15 Most Romantic Islands in the World

By Akshata Mishra on Mar 06, 2019
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Few things in life give us as much pleasure as a romantic getaway in the heart of the ocean. It holds the rare charm of an unrequited love story. The sun, the sands, the blue water and canopies; all provide the means for an unexpected romance between love and nature. The din of the daily life gets to you and how exactly at that! An island escapade is then the most fulfilling means to soothe your nerves and bonds over the beach. It's like a spa cum vacation, where nature is your only neighbour and the blues your only ally.

Here's a list of the best of its kind romantic islands of the world:

1. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

romantic island in world

Nicknamed as the "romantic island",  at its heart lies the jagged peak of Mount Otemanu and on its fringes, tiny motus (islets). It flaunts a coral reef with a swirl of colorful marine life. The six-mile-long French Polynesian island's overwater bungalows, gracing the turquoise lagoons are the stuff postcard pictures are made of. A private snorkeling trip with Diveasy Bora Bora, whose divemasters get you up close and personal with moray eels and giant manta rays. There's a pricier private "motu" picnic, in which you dine deux on Polynesian barbecue on a tiny islet, snorkel with manta rays, and feed sharks by hand. Also, pencil in time to savor one of the islands vivid sunsets; kissing encouraged!

2. Capri, Italy

romantic islands in worldPC:Wikimedia

These islands are known for their limestone cliffs and waterfront villas. This 4-square-mile speck in the Tyrrhenian Sea fully embraces the concept of la dolce vita. You are welcomed by the main port to the boutique-lined streets of Capri town. If you are seeking some privacy, you may head upwards by foot or bus to the quieter village of Anacapri. Or you could stroll through the gardens of the 19th-century Villa San Michele with only ivy-covered statues for company.

As they say, the islands of Italy are made for romance, when well-heeled Italians glide through the streets at sunset before settling in at a bar on the piazza to watch the action unfold at the nightly passeggiata.

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3. Santorini, Greece

romantic islands in world

If there were ever a place that could get by on its looks, it would be Santorini. Santorini's true appeal lies in its wealth of diversions: extraordinary wines, black (or red or white) beaches and archaeological sites from the prehistoric era. Not many islands boast good vineyards, but that is one thing people love about this Greek island. You can taste bubbly and young-white Assyrtiko wines at Santo Wines in Pyrgos village, or rosés and dessert wines at Koutsoyannopoulos Winery and Wine Museum.

There's unusually colorful beaches, Vlychadais covered in white stones, Red Beach in red rocks. Whitewashed cave houses framed by bougainvillea and backed by blue-domed churches spill down the rim of an ancient volcanic crater; at sunset, the Sea of Crete is bathed in a rosy glow. It's the most apt and beautiful setting for lovers to soak in the ambience, indulge in wine tasting and fall in love all over again!

Visit the maginificent Temple of Hephaestus in Greece

4. Bali, Indonesia

romantic islands in world

Bali, known as the "Island of the Gods," offers a first glimpse of paradise upon touching down at the airport itself. As the runway straddles, the thinnest point of the island and looks out to reefs and beaches on both sides, among them the famous Kuta Beach. If you are a couple that surfs, you may head to the breaks at Uluwatu, travelers looking to get in touch with their spiritual or creative sides go north to the rice terraces around Ubud, and scuba divers use Bali as a jump-off point to the exceptional diving around nearby Gili and Lombok islands.

5. Maui, Hawaii

best islands in world

As you peel the tropical paradise leaf of this Hawaiian island, there comes up a rich variety of landscapes, the otherwordly range of the volcanic crater Haleakala, the sugarcane fields and farms like O'o Farm and the 19th century cowboy town of Makawao, where the horses still trot down the back roads. There's the eastern town of Hana at the edge of a rainforest, for the ultimate cozy tucked-away-ness, almost like falling back in time.

There's the indigenous patterns used in textiles to ukulele and hula lessons that you can explore. There's 30 miles of public beaches to explore along with its breadth of activities, including whale-watching near Lahaina and drives to the top of Haleakala to see the sunrise. There's beaches that specialize for dinner overlooking the sunset. After a day out exploring, you two can retreat to luxe Travaasa Hana Maui, a special place that emphasizes the culture and tradition of Hawaii. To feel the earth move with your love, book a massage on the wave table at one of the most romantic hotel spas in the world.

6. Maldives

lovely island in world

This remote Indian Ocean archipelago greets travelers with white-sand beaches, atolls and secluded high-end resorts that lure honeymooners and celebrities. It's the world's lowest-lying nation and has a close union with the sea, for where else would you find a hotel with a coral nursery and an underwater nightclub? There's resorts that have restaurants reachable by boat, only. Surrounded by 1,102 islands and 26 atolls, the Maldives archipelago offers a delectable chance of feeling like you’re really getting some private time.

The island’s restaurant scene is also just in-sync, with the fusion of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. Even the lodging and stays have unique cozy options like tree house rooms. With so much warmth and variety taking shape, romance is sure to follow!

7. Harbour Island, Bahamas

romantic islands in world PC:Rüdiger Stehn /Flickr

If red and pink are the official colors of romance, then this three-mile-long island personifies it! Its beaches are inundated with miniscule foraminifera, red-shelled creatures that give the sand a rosy hue. Harbor Island, or the Land of Pink Sand, is also wonderfully quiet, since cars are banned on the island, though, you can rent a golf cart instead. Food is a highlight on the Caribbean island. You can find candlelit romance as well as excellent seafood and an 800-bottle wine cellar! This beach provides the perfect quite and peaceful getaway into the land of blue hues and rosy scarlet lands.

