15 Speakeasies in San Francisco You Didn't Know Of!

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It’s funny how unlocking secrets has always driven the mankind. If you are in San Francisco and don’t mind chasing some of its best kept secrets, read speakeasies, take a cue from this list and plan your weekend ahead. What’s not to love about this chase? A blend of secrecy, sophistication, hipster, intimate, dark and of course craft cocktails that will take you to ecstasy land!

1. Bourbon & Branch

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A favorite of many, the Bourbon & Branch is a patent on every list of speakeasies in San Francisco. This place is anything but your local bar experience, offering you that quintessential secret experience. Friendly bar tenders and mixologists will recommend the best of cocktails. The cocktails are rich, utterly sophisticated and come with great deals. All these factors easily make you overlook the fact that there is no food served at this bar, and you may not be allowed to take photographs!

Address: 501 Jones Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
Best thing to try: Cucumber Gimlet
Approximate cost for two: USD 65

2. Alchemist Bar and Lounge

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There is no death of secret SF bars, if you are on the forage of one clandestine experience. The Alchemist Bar and Lounge does 80’s, mafia style like no other, with black and white movies screened on its exposed walls. Unlike most underground speakeasies, this one features two levels, one giving you an overlook too. There is shuffleboard to play at, for entertainment beyond plain old banters. You might have to wait longer than expected for your drink, as these are specialty cocktails.

Address: 679 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA 94107
Best thing to try: Along Came Sheryry cocktail
Approximate cost for two: USD 43

3. Wilson & Wilson Private Detective Agency

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Speakeasies in San Francisco, promise of delicious cocktails, but rarely will you find one that has a three-cocktail flight or a 3-course cocktail meal, that comes at a price too good to be true. That is when the brilliant Wilson & Wilson Private Detective Agency comes in the picture. Another reason to visit this speakeasy is its feature on the Best Bars in America for Speakeasy and a detective theme that just amps up the appeal of this place. It is connected to another very popular SF speakeasy the Bourbon & Branch through a slender hallway.

Address: 505 Jones Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
Best thing to try: Night Gardner
Approximate cost for two: USD 60

4. The Hideout at Dalva

The Hideout at Dalva is one raunchy secret speakeasy bars San Francisco has to offer. It resembles a place that would be a den to all the bad boys and girls, only to add to its bad boy appeal. Its cheap cocktail prices further reassure this very evident vibe. Don’t be surprised to see someone in need of getting a room, given the uber cozy ambiance of this place. Great place for a date, if you know what I mean!

Address: 3121 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Best thing to try: Hideout Whiskey Cocktail #2
Approximate cost for two: USD 45

5. Local Edition

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Staying true to its name the Local Edition is one of those speakeasies in San Francisco that takes authenticity seriously. This fact is well depicted in the cocktails here made using the signature local St. George gin. Owing to so much authenticity, the cocktail prices are pretty steep. What’s more? It is considered to one of the best bars of South of Market, SF. An underground location makes for one legit speakeasy, complimented with live music, abandoned typewriters, black and white tabloids on the walls and an unmissable grungy vibe.

Address: 691 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
Best thing to try: Any cocktail with the local St. George gin
Approximate cost for two: USD 60

6. The HogsHead Reserve

With their current focus on spirits from South America, the HogsHead Reserve serves some of the most unique speakeasy cocktails in San Francisco. A wide menu consisting of cocktails & spirits flights, wine flights, wines by the glass, dessert wine & sherries, beer & cider, bottle and liquor, fetches this SF speakeasy rightly a host of loyalists. People have commonly described the cocktails here to be orgasmic. So, next time you are in SF, be sure to find out what this buzz is about!

Address: 415 Sansome St, San Francisco, CA 94111, USA
Best thing to try: Flamenco Dancer cocktail
Approximate cost for two: USD 85

7. Remedie

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SF's Best Speakeasies are perched in the most unexpected places, often popping up as a surprise. The Remedie speakeasy is one such place, in the popular The Devil's Acre bar. You have to make your way through certain places in the bar that are most certain to take you back, only to get to this ecstatically rayless, basement speakeasy. This is that place that effortlessly justifies dark is good! Choose your pick from an incredible array of libations, tinctures and delicious tonics.

Address: 256 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133, USA
Best thing to try: The Golden Era
Approximate cost for two: USD 60

8. Holy Mountain

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After making your way to an almost mountainous climb through the Hawker Fare, you reach Holy Mountain. At the first glance, you are likely to judge this place as a classic place with a Victorian inspired theme complete with glitzy chandeliers, Aztec carpets and sofas that beckon royalty. It is only when you glimpse at the menu, that you realize this place is anything but Victorian. With drinks named after Presidents of various countries like Saddam, Idi Amin, and Pinochet, your curiosity seeks so roof!

