10 Small Towns In Europe: Coolest ones

By Renuka Shahane on Feb 05, 2019
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Venice, Paris, Dublin, London are a passé. If you thought Europe’s best kept secrets lie in its majestic cities, you are quite wrong. Europe has some astonishingly beautiful small towns that are nothing short of a dreamland.

Here are 10 best small towns in Europe that you must visit when in Europe.

1. Amalfi - The Alluring Italian Town

Amalfi, Italy a small town in europe

Yes, if there is one place in the world where I could live forever; it’s this gorgeous town in Italy. Set on the striking Gulf of Salerno, Amalfi allures you with its beautiful hills, multi-hued buildings, locals slurping fresh limoncello and fresh breeze that can relax anyone on the planet! The nearest city to Amalfi is Naples and the drive here is equally stunning.

2. Portree - The Scottish Delight

Portree, Europe's little townPC: Wikipedia.com

A cultural hub and capital of Isle of Skye, Portree is a harbour town that is located just a drive away from major cities like Inverness and Glassgow. The best reason to plan a trip to Portree is its laid-back, serene, in-its-own-world atmosphere that kind of sweeps in and leaves you delighted.

Walk around the harbour and go Mountain biking; Portree is more about experiences than sightseeing!

3. Chinon - Of French Wine and More

Chinon - Garden of France

If you want to explore the dramatic Loire Valley, its magnificent castles and taste the locally produced French wine, plan a trip to Chinon. Not very far from Paris and set a drive away from cities like Tours, Chinon is a pre-historic town along the banks of Vienne River and is pleasingly French in its appearance. A strategically important town in the past, Chinon is known for its Chteau de Chinon and delectable range of wines.

No wonder why, this town in the ‘Garden of France’ is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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4. Getaria - Spain and Simplicity

Getaria - coastal town in EuropePC: Wikipedia.com

You might just underestimate this coastal town which is the hometown of Juan Sebastián Elcano- the first globe trotter ever! The settlement of the town dates back to Roman times and very little of the era remains today.

Nevertheless, the town is perfect for a relaxing weekend from San Sebastian. Don’t miss out binging on the scrumptious and fresh sea food on your visit!

5. Marvão - Portugal’s Best Kept Secret

Marvo - Portugal’s Best Kept SecretPC: Pixabay.com

Named after 8th-century Muladi duke, named Ibn Marwan, this pretty town was once a powerful epicentre of modern-day Portugal and this is clearly visible from the mighty wall we see as we enter the town. Listed in 1000 Places to see Before you Die, the town boasts a hill-top stone complex that will remind you of Stonehenge. The red-roofed homes, winding streets and warm soups served at the restaurants will make you lose the track of time!

6. Lavenham - English Elegance

Lavenham incredible small town in europe

A medieval town in Suffolk, England, the first thing you will notice about this place is its array of old houses merrily dotted along its cobbled streets. Boasting a whole bunch of historic houses dating back to the 15th century, Lavenham is ideal for a day-trip from London and Cambridge.

Time-travel while you walk around its perfectly preserved old houses and take a tour of its buildings like Guildhall to get a glimpse of life in a classic mediaeval English wool town.

7. Terschelling - The Land of Cranberries

Terschelling - island town

Located at a distance of 85 miles from Amsterdam, Cranberries arrived here by an accident. In the 19th century, a barrel full of cranberries arrived on its shore and locals began its cultivation and trade since then. So if you are a cranberry fan, you know where to go to!

Walk past its 19th century villas, climb up the lighthouse and party on its beaches, this island offers more than you can imagine!

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8. Roundstone - Irish Dream

Roundstone, stunning townPC: Wikimedia

A petite village that hides its artistic side under its cosy appearance, this is where famous Irish painters Paul Henry, Jack B. Yeats, Gerard Dillon and Nano Reid painted their work. Catch the local Summerfest or the Roundstone Arts Week and you can enjoy great music, art and dance!

Perfect for a drive from Galway and a weekend away from Dublin!

9. Arild - Sweden’s Charm

Arild - swedish charmPC: Wikipedia.com

You’ll have to drive for a distance and then take a ferry ride from Copenhagen - the nearest major city to get here, but the efforts will be well-worth it! A fishing town, Arild’s beautiful houses and public art exhibit by Lars Vilks, Christo and Joseph Beuys is particularly stunning.

To add a little adventure to your trip, you can hike and trek to the Kullaberg or go sailing!

10. Slavonice - A Czech Town

Slavonice - must visit city in europePC: Wikipedia.com

A small city that is just a mile away from the Austrian border and is just couple of hour’s drive away from Prague, Slanovice displays mind-blowing medieval renaissance architecture and Sgraffito buildings belonging to the 14th to 16th century.

The town was resurrected after damage in the WW II and displays some of the most fantastic architectural beauties along with the underground tunnel system dating back to the 12th century.

Plan a trip to these beautiful small towns in Europe and experience a totally unheard Europe!

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