11 Signs You Are Completely Addicted To Travel!

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Do you have a magazine describing a beautiful destination in some corner of the world tucked under your pillow? Does every morning remind you of the days left for you to take off for your next trip? Do you think you have a never ending urge to explore every corner of the world?

If the answers of these questions are yes, you are very likely to have it- The Addiction to travel!

And trust me; it's one of the most harmless, rewarding and enriching addictions one can ever have!

Here are 11 Signs of an Addicted Traveller:

1. You Have A Separate Account For Travel Funds

A very expensive dinner date? A chic pair of designer shoes? That’s not you!

You hardly ever splurge on anything that’s not related to travel and you have a very strict budget planned out so that you can save for your next trip. And yes, you have a separate savings account for your travel funds.

Unless of course, you are filthy rich!

2. You Are Always Looking For Reasons To Travel

A friend’s wedding 1000 miles away? A surprise increment at work? A long weekend? You always are looking for reasons to travel. And while most of your peers might look forward to a free weekend to just chill in their couches, you are all set to pick your back-pack and travel!

3. You Always Have A Bucket List

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Be it the beach destination you saw in a movie or a glossy wallpaper of mountains you stumbled upon; you always have a list of places that you want to visit next. Not just that, you have reasons why it is really worth being on your bucket list!

4. You Have The Quirkiest Packing Hacks

Rolling your jeans to make more space, stuffing your shoes in the shower cap, filling your toiletries in tiny medicine bottles; you have tons of crazy packing hacks one can imagine. You can practically pack your entire apartment in a trolley bag in like 5 minutes!

Planning a road trip? Here's the Ultimate Packing Guide you'll ever need!

5. You Can Live On A Carry-On

Yes, you practically can manage a month-long trip to Europe on a carry-on luggage. You are a pro at mixing-n-matching outfits and you have a favourite go-to pair of pants that you can practically sleep in. Your needs are few and wants are extremely less!

6. You Have Friends All Over The World

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A charming old lady you met on your trip to Jordan, an Asian guy who was your roommate at a hostel in Amsterdam, a chef whose restaurant you frequented in Italy; travelling has made you welcome people from all over the world, coming from diverse cultures into your life with open arms!

You practically have friends in every corner of the world!

7. You Have Serious Vacation-Blues

The moment you return home, you start missing travelling. You’d rather be stargazing in Norway or scuba diving in Hawaii. You are not really happy to see your bed and you actually miss the slightly cramped hostel bed. You are down with the vacation fever and the only cure is- another vacation!

8. You Are Eager To Try New Cuisines

Travelling has introduced you to a variety of cuisines across the world and your taste buds are used to everything under the sun! You don’t have a picky palette and are ready to try everything that’s served to you!

You are a Bear Grylls in your own right! Well, not really him, but you’re almost there!

9. You Have The Knacks For Travel Deals

Which is the cheapest season to travel to any country? Which airlines have the best deals on return flights? What’s the best way to travel? When to book a hotel to get good discounts? You literally know everything it takes to be a smart traveller! Right from planning a trip on a budget to knowing how to travel like a local, you know it all!

10. You Have A Thing For Travel Stories

Be it describing your own experiences or listening to someone else’s; travel stories bring an instant smile to your face. You love to relive your travel moments when you share your story and get thrilled as you listen to a story of someone who’s travelled. And yes, you have a travel journal!

11. The World Is Your Home

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Exploring the hidden corners of the world has made you universal. You no longer believe in the difference of nationalities, you have the feeling of belonging wherever you go and you are comfortable thousands of miles away from your home; because the world has become your home!

If you reputedly have these symptoms, you are suffering from the addiction of Travel!

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