14 Spectacular Cliffs Around the World

By Sameer Kapoor on Jan 08, 2019
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This world is full of picturesque locations whose description cannot be summarised in words that poeticize them. Standing on those vertical cliffs can make you feel as if you are standing on the verge of the land only to be responded back by the spectacular coastlines. Looking towards the horizon from these cliffs, you will come across vast ocean and oceanic waves as they cuddle with the bottom. Let us have a look at 14 of the most beautiful cliffs that beautify the Mother Earth.

1. Meteora, Greece

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This cliff blends nature and human civilization. Perched on top of these high cliffs are numerous monasteries, accessible by staircases that have been cut into the rock formations. Visit this place to know how sublime an experience can be!

2. Etretat, France

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These white chalk cliffs in France tower over the Atlantic Ocean in Upper Normandy. They seem glorious with their natural arches that have inspired many a including Claude Monet.

3. Preikestolen, Norway

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Known as Pulpit Rock in English, this cliff rises 1982 feet above Lysefjorden in Norway. The angular shape of the cliff was formed during the ice age and while standing here you can see the green valleys of the Ryfylke region.

4. Acantilados de Los Gigantes, Spain

These vertical walls along the western coast of Tenerife in Spain, overlook the ocean and span out for miles till horizon.

5. Trolltunga, Norway

Meaning as the Troll’s tongue, this cliff features a scenic ledge that is 2,300 feet above the waters below. Definitely an experience to look out for!

6. White Cliffs of Dover, England

The White cliffs of Dover can be found along the coastline of England, facing France. In areas the cliff face, which is composed mostly of chalk, reaches heights of up to 350 feet.

7. Dingli Cliffs, Malta

Located on the Western coast of Malta, these cliffs offer the highest point of the Maltese Islands. The views from the top are amazing, but the cliffs look just as awe inspiring when viewed from a boat.

8. Pictured Rocks, Michigan

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This is different than the others! They are colorful sandstone cliffs formed by the minerals in the rocks. Also featured are the shallow caves along with other natural formations here.

9. Yosemite, California

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There are a few beautiful cliffs to be found in Yosemite National Park, but one of the most famous is El Capitan. This vertical rock formation is about 3,000 feet from the base to its summit and its granite cliffs are a favourite amongst rock climbers.

10. Tasman Cliffs, Australia

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These cliffs, which rise 980 feet above the Tasman Sea in some places, are amongst the highest in the southern hemisphere of Australia

11. Kalaupapa Cliffs, Hawaii

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The Kalaupapa cliffs which overlook the Pacific Ocean, from the shores of the Molokoi Island in Hawaii are the highest sea cliffs in the world. A hiking trail leads through the Kalaupapa village till the top.

12. Cabo Girao, Portugal

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Located along the southern coast of the island of Madeira in the Portuguese archipelago, the Cabo Girao cliff reaches to a height of 570 m and is a popular lookout point.

13. Paracas Sea Cliffs, Peru

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Along the southern coast of Peru lies the barren expanse of the Paracas Sea Cliffs. Standing on the edge of the cliff while listening to the wild cries of these sea birds is a must if you’re visiting Peru.

14. Cliffs of Eysturoy, Faroe Islands

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A visit to these cliffs is coupled with numerous sea caves that you can explore by hiring one of the local boats, and the rich Nordic influences surrounding this ethereal place.

Nature can always surprise you with the sublime experiences that it offers. Try to see something beyond mountains and oceans and experience the world of cliffs that offer you the confluence of both.

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