8. Vieques, Puerto Rico

best island in world PC: Arnob Alam / Flickr

The secret of this island may not be out but Vieques definitely promises romance with the key ingredients of a slew of pristine coves and beaches and a languid pace. Portions of the island are designated a National Wildlife refuge, protecting sea turtles, lagoons and mangroves and the island's famous bioluminescent bay is filled with microscopic organisms that flash bright blue and illuminate the water.

The entire island follows an eco mindset and is designed accordingly. With the glowy setting of florescent waters and natural fauna, tiny amd cozy hideouts provided by nature, romance is sure to brew up!

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9. Anguilla, Eastern Caribbean

romantic islands in world

This British West Indian island excels at simple pleasures. Lovers liked that it has a wealth of natural beauty, including alabaster-white sand and long, unobstructed views of the ocean. The island has some sophisticated accommodations, which provides for their own private yacht for exploring atolls or jet-set. There's a bar and venue, built out of shipwrecks and driftwood, for a laid back evening of reggae under the stars.

Do savor the Anguilla Sandy Island's special and indigenous Anguilla crayfish, which is cooked on a grill powered by batteries. This place literally defines romance as having a personal chef in your private cliff-top villa.

10. Boracay, Philippines

romantic island in world

Its a teensy four-mile island in the Philippines lauded for its beautiful pristine beaches. Here is where boats connect directly to White Beach, whose powdery sand may just be the softest in the world. This place is just as popular for its expansive white beaches as for its quite and peaceful beaches too. It's heavenly for those in search of relationship zen as they can seek and find it here. This place is surrounded by tropical gardens bursting with ferns and heliconias. Lounge on the roof deck of your stay to soak in panoramic ocean views.

The flat fee buys you a boat cruise to and from the destination, cliff-diving, snorkeling, kayaking, hammock lounging. There's open bars serving local spirits and beers (San Miguel and Red Horse) and snacks. You have lunch buffets all around serving traditional Filipino dishes.

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11. Mallorca, Spain

beautiful island in world

Here's a hippy Spanish island located in the Mediterranean Sea, which offers a wallop of art and history along with its jet set-approved culture. For a dose of history, take a tour of the Majorca Cathedral, right on the sea, built over more than 400 years and completed in 1601. You could also pay a visit to famed Mallorcan artist Joan Mirute's museum and his studio, which was left just as it was when he died. For pure fun, you can go farther north, charter a 50-foot schooner for a three-hour sunset sail. It includes platters of tapas and cold drinks. It also provides ample opportunity for a dip in the Bay of Pollensa.

There are ample lunch buffets of traditional Filipino dishes like longaniza sausages and pancit noodles. A traditional candlelit dinner gets a twist here too! There's D'Talipapa, a cook-it-yourself "wet market," which allows you to choose your own raw seafood and have it cooked in a nearby stall.

12. Saint Lucia, Eastern Caribbean

media_gallery-2019-01-16-9-saint_lucia_best_island_e00aff7ee1d2d02ffd4b6555750b5fb4.jpgPhoto by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Here's a place with frequent sun showers, the locals call them "liquid sunshine" which sparkle and descend over abundant waterfalls and crystal-clear bays, all under the watchful eyes of the island's two iconic volcanic landforms. It's got theraupeutic roots where, handsy lovebirds can head to the dormant volcano Sulphur Springs, billed as a "drive-in volcano", to rub handfuls of mud over each other's bodies, then submerge themselves in the Black Pool's legendary healing mineral waters.

The island is famous for its hardcore four-hour hike of Gros Piton. Then there's the Tet Paul Nature Trail, called the "Stairway to Heaven" walk, with its panoramic island vistas as a reward, which is doable even for a non-athlete. St. Lucia boasts of tropical vegetation and volcanic therapy (well almost) mineral waters and body massages! Just apt to fall in love, again.

13. Fiji

beautiful island in world

If you dream of an escape far far away, with your main squeeze, then flying to Fiji fits your bill. This collection of 333 islands boasts of abundant untouched natural beauty. And if that doesn't suffice, the Fiji tourism board claims there were 600 proposals in Fiji last year, and 600 yeses. The rain-forest-rich island of Taveuni, with its coconut plantations and waterfalls, has much to offer lovers seeking beauty in nature. With natural canopies and shredded boulevards, its the perfect place to get lost at!

Scuba-diving at the colorful coral-blanketed Rainbow Reef which includes the famous perpendicular Great White Wall of luminescent coral for an up-close-and-personal peek at sea life, including barracuda and parrotfish, is a tradition for couples. You could take leisurely nature walks on wooden planked boardwalks through one of the largest Asian orchid collections at the Garden of the Sleeping Giant. Tranquility followed by romance is easy to come by via the garden's massive lily pond and lush Fijian rain forest.

14. Nantucket, Massachussetts

beautiful island in world PC: Wikimedia

With its wild grasses and windswept dunes, this island off the coast of Cape Cod is one of the most naturally beautiful in the country. This island is not just about sand and surf, it's also about dinner! One of the most popular places to stay or get married, the shingle-sided "White Elephant", boasts of excellent amenities. The bed linen here is so popular, that you can buy a set to take home! With all things pretty and natural around, its only fair to fall in love too!

15. Mykonos, Greece

beautiful island in world

This island has the reputation of a magnet for the rich and famous. Even so, this Greek island in the Cyclades was ranked as one of the friendliest islands in Europe! It also scored well for fun-loving diversions, like taking pictures of the iconic windmills or day-tripping to the sacred island of Delos. Maybe it's the place and its exuberance, but you feel a sense of richness and fulfillment on being here. Romance is sure to follow!

Take your pick, and get your bags ready for the next romantic getaway to these best Islands in the world!

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