Attention Bike-Lovers! It's Time To Ride To Goa For The Rider Mania

By Dhruvalakshmi Paithankar on Nov 05, 2018
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When the thundering sound of Royal Enfield motorcycles fills up the quaint streets of Goa and starts romancing with the roaring of the sea, that’s when you know that the Rider Mania has begun. But now you must be wondering what exactly is Rider Mania? It is one of the biggest annual events in India that represent the brotherhood of Royal Enfield motorcycle owners. Arranged usually for 2 or 3 days in different cities of India each year, this annual gathering is sacred to bike-lovers. This time, Rider Mania 2018 will follow the motto of ‘Music, Mates, and Motorcycling’ to make the event enthralling. Here are the things you must know about this year’s event - 

Details - 

  • Dates - 16th to 18th November 2018
  • Venue - Vagator Hilltop, Goa
  • Time - 72 hours of fun 
  • Registration - INR 2,500 - INR 3,000

What is included in the registration fee? - 

Three-day entry to the festival, participation fees for all the on-site events, and limited edition Rider Mania decals. 

What is not included in the registration fee? -

Accommodation, food, gear, and vehicle servicing (if any).  

How to reach Rider Mania 2018 venue -

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Now that we know the basic details, let’s focus on how you can reach the event venue from your city. Biking-enthusiasts from all over the country will line up the roads leading to Goa as every state has a list of cities and gathering points. 

The route, starting-ending dates, and timings are decided by groups according to the distance they have to cover. When you register on the official website, you will get to see the list of all the participants that can be categorized according to cities. Contact official showrooms for the details of the groups that are leaving from your city and join them for a safe journey. 

What to expect at Rider Mania -


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For those who consider the Royal Enfield as a symbol of masculinity, let me tell you, Rider mania crushes such myths under its wheels. You will find several female-riders who ride a Royal Enfield for hundreds of kilometers, change the clutch cable as swiftly as any guy out there, and for them, the thud-thud of the engine is a sweet music.  

This year, BOBMC Rider Mania 2018 is set to be the biggest it has ever been. More than 5,700 riders have already registered, out of which 1,100+ are from Bangalore only. Some of these enthusiasts have attended this biker festival several times since it first started in 2003. 

Today, it combines riding events, exhibitions, and music with good food and great drinks. You will get to see riders packed with all the safety gears as well as riders who enter the event in style donning the traditional attire. 

Things to do - 

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Some of the best Royal Enfield Events can be attended here. From thrilling dirt racing to nail-biting maze chasing and from assembly wars to ring toss, these events test your knowledge about bikes, teamwork, and biking skills. 

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Evenings are usually marked with live music events where you can groove on the beats of national and international bands and DJs. Last year, some of the best comedians entertained the crowd to the fullest.

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The best thing about Rider Mania? Its custom bike exhibition which is a treat for your eyes. Combining the traditional designs of Royal Enfield with the modern ones, this one showcases the creativity on a whole different level. 

Tips and Suggestions for Rider Mania - 

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Before you put on a helmet and start revving your engines, here are a few things you need to keep in mind - 

  • Try to carry as less luggage as possible. 
  • Invest in good-quality riding gear.
  • Having a toolkit and a first-aid kit handy is a must.
  • Know your bike because breakdowns are common.
  • Stick to the group when you are riding and avoid taking unknown roads.
  • Carry a pair of riding boots as well as walking shoes.
  • Carry some cash as food and drinks at the events are expensive and stalls may not accept a card. 
  • Book your accommodation well in advance. 
  • Be in touch with your group members for updates.

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The love for biking is the common thing that pulls all the participants to Rider Mania from far away corners. Respect that love and brotherhood if you want to feel the pulse of this event. Now that you know everything about Rider mania 2018, I guess it is time to get on your wheels because Goa is calling!

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