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By Renuka Shahane on Jul 07, 2017
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Having a backpack full of clothes, a map in hand and a ticket to travel across the world; don’t we all dream of just getting away like this? I know, I do! Traveling around the world is a dream of many, but most of us don’t know if it is for us, whether or not, we can afford it. But a wise man once said,

‘You don’t need to be rich to travel well’.

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While it takes a lot of effort, both financial and physical, to actually take-off and pursue travelling, especially across the world, it is not impossible, if you have a plan handy. 

Round the world travel is where you start from a point, explore different continents and countries, and come back to your starting point. This is not just a trip, it is an experience, perhaps a life-changing one. The concept of round the world travel is not new. Since ancient times, travelers like Ibn Batuta, Xuanzang and Marco Polo have set foot in multiple continents, and opened new paths for the world as well as themselves. Today, doing a round the world trip is much more simpler and faster. You can, traverse the world in a minimum of two months or keep on wandering for a year or more, according to your choice. It can be short, with few stops, like New York - Milan - Johannesburg - India - Australia - Fiji – Lax or a long one, like New York - Santiago - Easter Island - Papeetee - Auckland - Sydney - Bali - Bangkok - Delhi - London - New York. 

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Long-term travel and gap year travel is gaining more traction than ever. We, the millennials no longer feel great about being confined to our desks, juggling every day between home and school. We want our passports bruised, full of stamps from countries, both known and unknown. And we don’t mind stepping out of our comfort zones to explore the world. For every one of us, who wants to traverse the world and do it, at our own pace, there’s an excellent tool available for assistance.

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It is- Ticketsroundtheworld!

Ticketsroundtheworld understands the concept behind world travel. It explicitly accommodates the needs of anyone who wants to travel around the world, making world travel, simpler.

To begin with, the team at Ticketsroundtheworld is a bunch of travel enthusiasts, people, who have already been there, done that. Having travel experts guide you on your trip RTW (round the world) is a bonus since this helps us to pick the right destinations, in the correct order and at the most economical rate. All you have to do is enter the destinations where you want to go, add the dates and jet set go! 

Here’s how Ticketsroundtheworld helps you to plan your RTW travel, the easy way:

Experts at assistance

Once you enter the destinations that you want to visit on your round the world travel, the travel experts will chalk out the most realistic itinerary for you. These experts consider your preferences. They map out a plan that involves minimum backtracking. Backtracking is tracing your steps back on the journey path, it is expensive to do so and going in a single direction is the cheapest way. These travel experts will help you avoid backtracking, unless the traveler needs to retrace a path on his itinerary. You can also build your own travel plan using their trip tool. 

Whenever you drop in a query, a travel expert is assigned to you who offers fully customizable and personalized service to plan your travel. The expert also suggests you the ideal time to travel and helps you pick the dates for which the airfare would be the lowest. 

Open tickets

If you are someone who doesn’t love being tied down to a fixed routine, Ticketsroundtheworld will offer you open tickets. This equals to having the flexibility to hop on the flight for your next destination, whenever you like!

Business class travel

Ticketsroundtheworld understands that all travelers aren’t the same and hence, offers custom itineraries for business class travelers as well. Especially for long-haul flights, business class is recommended for optimum comfort. 

Travel that fits in your budget

If you have a fixed budget that you want to stick to, the plan will be customized to fit the same. For example, budget travelers will spend more time at cheaper destinations like South Asia, East Asia, South America, Africa and lesser time in Europe.  The budget will also cover the travel insurance suited for round the world travel. The experts also give an advice on stopovers on your journey, that cost you no extra money and you can explore a new destination, at a very low or almost no cost.

Pre-made itineraries

You can, choose to build your own custom RTW plan with the help of travel experts at Ticketsroundtheworld, or you can choose to replicate the sample itineraries, created by the experts. These itineraries are available with an approximate budget and ready to execute!

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24-hour assistance on trip

This is a major plus, considering that you will be hopping different countries on your trip, including remote destinations. The Ticketsroundtheworld will offer 24-hours assistance on your trip and this will come handy, especially if you plan to travel solo. For instance, if your flight gets cancelled or you accidentally miss your flight, you will be provided full assistance throughout!

One-stop shop for round the world travel

Sure, you can build your round the world travel plan on your own, but booking your round the world travel with one credible source is more secure and easy. You not only grab the best deals with the finest airlines, but also save the effort to browse multiple websites to the do the same.

Ticketsroundtheworld break down the complexity of round the world travel and make it a pleasing experience, as it should be. 

Inspired enough? Now is a great time to travel and set your footprints all over the world!

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