10 Signs You Really Need a Vacation

Life can get rough when you've been working a lot and have not had some time to relax. If you relate to any, some or all of these tell-tale signs, you really need to plan a vacation , my friend.

1. You're tired all the time

People keep asking if you're feeling okay because you look like you've come to work without a shower. As soon as you're home, you immediately head to bed and refuse to move. Breakfast in bed is now your thing and its not romantic at all.

signs that you need vacation

2.You're not healthy

You're overeating, not getting enough exercise and your work life is stressing you out, giving you all sorts of aches and pains. A vacation will recharge you. You'll be doing your overworked body a favour.


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3.You're getting snarky

You're like a smoking volcano that no one wants to be around not even your dog. Your co-workers, who used to adore you by the way, are starting to get antsy around you. You feel like you could incinerate people with just one look. Yep, you need to get out of the city.

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4.You're slacking off

 You're constantly procrastinating and your boss has started to notice. This could be a huge sign that you're stressed and need some alone time.

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5.Household chores seem impossible to do

Your house looks like it's been hit by a tornado with a rather large appetite for pizza. You keep putting off cleaning because you just don't have the energy or just don't care enough. You need a break!


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6.You imagine yourself on vacation a lot

You're working and suddenly you're in Barbados. You're on the bus and you find yourself touring the great city of Rome. Back to reality and you don't like it at all.

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7.You look forward to the weekend more than usual

Because the weekend means no work and extra sleep! Woohoo!

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8.You have not taken a day off in forever

You were so busy getting ahead in the corporate world that you forgot to take a break. Everyone needs to relax. We think it's time for you to get your boss's approval for your dream vacation.

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9.You're making mistakes

Making crucial mistakes at work or simply forgetting to put eye liner on one eye, this means that your brain has stopped co-operating and needs to unwind on a nice, peaceful trip.

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10.You've lost your drive

Remember when you used to be ambitious? Now you feel like a robot. If this sounds like you, it is time to refresh and rethink your goals and recharge your competitive spirit by taking an actual holiday.


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Don't tell these Silly excuses for a vacation because your Boss might postpone your plans.

If you are finding some traces of signs mentioned above, plan for a Short Holiday or go on a longer one. Keep Travelling!