Top 10 RV Parks for the Holidays

By Joseph Pineiro on Jan 29, 2018
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Spending some time at RV parks and campgrounds this holiday is the ideal way to relax. Here are the top locations to visit.

#1: Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona

It's a true American must-see. You'll find several RV parks and campgrounds near the Grand Canyon in Arizona with outstanding views around every corner.

#2: Estes Park in Colorado

The decorations and shops nearby make Estes Park a fantastic location for Colorado travelers.

#3: Yosemite National Park in California

Pull up to see Yosemite National Park in the winter months for a stunning display of natural beauty.

#4: Mount Hood in Oregon

When you plan to look at RV parks & campgrounds in Portland, make it a point to see the natural Christmas trees snow-covered here.

#5: Stone Mountain in Georgia

The local celebrations here make this a fantastic trip it happens all month long, too. There are plenty of live performances and a 4D theater with Rudolph.

#6: Savanah, Georgia

Book a stay at any of the RV parks and campgrounds in Savannah to experience true Southern charm this holiday season. Spend time at the City Market and sampling all of the rich food here!

#7: Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah

The snow-covered, red mountains at Bryce Canyon National Park create an incredible memory. The winter air is still crisp and dry, too.

#8: Biscayne National Park in Florida

While Miami sure doesn't have snow, it does have some incredible activities during the holiday season including warm-weather beach fun. Biscayne National Park makes it worthwhile, too.

#9: Sedona, Arizona

There are several state and national parks in Arizona, and enjoying them all is possible when you book a stay at an RV park and campground in Sedona. The weather is ideal for those who don't want to see snow!

#10: Christmas, Florida

It's a must on the list of the best locations for wintertime travel. This town dates to 1837 and offers a glimpse into the holidays of the past.

Which of these RV parks and campgrounds will you choose this holiday season?