13 Insanely Silly Excuses For A Vacation

By Bhoomi Shah on Jul 31, 2015
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You feel like you really need, nay, deserve, a vacation, but your boss just wont have any of it. He doesn't understand that your work is suffering and you really need some time to recharge. You're desperate. Well, we've got some creatively silly excuses for you to use to get some time off! Maybe if your boss chuckles, you will have your way!

Warning: These excuses may or may not work and they are only meant for bosses with a sense of humour. Please dont blame us if you get told off!

1. My dogs been whining a lot lately. I think he's depressed and its time I take him on a road trip.


2. I want to prepare myself for the zombie apocalypse. I think trekking would help.

Image Source: telegraph.co.uk

 3. I think we should have our next company retreat in Goa. It will be a great team building exercise.


4. Hi boss, I woke up pretty disoriented because I worked really late. I have found myself on a plane to Costa Rica.

 Image Soure: pixabay.com

5. The coffee in the break room is really bad. I volunteer to go to Brazil and pick some up for us.

Image Source: 1wallpaper.net

6. My route to work had a lot of traffic so I decided to take another one. Then my GPS stopped working. Somehow, I've reached Rishikesh so I guess I'll be late.

7. My skin looks incredibly pasty and I guess thats the reason everyone looks at me weird. Do you think I should go to a beach and get tanned?

 Image Source: pixabay.com

8. My wife's car broke down while she was visiting her parents in Hawaii. I must go help her.

 Image Source: pixabay.com

9. I thought I saw a spider in my room so I'm going to leave the country until I'm sure its dead.

Image Source: memegenerator.net

10. I won two tickets to Spain in a competition. It would be a shame to see them go to waste.

11. Turns out I sleep travel. I'm in Shimla. Can you come pick me up?

Image Source: shortday.in

12. I've been coming in really early for the last one week. I thought I should even it out and not come at all this week.

13. Aliens abducted me but they were nice enough to drop me back to earth. Only, they forgot where they picked me up from. They've left me in New York. I'll be late for work.

Image Source: wallpaperbeta.com

Bonus: (when you're already on vacation and want to extend it) I went to the airport but there was this elderly person who wasn't getting a seat on the plane. I gave him my ticket because I couldn't stand to see him so sad and now a plane isn't available till Friday!

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