Rock en Seine Music Festival in Paris

  • UPDATED Sep 21, 2018

For all the music lovers all around the world, the Rock en Seine festival is like a worship place. With all the famous personalities of the musical world performing live and the audience going gaga as the witness the godly amalgamation of stars and music that they had always wanted to witness; this event is always a hit.

Since 2003, this music festival has been getting more popular with every passing year to become one of the greatest music festivals of the summer season. This time, like the other years, the music concert event is going to take place at the romantic destination of Paris. The venue of the Rock en Seine Music Festival in 2018 will also remain the same as the previous year’s i.e. in the Château de Saint-Cloud's park. This park is situated in the west of Paris and is always highly decorated with all the updates technologies to make the Music festival successful.

Image Source: wikimedia.commons

Rock en Seine: Origin

In the year 2003, the festival started as a small initiative to serve the musical interest of people. Apart from this, the other motto of the festival was to make a solid platform for several new musicians to flourish in their career. The festival that once started with only two stages and merely hand-counted ten bands to perform is now famous worldwide. Back then, the number of audience and spectators were very low, but now the situations are such that people crave for tickets and only the lucky ones are able to see the grandeur.

This summer music festival is celebrated with all the glory. With food, drinks, music and other small recreations and hundreds of thousands of spectators camping and staying around the venue and making barbeque, the three-day concert is a must experience in anyone’s life. Talking about the previous year i.e. 2017, there were around two hundred thousand spectators from different parts of the world.

Ecology is an important part of the festival and ‘preservation and the enhancement’ of the heritage of a national Domain is the key element of the policy related to the festival.

Further, keeping in mind the ecological balance, the venue is chosen in such a place that it is easily accessible by any medium of transport. The schedule of the programs is also kept convenient so that the people can avail local transports.

Rock en Seine 2018 Rumors on Food

There have been a lot of Rock en Seine 2018 Rumors regarding the food and drinks arrangements. But to cut all the crap out, the festival has a variety of food stalls available which are organic. The cups used for drinking water and other fluids are organic and the waste management is also really good. There has been an installation of many water taps to remove plastic bottles from the venue.

Rock en Seine lineup 2018

After the great bang that they created the last year and the buzz that has been created after the Rock en Seine 2016 line-up, the festival goers are always excited to know the Rock en Seine line-up. So for all the excited bones out there, the line-up is as follows.

The initial lineup includes Justice, Macklemore, PNL, Post Malone, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Anna Calvi. There has been news that Anna Calvi would be present there too along with Carpenter Brut. It would be an injustice not to mention the Swedish duo of First Aid Kid and Nick Murphy Fka Chet Faker all the way from Australia.

Then the further lineup would include BICEP, Bonobo, Cigarettes After Sex all the way from America, Dirty Projectors, Ezra Furman, IDLES, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Mashrou' Leila - to give out some classical touch in Rock music, Nick Murphy fka Chet Faker, Parcels, Steffan Don and the Black Angels.

While this is the initial line-up, the rest of the line-ups and the revised list would be out soon. And along with the line-ups, the tickets will also release.

Rock en Seine: Accommodation and stay

While the Rock en Seine line-up has been a huge success and the craze for this festival keeps on increasing day by day, there is always a botheration of accommodation arrangements among the visitors. For all the people who are going to visit for the first time, there is a good news that you can camp near the venue too.

However, there are certain terms and conditions for accommodating oneself in it. The condition is simple; you can only stay there if you are attending the festival for all the three days. You either need to have one ticket that serves as the three-day ticket or three separate tickets for three separate days.

The campsite is not only meant for staying but also for enjoying the extended pleasure of being in the music festivals. It is definitely a one-time experience to stay in one of the most beautiful parks in Paris and among the national domain of none other than Saint Cloud.

This year the festival is going to be held in the month of August. But the preparation for the same has already started. The bands are working hard, so are the organizers. So the folks out there should not miss any chance to have this once in a lifetime experience. The Rock en Seine 2018 tickets would be out soon, so wait for the madness to begin and witness the musical world in Paris.