Address: 680 Valencia Street, San Franisco, CA 94110
Best thing to try: Idi Amin cocktail
Approximate cost for two: USD 40

9. Bix

If you though a speakeasy would not be able to pull off some romance then a visit to Bix for your next prospective date has got to be on the cards. Not to mention, this is one speakeasy that serves food! Sounds like the perfect date destination, doesn’t it? Making the whole ambiance even better is the live music played here, mostly jazz. The whole place beckons of an Old San Francisco vibe. What you are certain to notice is the unusually cool temperature here. But hey, what a date without some warming up?!

Address: 56 Gold Street, San Francisco, CA 94133
Best thing to try: Aviation cocktail
Approximate cost for two: USD 40

10. Marianne's

This very English looking speakeasy will delight you with its not so-English, naughtily-named cocktails. There are two entrances to this bar; its individual one and the other through The Cavalier restaurant. In Tuesdays and Wednesdays, as well as Fridays and Saturdays, Marianne’s offers an array of specialty appetizers and bites. As if this was not enough, Marianne is known to have some of the most aesthetically done bathrooms in all of San Francisco! It is likely to be crowded all through the week, but they can always get you a table at The Cavalier’s bar.

Address: 360 Jessie Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Best thing to try: Honey Bang Me Sloe cocktail
Approximate cost for two: USD 80

11. The Hidden Vine

A perfect place to take a chiller after a hardworking day, the Hidden Values is a breath of fresh air at the commercial zone of the Financial district. A wide array of drinks in the form of by the glass, flights, and comparisons is what you can look forward to on your visit here. This place has also been a popular choice for a romantic date of many locals. But don’t let that make you think otherwise of this speakeasy. The bocce court is the main draw of the Hidden Vine!

Address: 408 Merchant Street, San Francisco, CA 94111
Best thing to try: Shooting Star Aligote, Washington States
Approximate cost for two: USD 60

12. Tivoli Sour Room

Nestled in one of the most famous bars of San Francisco, the Mikkeller, this speakeasy is a novelty when it comes to the characteristic ambiance of speakeasies. This is one of the very few and rare speakeasies that is actually pretty bright, unlike most that follow dark, grey themes. Beers are the specialty of this place, making them a go-to-choice for regular visitors. Following the beers, it is the scrumptiously tender and succulent burgers that are a must-try from the menu here.

Address: 34 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
Best thing to try: Beer
Approximate cost for two: USD 30

13. The Ipswitch

Entry to this place is no less than an experience of a private den of a mafia, literally! With two chairs and a whole lot of liquor around you, the Ipswitch makes you ponder upon your luck. Here’s why, Ipswitch can be entered only if Bourbon & Branch opens a floorboard inside its Russels Room. This place takes the concept of speakeasy to the next level, in every way. If you are too desperate to explore this haven, you have a choice of booking this place for a party!

Address: 501 Jones Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
Best thing to try: Absolutely everything; this is liquor heaven.
Approximate cost for two: USD NA

14. 15 Romolo

PC: 15romolo.com

If you like some chase, we say chase the 15 Romolo! One of the hardest bars to find in San Francisco this treasure trove boasts of terrific “expertly crafted cocktail”, a plethora of dark corners and a very tempting photo booth. Visit this place, especially if you are looking for hipster vibe in a place full of sophisticated speakeasies. The very friendly staff, adds to the laidback vibe of this place. Tends to get very busy and noisy on weekends, nevertheless, a great place to be at.

Address: 15 Romolo Pl, San Francisco, CA 94133, USA
Best thing to try: Craft cocktails
Approximate cost for two: USD 40

15. Linden Room

An intimate sitting that this is, the Linden Room is anything but your average speakeasy. This is an eight-seat bar, specially created to bequeath guests with personal attention. The owner and bartenders whip up some of the best herb infused drinks, along with punches of seasonal fruit. A very sophisticated vibe, complete with leather chairs, an unusual blue color theme and stunning vintage glassware, is what grips you the minute you enter the Linden Room. A very easy to miss place, look out widely for this fabulous speakeasy.

Address: 330 Gough St, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA
Best thing to try: Grape Divide
Approximate cost for two: USD 60

With this list, we have let you in some of San Francisco’s best kept secrets. Have you been to any of these? What are your favorite speakeasies in San Francisco, California? Let us know in the comments section below.

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