 

Must-try restaurants? Hotel Chandravilas, Kanse Dhaba and Maratha Bahaar in Satara, Khasbaug Misal and Rajabhau Bhel in Kolhapur 

Distance? 587 kilometer via AH47 and 620 kilometer via NH48

2. Have butter loaded paranthas on your trip from Manali to Leh

media_gallery-2019-01-7-9-Manali_to_Leh123_ae8593bf0f299c7feeacfcf4709bd43b.jpgImage Source: Flickr.com

media_gallery-2019-01-7-9-Manali_to_Leh1234_05b711b1cfd9e5fbb255b25930bdb280.jpegImage Source: Pexels.com

If cruising along a road covered with snow-capped mountains and valleys, and having those butter stuffed paranthas from the local dhabas sounds like your thing, then Manali to Leh is a route you cannot miss for a road trip. From momos, samosas, khatta, sidu, and babru to aktori, patande, tudkiya bhat and Cantonese noodles, you have to try it all on this way at the numerous dhabas and food stalls. 

Must-try restaurants? Khoksar dhaba, Kora Community Cafe in Mandi, Himalayan Dhaba at Marhi

Distance? 132 kilometer

3. From monks and mountains to Maggi and masala chai, get it all as you travel through Guwahati to Tawang

media_gallery-2019-01-7-10-Guwahati_to_Tawang123_728f56a46619e32fa9b6d00487b3436b.jpgImage Source: Wikimedia.org

media_gallery-2019-01-7-10-Guwahati_to_Tawang1234_4adf2eb4620bf8e70dbca36c4206ca78.jpgImage Source: Flickr.com

Apart from witnessing the magnificence of Buddhist culture and winding hilly paths, the route from Guwahati to Tawang welcomes you with quaint stalls offering tea, maggi and momos. You will pass through Tezpur where authentic Assamese food, Hyderabadi mutton biryani, chicken biryani, and momos have to be on your must-eat list. Another stop on the route could be Bomdila where your taste buds will be treated with thukpas, momos, authentic Tibetan cuisine and a special rice beer called apang. Don’t forget to stop by the apple orchards that are sure to make for a tasteful trip. 

Must try restaurants? Hotel Mousumi, Samaroh Dhaba and Royal Regency Hotel in Tezpur, Sikkim Restaurant and Silver Oaks in Bomdila

Distance? 566 kilometer

4. Gorge on lip-smacking Gujarati food and admire the white landscapes from Ahmedabad to Kutch

media_gallery-2019-01-7-10-Ahmedabad_to_Kutch123_d5da43aa9290c37b01eb5b107289306f.jpgImage Source: Pixabay.com

media_gallery-2019-01-7-10-Ahmedabad_to_Kutch1234_3e0f77ebc6a28d228518940d3ca8e961.jpgImage Source: Wikimedia.org

Here’s your chance to gobble up the world famous Gujarati food on a road trip- from theplas and dhoklas to faafdas and khakras, you will get it all at the small shops and dhabas on your way to the stunning white desert of Kutch. Take a halt at Bhuj for absolutely lip-smacking dabeli, jalebi, faafda, kathiawadi thali, and chana dal pakwan. The list of things you can try here is endless. So cheat your diet plans and stop by to take in the Gujju vibes. 

Must try restaurants? Jantaghar Dhaba, Sher-e-Punjab Dhaba, and Anapoorna Hotel in Bhuj

Distance? 454 kilometer

5. Marvel at the forts, havelis and royal food as you flock from Delhi to Jaipur 

media_gallery-2019-01-7-10-Delhi_to_Jaipur123_7fa55d7268197d933727a4b2b849aaae.jpgImage Source: Wikimedia.org

media_gallery-2019-01-7-10-Delhi_to_Jaipur1234_e4661c11435f78eaff18e26d99884d61.jpgImage Source: Wikimedia.org

While Gurugram near Delhi is a place to try some flavorsome North-Indian cuisines like chat, kebab, paranthas, gol gappe, and chole bhature, Shahpura, and Manoharpur near Jaipur offer Rajasthani delicacies like dal baati, choorma, kadhi, poori and bhujia. So get ready to slurp and burp on the crispy, tangy and crunchy variety of both traditional Rajasthani and north-Indian delicacies! 

Must try restaurants? Rao Dhaba and Highway King on Delhi-Jaipur Highway, Delhi Chaat Bhandaar and Singh Chicken Corner in Gurugram

Distance? 469 kilometer

6. Treat your tummy with coconuts and seafood on your trip to Pondicherry from Chennai

media_gallery-2019-01-7-10-Pondicherry_from_Chennai123_99fa0fd1e2bc31cf76b1fa9118dc422a.jpgImage Source: Wikimedia.org

media_gallery-2019-01-7-10-Pondicherry_from_Chennai1234_96400e01edff18277b50556402a4047b.jpgImage Source: Wikimedia.org

While the route from Chennai to Pondicherry is abundant with beautiful beaches and picture-perfect sceneries, the roads are brimming with places you need to head to for the most delicious experience of your life. Mahabalipuram is your stop if you want to gulp on some grilled fish, lobsters, crabs, appam, payasam, kesari, upma sambhar or sweet pongal. From spicy seafood to south-Indian cuisines, the route is loaded with places that are enamored with flavor and authentic vibes. So stop daydreaming and plan that trip now! 

Must try restaurants? Latitude'49, Sri Ananda Bhavan Restaurant, Nautilus and Garden View Restaurant in Mahabalipuram

Distance? 158 kilometer

7. Let the foodie in you take over from Bangalore to Munnar with cuisines from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka

media_gallery-2019-01-7-10-kerala_2986bada3547abf1763eb4538f3f347a.jpgImage Source: Wikimedia.org

media_gallery-2019-01-7-10-Kerala__and_Karnataka1234_e72b4a9f3a9307f4bfc0fc88ba9c175b.jpgImage Source: Flickr.com

The route from Bangalore to Munnar is a slice of heaven surrounded by green hills, waterfalls, and romantic charm. And what better to compliment all of it than the hot and spicy local food? So take a halt at the small dhabas or food joints in Avinashi or Salem and gulp the piping-hot masala dosa, idli-dip sambhar, bisi bele bhath, craft burgers, puttu, appam, idiyappam, and scrumptious seafood. Don’t forget to stop by the sweet giants for the world-famous Mysore Pak. 

Must try restaurants? Cafe Udupi Ruchi and Tiruppur Sree Annapoorna in Avinashi, Selvi Mess and Diet Kitchen in Salem

Distance? 484 kilometer

For the foodistas who love to try authentic local dishes and explore the varying food cultures, these road trips are a must take. So plan your food road- trip and tell us which cuisines did you like the most.

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