Spending Christmas Near The North And South Poles

  • UPDATED May 17, 2018

Every year we all start to make plans as to how and where to spend the Holidays! And there are various locations that we have in our minds, or we give into some of those that advertised aggressively as ‘THE’ destinations for Christmas.

Think about a Christmas where you are away from the commercialization and the hustle-bustle, and you get a chance to celebrate in 24 hours of daylight and to be a participant in a race around the world (at South Pole)!

Traveling for Christmas near the Poles-be it Antarctica or Alaska-is always in groups-never in isolation due to harsh weather conditions and to get there and around, you will need to get on a cruise or hop on a flight that will take you to the nearest landing station.

Christmas at South Pole

Christmas in Antarctica comes in the Austral summer from November through March and the temperature, though still chilly, allows visitors to get around and explore the natural beauty in 24 hours of daylight! Getting to Antarctica is quite a challenge in itself, but if you manage to brave the conditions, you will be rewarded generously by the nature in the form of breathtaking sites all around! Or you could avail of weeklong cruise and make friends with penguins on the way. Get the cameras rolling already!

Home to only a few scientific bases, this land is unscathed. Get adventurous here with activities like camping, hiking, cross country skiing or just fly over the Island and take in the picturesque surroundings or participate in a race around the world or just be an observer of this one of a kind race. You might not be able to see much of native flora and fauna around though, due to the harsh weather.

Race around the world- Organized on the day of Christmas at the base of Amundsen/Scott, the course of this race covers the geographic South Pole and in crossing that, you would have crossed three different time zones in the distance of 2 miles! Amazing isn’t it? And the chance and joy to be able to brag about these things later on, that’s absolutely priceless!

Christmas at North Pole

Just like Antarctica, Alaska has breathtaking scenery-mountains, glaciers and remote lakes-Nature at its purest form!

Christmas here is a different scenario though, than at the South Pole, after all its Santa’s town! Don’t be surprised if you find yourself watching a live feed from the Santa’s house! Get enchanted with Christmas in Ice contest-an annual 6 week festival that attracts Ice sculptors from around the globe carving the most fascinating ice art or be a part of the Winter Festival-an annual 2 day festival that has everything Christmassy-Fireworks, a local bazaar and decorating Christmas trees while singing the carols.

Another absolutely brilliant idea would be to experience Northern Lights -Aurora Borealis-now that you are in Alaska already! Either get a packaged tour or plan a self driven trip only to see this magnificent occurrence-you won’t regret it!

Enjoy the rail travel, take flight tours around the snow capped mountains and get to know the marine and wildlife or just revel in the picture perfect place!

So get packing and be ready to witness the White Christmas-closer to nature and its rare occurrences-24 hours of daylight-a race around the World-Northern Lights!

Ready to be mesmerized this Christmas?! Do share your experiences-one can’t get enough of this beautiful and mystical Islands!


Komal Choksi

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