20 Best Skylines In The World That Leave You Spell Bound

By Sameer Kapoor on Dec 21, 2015
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What makes a city look beautiful and spectacular is its dazzling skyline that stands high as you reach a place through water or air! The bearers of culture and modernity, sprawled across the natural landscape, there are some of the best skylines in the world that are bound to enamour you as you have a jaw dropping look at them. Here are 20 best skylines in the world that are sure to bewitch you with their beauty, spectacle and awe that they inspire:

20. Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen’s skyline is one of those skylines in the world that houses an immenity of population but manages to look as spectacular as there can be anything else on this earth. Shenzhen, a once sleepy riverside town that has today turned into a major economic player boasts of 23 buildings that are over 650ft-tall.

19. Seoul, South Korea

What makes Seoul’s skyline different from others is the space-aged LED orbs and it is the only cityscape on this list to boast its own dance craze. Not to forget the Gangnam business district that adds a certain charm to its skyline!

18. Frankfurt, Germany

Apart from being one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Frankfurt also harbours the largest financial centre in Europe and more or less the only European city with an intimidating glass tower skyline.

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17. Macau, China

Macau is a tiny Vegas-like island city that bedazzles people who watch it by big, bright buildings with names like Wynn, MGM, and Sands, plus the 47-story Grand Lisboa hotel that towers over the Pearl River.

16. Vancouver, Canada

Captured in many movies, the Vancouver's vertical downtown looks beautiful because of its location at the base of a mountain range and the landmark Lookout Tower that renders it as one of the prettiest skylines in the world.

15. New York, USA

New York’s skyline is perhaps the world's most recognizable and photographed skylines. Some might contest this skyline to be an old one, but then how can we forget that this is amongst the first ones to grace this world with its dazzling beauty.

14. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The iconic Christ the Redeemer statue, which sits atop Corcovado Mountain overlooking this city of 6.4 million on Guanabara Bay, steals the show. What adds to the beauty of this skyline is the backdrop or the front of water and mountains, that renders a natural charm to it.

13. Las Vegas, USA

Vegas has basically taken some of the best skylines in the world and put them on one giant, neon-lit street, making it the most unique and creative cityscape on this list. Look at that Eiffel- such a creative thought!

12. Los Angeles, USA

Although this might come across as the most underrated one, what makes the Los Angeles skyline special is the backdrop of San Gabriel Mountains. This would offer a scenic charm to this otherwise tightly-clustered collection of interesting buildings anchored by the 1,018ft US Bank Tower.

11. San Francisco, USA

San Francisco’s is the most impressive urban landscape in America. The overall setting combined with the TransAmerica pyramid make this one of the world's best.

10. Toronto, Canada

Built on the shores of Lake Ontario and home to the first retractable-roof stadium in North American pro sports (Rogers Centre, but really, the SkyDome), Toronto's skyline is also distinguished by the 1815ft CN Tower and the 72-story First Canadian Place.

9. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The jewel of Middle East, Dubai has perhaps outshone most of the European and American cities in terms of luxury and entertainment. Harbouring the tallest buildings in the world such as Burj Khalifa, this skyline anchors the largest collection of taller-than-820ft buildings that grace the earth. Making it a definite contestant for the best skyline in the world.

8. Chicago, USA

Chicago’s skyline has managed to maintain a humble aesthetic while remaining one of the world's most impressive. The 108-story Willis tower tops a pleasant tapestry of tall buildings that haven't gone overboard like New York or Miami, all set against the deep blue waters of Lake Michigan.

7. Seattle, USA

Seattle’s skyline is a series of architecturally diverse buildings set on a hill next to Puget Sound, with Mount Rainier looming in the background. Vertical growth restrictions have kept this skyline's aesthetics intact.

6. Singapore

One of the most powerful financial hubs of Asia, Singapore also boasts of a skyline that harbours an illuminated Ferris wheel and the world's most expensive building (the $5.7 Billion Marina Bay Sands).

5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The architect of Kuala Lumpur's landmark Petronas Twin Towers set out to not only build the tallest twin structures in the world, but also to make them look like... rockets. Thanks to its Skyline, Malaysia is home to a big travel industry!

4. Shanghai, China

Shanghai skyline looks awe inspiring with the LED-studded China Pearl building that offsets the futuristic office towers and the 101-story Shanghai World Financial Center. The view is so beautiful it has to be one of the nicest skyline in the world!

3. Tokyo, Japan

Its admirable that Tokyo being one of those cities that receives the maximum number of earthquakes should be able to nestle a wonderful skyline. Harbouring buildings such as the 2,080ft Tokyo Skytree, a broadcasting tower that's listed as the second tallest building in the world, this skyline looks amazing with most architecturally intriguing structures around, all set against the backdrop of Mt. Fuji.

2. Hong Kong, China

Built on Victoria Harbour at the base of a mountain, this one-time British territory is one of the most densely-populated large cities on the planet (spanning only 50,000 acres) and claims the world's largest collection of buildings over 500ft. Topped by the 118-story International Commerce Center, views of this skyline are spectacular.

1. Sydney, Australia

What makes this skyline feature as one of the best is its amalgamation of nature, culture and modernity. With the landmark Sydney Opera House that contrasts perfectly with the blue waters of Sydney Harbour that offer a perfect backdrop to the skyscrapers. Not to forget the long arc of the Sydney Harbour bridge that offers immense beauty to the cityscape. This jaw dropping eclectic silhouette definitely gives skylines across the world a run for their money.

So which one of these most beautiful skylines in the world do you like the most? Let us know.

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