The Ultimate South America Bucket List

By Reshma Dewda on Sep 30, 2015
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South America will take your breath away. For the intrepid traveler, this place is brimming with unparalleled beauty. Dramatic landscapes and gorgeous natural wonders await you at this blessed paradise. South America never ceases to surprise. Vibrant people and a rich cultural heritage are part of the great diversity of this subcontinent.   

From world class music to unforgettable scenery- the passion, history and landscape of South America is an unmissable experience for anyone looking for an exotic vacation.

Here are Triphobo’s recommendations for the ultimate places to visit in South America.

1. Up close with Machu Picchu

A fifteenth century Incan ruin, Machu Picchu is riddled with mystery and offers incredible views after an arduous but rewarding trek. Take the Inca trail if you love hiking and explore the ways that ancient man used to reach the city.

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2. Trek to the Perito Moreno Glacier

Explore one of the world’s largest reserve of fresh water and a whole ecosystem in ice at the Los Glaciares National Park which is home to the Perito Moreno Glacier. Absolutely stunning and glorious, the Moreno Glacier is one of the only few glaciers in the world that is growing. Take a trekking tour here to experience it in its full glory.

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3. Say hello to a giant tortoise at Galapago Island.

Spanish explorers were so impressed with the giant tortoises at this island that they decided to name the island after the Spanish word for tortoise; Galapago. A wonderful sight, the tortoises are awfully cute despite being so huge. The tortoise reserves are well conserved and eperienced rangers offer an insight into the world of these giant creatures.

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4. Explore the Amazon

The only real, unadulterated rainforest remaining in the world, the Amazon is a treasure chest of natural wonders. Spanning across nine nations, this forest is counted amongst one of the most remote places in the world. Unexplored waterfalls and unusual animals aplenty, this forest is an unmatchable paradise. Where else will you be able to see pink dolphins, jaguars and anacondas share homes?

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5. A Night at the Torres Del Paine National Park

Check out the three granite peaks of the Torres Del Paine and spend some quality time amidst glaciers, rivers, mountains and lakes at this beautiful national park. One of the most popular national parks in South America because of its geographic diversity, this park is full of jaw dropping natural trails. You can choose to camp here, under the company of a billion stars but with a certified guide of course.

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6. Skiing in Portillo, Chile

One of the purest ski destinations you can visit, the Portillo ski resort is a dream come true for skiers all around the world. Perched at 9450 feet above sea level, Portillo offers you the luxury of quietness and privacy. Don’t forget to try your hand at skiing here even if you are a novice.

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7. Crazy Photos at Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Yes, you’ve probably seen enough of these on the internet but it is time to take one for yourself! Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt flat in the world and an experience like none other. Located in Bolivia, these salt flats create a mystical mirror like mirage that looks like something from outer space. While you’re here, do stay in one of the unique accommodations made entirely of salt.

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8. Seeing the Moai statues at Easter Island

Carved by the indigenous Rapa Nui tribe, these monolithic statues date back to 1250 and 1500 CE. The moai statues have big heads and bear enigmatic expressions on their faces. They are said to be made as a tribute to the ancestors of the tribe. These statues offer a rare peek into ancient history and according to us are a definite must see.

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9. Snorkelling at the Galapagos Island

Snorkel with sea lions and green sea turtles for company at the Galapagos Island. Teeming with exotic sealife that we bet you have never seen , snorkeling here is a surreal experience. If you’re into diving, further many treasures await you here.

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10. Experiencing the Iguazu Falls

One of the most marvelous sights in the world, the Iguazu falls are situated between Argentina and Brazil. These falls are 30% taller than the Niagara falls. The feeling of experiencing these falls is so immense that it will touch you on many levels. Don’t forget to enjoy the gushing cascades of these waterfalls when you visit South America.

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11. Shake the 'Hand of the Desert' at Atacama Chile

Mano del Desierto as it is called, is located in the Atacama desert in Chile. Made by the sculptor Mario Irarrázabal, the hand has become quite popular with tourists over the years. What you might miss while you click endless photos of the hand is the unflinching beauty of the barren desert that whispers sweet nothings into the air.

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12. Take photos of Christ the Redeemer at Rio De Janerio

Designed by Heitor da Silva Costa and created by Paul Landowski, Christ the Redeemer is a gigantic statue with a larger than life reputation. This 98 foot statue has become a symbol of Brazil. Climb up the viewing platform and admire the spectacular views that await you.

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13. Shake a leg at the Rio Carnival

The Rio Carnival is probably the most extravagant party in the world. Elaborate costumes and confetti surround you everywhere at this bigger than life carnival that is easily the benchmark against which other carnivals are measured. Beautifully dressed dancers display their brilliant samba moves and the whole city comes alive. This spectacle is a not to be missed activity.

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14. Middle of the World in Quito

Stand in the bang middle of the earth at the Ciudad Mitad del Mundo monument through which the equator is said to pass. At Latitude 0’ 0 0, you can boast about being at the spot through which the equator passes. How many people can talk about having the privilege to be at the center of the earth?

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Have you been to any of these places? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below.

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