12 Spring Break Ideas for Families

By Nikita Das on Mar 08, 2019
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Spring Breaks are amazing! Students living in the USA will certainly attest to that, and why wouldn’t they? It is the one week of the year when they are provided with some reprieve from their hectic school life and allowed to enjoy themselves to their heart’s content. The college students enjoy various spring break activities. be it skiing, snorkeling, hiking, beachside rides, or attending a live music show, students want to get the best of their spring breaks. While this can be a headache for many parents who might wish to have the quietude back in their home, this week-long escape certainly makes a great opportunity for families to spend some quality time together and strengthen their bond.
Here we bring you some of the best spring break ideas for families to go for during this week-long break which is not only interesting but equally enjoyable for everyone.

1) Witness the Allure of Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC

watch cherry blossom this spring break with familyPC: Wikimedia Commons

The Cherry Blossom Festival is one of the most happening events in the city and something you definitely should not miss. Every year, for a period of four weeks, the city comes alive with the arrival of these beautiful flowers magnificently adorning the sidewalks of Tidal Basin. Let me tell you, these lightly petaled flowers are a delight to watch and more so in springs when these trees see their full bloom creating a spectacular hue of pink in the air.
Started decades ago as a token of friendship between USA and Japan, the festival is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm by the folks, with more than 1.5 million people participating in the event every year. And that’s not just it. The breathtaking view of cherry blossoms is complimented by a vibrant atmosphere filled with colourful balloons, a lavish parade, paddle boats and joyous music, all events you can enjoy with your family. The view of Washington monument along with the Jefferson memorial provides some great view for people to click some pictures and have fun.

2) A Skiing Escape to Smuggler’s Notch, Vermont

Skiing with family - spring break ideas

Unleash your sporty side in this gorgeous mountain resort, which with its myriad activities is enough to make your spring break a memorable one. Deemed to be one of the best spring break destinations for families, the place offers not only a luxurious and feel good environment to its visitors but a great outdoor refuge as well.
You will be surprised to see just how many things you can do and enjoy in this place. There are smooth skiing slopes for an exciting skiing excursions along with numerous hiking trails to jazz on. Not to forget the smooth river adorning the rugged terrains of the place. While in days, you can get yourself busy with the hikes and enjoying your time at the best ski resorts in USA, reserve the nights for warm bonfire rounds with family and kids relishing delicious cups of hot chocolate and watching the fireworks. The accommodation here dons a homely vibe with its spacious well-equipped rooms and customer friendly services. Delicious food, sound internet facility and a nice outdoor pool, the place has it all. Worried about the dates suitable for skiing?

3) Relive the Cowboy times in Arizona’s rancho de Los Caballeros 

Cowboy times for a spring break vacation with kids

Remember those precious childhood days when cowboys were the most fascinating thing for us. How those interesting tales of their wacky adventures would set our imagination on fire and make us want to be a part of their daring carefree world. Yes, those were pretty good days and wait, they aren’t over. At least not in Rancho de Los Caballeros.
Situated amid the dry plains of Wickenburg, this historic resort is a place where not only your children but you get to relive your childhood as well. It has numerous trails where you can tread on riding on your horses or go for an exciting golf match in its splendid golf course spread over an area of 20,000 acres. The accommodations here are warm and comforting with nice restaurants and spa houses. Things like free wifi in public areas only adds more charm to it. Not to mention the outdoor pool and fitness centre you get to avail here. From camping, swimming to hiking, the dude ranch have everything to make this place one of the best spring break ideas for families.

