Top 5 Places in Russia to Celebrate Christmas And New Year

By Renuka Shahane on Jan 08, 2019
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Russia- the largest country in the world extending from Asia to Europe, spanning over nine different time zones and a key witness to the various turbulence of events that took place in the 20th century is one of the most under-rated tourist destinations in the world! This Christmas, give a break to the cliche destinations that are lingering on your mind and hop on the plane to trip to Russia to have a Christmas that you'll always cherish!

Besides, Christmas is celebrated on January 7th in this country because Russian Orthodox church uses the old Julian calendar for religious celebration days. So you can have one celebration at home and another at Russia! Here are the best places in Russia to Celebrate Christmas and ring in the New year!!!

1. St Petersburg

The city dates back to 1703 and is the second largest city in Russia. The beautiful structures of the historic city centre adorning the skyline of the city are a UNESCO world heritage site and a Christmas here would be undoubtedly ceremonious! The Our Lady of Kazan cathedral is one of the most breathtaking places to attend the Christmas mass and ring in the New Year as well!

2. Moscow

The 860 year old capital of Russia, the more you try to pen about this city, the less it is! Dotted with architectural gems, the red square is a bustling main square where you can witness the pomp and show of the Christmas! The Saint Basil’s Cathedral and the multi-hued Kremlin are one of the best places to celebrate your Christmas in 2019.

3. Kazan

PC: Wikimedia Commons

Reputedly known as the sports city of Russia, this city has been one of the host cities for the FIFA world cup 2018. Centre of the world Tatar culture, Kazan celebrated its 1000th anniversary in 2005 and has had major changes in its appearance since then. Kazan’s Kremlin is strikingly white and presents the architecture of an ancient Tatar fortress. The Temple of all religions is also worth admiring!

4. Novgorod

PC: Wikimedia Commons

One of the oldest cities of Russia with a mention in the manuscripts as early as 859, Novgorod was also capital of one of the first European democracies- the Novgorod Republic. The striking silver and golden domes of the St. Sophia’s cathedral in Novgorod brighten up around year-end and what better time to visit this 11th-century cathedral than Christmas!

5. Lake Baikal

PC: Thomas Depenbusch/

One fascinating thing about celebrating Christmas at Lake Baikal is that the winters here are milder than its summers. Earth’s deepest and oldest lake, Lake Baikal is a serene paradise that seduces with its exotic beauty! World’s largest fresh water body, containing one-fifth of the total fresh water of the world, it is surrounded with stupendous vegetation that assures you a pristine experience for your Christmas vacation!

Plan your visit to Russia, a fascinating country around Christmas, and you’ll be enthralled with the treasures it has to offer!

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