RV Packing Essentials – Don’t Forget Something Important

Whether you already own an RV but barely use it or you’re planning to rent an rv to take on a trip, there’s certain essentials that you shouldn’t forget to include.

It depends on the RV rental company as to how well they equip the RVs that they offer to people. Therefore, it’s a good idea to create a checklist of things that you’ll want to have and tick them off one by one once you’ve verified what they offer. That way, you’ll know what to pick up at Walmart, Amazon and elsewhere before your trip. 

Here are a few of the RV packing essentials you might wish to consider. 

Flashlight or RV Side Light

media_gallery-2019-08-1-10-1_feb9a0defd7fcf49152bb80c94488fb1.jpgImage Source: pixabay.com

A flashlight is always useful when going outside the RV in a poorly lit stretch of road or at a national park. Take spare batteries with you to avoid getting a dud set. 

Also, consider picking up a side light that is solar powered and sticks to the side of the RV. It has sensors to automatically turn on and off when you pass by and allows you to keep your hands free. People often stick these right near the door, but this encourages flies and mosquitoes. We’d suggest placing it a distance down the side of the RV away from the door.

Leveling Blocks

Four leveling blocks are needed for any trip. Sometimes, some spare ones are required, too, because they’re usually only made from plastic and can break under pressure. 

These are placed in front of your RV, allowing you to then gently drive up onto them. Leveling blocks are frequently required on ground that’s uneven. In an RV, uneven ground can prevent the refrigerator from working (it will eventually cause it to malfunction and need replacing). Sleeping at an angle isn’t much fun either!

Washroom Chemicals and Toilet Paper

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RV solid waste product from the toilet goes into the blackwater tank. The tank will need to be emptied every few days at an RV-approved blackwater station. Use a product like the Porta-Pak from Walex that gets dropped into the toilet and flushed down as normal to assist in the waste breaking down and odor elimination process.

You will also need RV approved toilet paper. This dissolves more quickly in water than other types of toilet paper, and it is sold by many brands such as Scott. Walmart should have a range of suitable brands to choose from that are marked as “rapidly dissolving” or use similar terminology. 

Towels, Bedding and Toiletries

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When you rent an rv, it likely comes with custom bedding to fit the irregularly sized bed, but it doubtless won’t have that are suitable. 

Towels that are quick drying are easier to manage than regular towels. They can be washed and hung out to dry for a few hours and they’re ready to use again. Also, don’t forget a pair of flip-flops because you don’t want to flick water around the interior when coming out of the shower either. 

Electronic Gear Management

Managing your electronics while on the road is never a simple matter. They use power, which is in short supply unless at an RV park with full hookups to recharge. Recharge whenever possible, even in cafés and restaurants if they have recharging point for paying customers. 

Due to the need to always be mindful of power requirements for electronic gear, it’s a good idea to have at least one power bank that’s topped up as a backup for your smartphone or tablet. If you’re planning to use a Sat-Nav like a Garmin unit, ensure it is rechargeable using your power bank. The last thing you need is for your Google maps on your phone or your Sat-Nav to lose power when you’re in the dark trying to find the RV park off an unfamiliar highway. 

A Collapsible Ladder

A collapsible ladder with a frame that it hooks onto at the back of the RV is an often-forgotten essential item. When there’s a need to climb onto the roof to check about a leak or to remove a tree branch that’s gotten lodged into the Fan-tastic Fan on the roof, you’ll be glad you had the ladder.

It’s also something that’s useful for other travelers to borrow, and if you’re traveling in a convoy together, they’ll owe you one. 

When you neglect to bring the essentials along, it makes it harder to find them on the road. While there’s plenty of Walmart stores scattered about, when heading to off-the-beaten-track RV parks or national parks, they’re much thinner on the ground, making it difficult to purchase the items you forget about.