4) An exciting surfing expedition in Orange County, California

surfing expedition for the children

Beautifully settled between Los Angeles and San Diego, Orange County is a place of the warm sun, exotic golden beaches and loads of fun. And the best thing is, it can be visited year around, all thanks to its almost perfect weather and vibrant folks. It offers myriad fun activities to the people including numerous beaches, amusement parks and piers making it a perfect place to have one of the best spring break vacations for families.
Wannabe surfers and individuals with an interest in this sport will find a great deal to explore here, with it being home to International Surfing Museum and its rich history. Then there is Huntington Beach Pier, a definite must see with its varied shops and food joints. Ensure to take some time out from your schedule to make a trip to Newport Beach with kids to ride its old time Ferris wheel and activities like golf, sailing and such. If that’s not enough for you, then there are theme parks, aquariums and museums along with various events that take place in the county throughout the year. Regardless of whatever you would be doing, rest assured to have an absolutely amazing time in this heaven for travellers.

5) Legoland Amusement park for Lego Lovers, Florida

If you are still confused as to where to go for your spring break with family, don’t fret over it and just come here. The Legoland Amusement park, with over 50 rides and a great number of highlights, is surely going to win you over for a next visit. Specifically themed for Lego lovers, the attraction is home to a great water park, miniature replicas of many U.S. cities and an outstanding collection of creative Lego Models.
For people, especially children with a flair for creativity can even indulge in their own lego creations if they wish to. If you are wondering as to where to stay during your little trip to this land, the park has recently opened a hotel named LegoLand with an intent to give you the best Lego Experience. Get ready to have a nice cosy stay in one of their special themed room while watching your kids indulge in a number of entertainment activities available here. Be it its botanical garden, exciting ski shows or delicious food culture, the Legoland is no less of a haven for Lego fanatics and adventure lovers alike.

6) A flavorful trip to Brooklyn

spring break ideas for families on a budget

It won’t be wrong of us to say that Brooklyn is a paradise for foodies. Don’t believe us? Check out for yourself. Be it the mouth watering pizza at Grimaldi's near Brooklyn Bridge Park or the popular Buttermilk food station known for its enticing flavours, the place will stun you with its vast range of culinary delights. Don’t forget to visit the secret burger point to have a fill while you are at it. Alongside these, there are numerous fun themed restaurants which you can hop on for a more flavorful experience. If you are one of our budget travellers looking for a modest accommodation to stay, you can visit the downtown Brooklyn for varied options. With so much to offer, the place makes a delicious, affordable destination for a week-long spring break. Don’t you agree?

7) Sky View Observatory, Seattle, WA

Seattle - ideal spring break destination for families

Get to the highest point of the tallest building in the state of Washington and relish the panoramic of the bustling city below. Seattle, a city known for its fine blend of culture and modernity is a fun place to visit with your family for an excursion. You can hike up to the sky view observatory centre that provides a thorough view of the surrounding places including Mt. Rainier, Elliott Bay, the Space Needle and Bellevue or go for Pike Place Market for some unique shopping endeavours. Both the places are reasonably priced and reflect the different sides of Seattle. Coupled with its vibrant food culture and bustling nightlife, Seattle provides an ample amount of reasons to be a great place to make one of the best spring break trips for families.

8) Explore the Wildlife in Orlando, Florida

Spring breaks are a vacation for children and what’s the better way to spend it than visiting a place they will like the most. Orlando is one such place. Home to numerous theme parks including the renowned ones like Walt Disney World and the Animal Kingdom, it beckons children from everywhere to come here and have fun. Theme parks like the Animal Kingdom have proved to be a great source of knowledge for children as it lets them have a very close look at the different aspects of wildlife and serves as an engaging platform to watch, learn and understand.
There are some other attractions as well such as Universal Orlando with its Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Apart from these, the city offers camps and clubs for children with varied sports events while adults can go for its well-equipped spa centres and spend some quiet time to themselves and relax.

