10 Houses To Rent Out From Sports Celebs

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Home is where love is, is a very true statement. But, yet love is not all that makes up a house. We are always looking at our favorite celebrities houses and hoping that one day, we would get to live in a paradise like that as well. Imagine the chance to live in a house where your favorite celebrities have resided and have a hint of them in every corner. Well, it becomes all the more special when it comes to a Sports fan. A fan would always want to imitate his idol- be it in his playing style, personal style or if he gets a chance- even his lifestyle. So here, we are listing out some of the best houses that you can rent out which are owned by celebrities that give you a chance to spend a day or even a week to live just like them.

1. Wayne Rooney- A holiday home, your favorite player’s house and a taste of paradise!

Wayne Rooney has put up his Barbados home for rent. It is super amazing with all the luxuries that you can ask for. There is a massive drive way, a pool for a much deserved dip and a living room facing the beautiful city of Barbados. He rents his house for a week minimum and trust us, the rent is decent for everything you are getting. Specially, the life long tag of having stayed in Rooney’s house comes really cheap with this one!

Highlights - 5 kingsizes bedrooms, amazing pool, media room.

Rent - £8,000/week

2. Ronaldinho- no better way to watch the World Cup!

This one is not up for grabs anymore, but it is definitely worth a mention for a simple reason that this is a blog about Sports personalities and this house is associated with Ronaldinho. It was put up for rent during the World Cup in Rio. Ronaldinho is known to love his sport and has also been the former World Cup Player of the year, a gesture of this sort from his end is one of the best things to happen to football fans.

Highlights - A pool, a wine cellar, 6 bathrooms as well as 5 bed rooms.

Rent - £10,279/night

3. Patrick Sharp- The view of this lakeview mansion is unparalleled!

Patrick Sharp is a well known name in the ice hockey circle of the World. He rose to fame by playing for Chicago Blackhawks and also went on to become their alternate captain. Today, he plays for The Dallas Stars of the National Hockey League and has offered his fans a chance to rent out his Lakeview mansion for a month. The house boasts of 6 bedrooms and is a lovely property. His wife Abby has worked really hard in decorating this brick and limestone apartment and you are sure to get a personalized touch once you are here.

Highlights - 6 bedrooms, amazing interior,7,300 Square feet.

Rent - £9400/month approximately


I know every Knicks fan is already jumping with joy. Knicks star Lou Amundson has put his modern pad up on the rental market. It is an amazing house with stainless-steel countertops, stars whitewashed beams and streamlined cabinets. The best part is that it is full of plants and is a really nice place to stay in. There will never be a dull day for you here.

Highlights - MANHATTAN BEACH, KNICKS PLAYER..do we need another reason?

Rent -  £6,700/month approximately.

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5. Roman Harper- One for the goodwill!

This one is also not up for rent anymore, but it was just about last week. Roman Harper listed out his house in Charlotte, N.C for 1 fan and 2 guests to watch the match at his abode while he was away. He listed it out for a 5,000 dollars for that night and vowed to proceed the money for his charity- Harper Hope foundation. Even though, it is not up anymore- it is still an amazing gesture and should not go unnoticed.

Highlights - Perfect alternative to the real super bowl match plus charity.

Rent - £4,500/night approximately

6. Mike Gatting- Share his idea of holiday, spend it the same way.

Mike Gatting swears by this house of his. He has time and again, mentioned how much he and his wife Elaine have loved holidaying here over the years. Also all of know how relaxing Barbados’s sunny weather can be! This house is amazing for a lot of reasons. It provides you with linens, a beautiful getaway to the neighboring golf land and a very private space. It is like a hotel for you where you can stay by yourself. 

Highlights - 2 Bedroom Villa, neighboring houses owned by the likes of Rooney, Gary Linekar.

Rent - Starting from £1,200/week

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7. Lewis Moody- If you play like he does, then you can also live like he does.

" I’m Lewis, husband to Annie and father of 2"

"Like any rugby family we’re incredibly excited at the prospect of welcoming fans from around the world to play on our home turf and we are very lucky that our home is within such easy distance to many of the tournaments venues."

This was his ad on AirBnb and is definitely very adorable. Although, we cannot rent the house anymore but let’s hope we get the same opportunity next year and we are able to make use of it!

Highlights - Accommodates 8, 4 bedroom and definitely his ad.

Rent - £150/night (During the World Cup)

8. Kurt Warner- The only thing that can make Super Bowl even more exciting.

Kurt Warner is a known name when it comes to Super Bowl fans. He has rented out his house for 3,000 dollars a night and the house is really amazing. During the Super Bowl week though, the price-gauging is to its maximum. If you really are a big fan, then that is the best time for you to rent out this house. 

Highlights - Sleeps 14, 6 bedroom house, perfect for families.

Rent- £2,700/night

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9. Gary Linekar- Perfect Holiday home for you.

Although you cannot verify this one, but he is said to rent out a villa on the Royal Westmoreland Golf Club, sharing the same property as Wayne Rooney’s holiday home. There are a lot of other houses owned by Sports celebrities which are listed here as well.

10. Andrew Flintoff- Well, we can only hope!

Well, how we wish this one was still in our reach. Andrew Flintoff has rented out his modern pad to Sameul Eto. The house is worth 2.5 million euros and we are sure the rent of this one was high in the sky as well. The house is located in Northern England and is said to have all the amenities one needs to live a posh life in that area. Peter Crouch has also rented his other mansion, which is worth 5 million euros approximately and is located in Cheshire. The best part though is that Flintoff has quite a many properties in England that he has rented out and someday we can just hope that we will also be able to rent them!

Any other celebrities hide outs that you would love to hide at? Let us know. 

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