9) Grab the dual deal at St. Martin

St. Martin - for a great spring break vacation

Saint Martin is a beautiful island located a few kilometres away from Puerto Rico and can be a great option for you next spring break trip. The Island is divided into two halves reflecting a great blend of cultural differences and geographical unity. The northern part or the French side is renowned for its vast culinary heritage providing myriad options, from local food to sophisticated French cuisine. On the other hand, lies, the terrains of southern part or Dutch side, encompassing beautiful scenery of pristine beaches, crystal clear water and colourful boardwalks. Go to the bustling boardwalks and spend some time amid the numerous shops and restaurants present there, might as well bring a souvenir with you while you are at it. So if you plan to spend this spring break on a tight budget, this is the place to go.
Spend the other days walking in the warm weather of St. Martin while taking in the vibrancy and grace of the surrounding trees or treat your sporty side to an exciting rendezvous like zip-lining and horse riding. There are many undersea adventures like diving and sailing which combined with all, makes the perfect recipe for a great vacation.

10) Explore the Mayan ruins in the Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya - explore historyPC: Wikimedia Commons

Go for a spring break trip to Riviera Maya with children and take this chance to introduce them to one of the most intriguing and mystic civilisations of mankind. The place is the home to the most excavated Mayan ruins till now and has fascinated visitors and historians for years. The three most frequented ruins are Tulum, Chichen Itza and Coba. You can choose one of the three sites or all of them at once for visit. The ruins called Tulum, which once must be an ancient fortress, now stands as one of the most picturesque sites for visitors. If you are interested in exploring more of this ruin, consider spending few nights in nearby cabanas and palapa hotels.
Apart from these, there are numerous other activities to enjoy on this trip. There are pools and snorkels along with some really cool eco-adventure parks. Take some time out to watch the glorious sunset relaxing on the soft sand of the beach or be a part of some great adventure tyrants including rappelling, zip-lining, boating and deep sea fishing. All in all, it is a place worth exploring with your family.

11) Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C.

How about making the best of these spring holidays by spending them in a purposeful yet fun way? And what’s the better way to do that than visiting a museum and indulging in some useful informative stuff? While the prospect may seem dull to the children who would rather spend their time visiting the parks and zoo, it is just the matter of finding the right place to keep them engaged. No kidding! One of such places where you can go with your family is Smithsonian Museum of Washington D.C.
The place was built in the 18th century and accommodates around 17 museums with an extension of National Zoological Park a few kilometres away. Not only it is the world's largest museum and research complex, the venue itself is considered to be a great sight to behold. With its unique architecture, wide collection and friendly vibes, the place appeals to everyone regardless of their age. You can be grandfather visiting with your grandchildren yet find yourself enjoying just as much as them. Being one of the oldest museums makes it lets you have an in-depth insight on all the aspects of humankind, from evolution to science and modernisation. After visiting the museum, go to the zoo to witness the diverse animal kind inhabited there and end this interesting fun trip with some pictures and beautiful memories.

12) Quirky Destinations to visit- The Dinosaur World and The Blowing Rock

The Dinosaur World and The Blowing RockPC: Wikipedia

If you are one of those curious souls who doesn't mind going off the beaten path for a bit and explore something new, then this is just for you. Go with your family on an engaging visit to the hidden world of dinosaurs and delve into the history of these intimidating creatures of the past. Sounds fancy, right? It is. The place is a popular theme park that features over 150 life-sized models of dinosaurs put in a realistic setting with adequate information about each of them. A family friendly destination, the place welcomes its visitors for a number of activities along with it such as picnicking and strolling. There are about 5 such theme parks located in different parts of U.S. including Florida, Texas and Plant City with each one having a unique setting of its own.
If you are more interested in finding some solace from the bustle of town, go for The Blowing Rock Preserve. Located in the city of Florida, this beautiful rock preserve with its large limestone outcropping is a unique sight to see. Alongside these, you can witness other coastal plant life including maritime hammocks and mangroves. Ensure to visit the educational centre and butterfly garden on your way back and spend some quality time in the midst of nature.
So this was our take on some diverse, unique and fun ideas for your perfect spring break trip with family. But remember, regardless of whichever place you choose to go for, a trip with family is always fun. Keep Travelling!

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