10 Miami Spring Break Ideas For 2017

Buzzing around the year with a ton of activities, this party capital of the world is especially flocked by families and BFFs at the advent of spring break. Eagerly anticipated, the spring break is right around the corner, and if you seek one unmatchable break loaded with things to do and some spectacular events, rightly balanced by some blissful relaxation, take a cue from these things to do in Miami spring break. Add in some fabulous Miami spring break packages to go with and you are sorted to take on a venture of art, history, rich cultural heritage and of course oodles of outdoor fun!

Spring Break 2017

Miami Spring Break 2017

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No, we don’t just mean the usual holiday spring break that this article is about, but the 6-day Western Caribbean Cruise that you could certainly incorporate in your Miami itinerary! With surprisingly delightful rates, this cruise is not short of any fully loaded party destination itself. It takes a good round covering of the picturesque Caribbean across the regions of Ocho Rios, Jamaica; Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands; and Cozumel, Mexico.

When: 2nd to 7th April, 2017
Cost: $499 onwards per person

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Miami spring break 2017 events

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The much awaited Miami spring break 2017 dates were recently out, and you've got to know that this is USA’s most sensational event for Spring Break. With a fabulous lineup of some electric music at the shows like 'Welcome to Miami', 'Pure: All White Affair' and 'Pretty Nasty', this three-day music event will keep you wanting for more.

When: 8th March to 11th March, 2017
Cost: $20 to $75 per person

College Fest X Miami Spring Break at the Hangar

College Fest X Miami Spring Break at the Hangar

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Presented by the "literally epic", The Epic League, this music festival justifies its name like no other! With a sequence of some insanely good artists including Maya, Tech and Rage, this year promises an unparalleled show, indeed. Experiencing this extravagance along with your group of friends as well as meeting like-minded people, this is ought to be one of the best memories you could create for a spring break.

When: 17th to 18th March, 2017
Cost: $20 per person

Spring Break Art Party

Spring Break Art Party

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

A presentation of the fabulous ONETRIBE, Spring Break After Party is a must if you crave some music fest hopping, in the beautiful lands of Miami. As the name suggests, look forward to some mind-baffling artwork, by the very talented artist, Phillecia. To keep your spirits up and soaring, DJ Jizzle will dish out some thumping music and one must surely not miss the stellar live performances by Yung Biz and Kidd Gam. What else do you need when you have some badass music, mesmerizing art, and a whole lot of drinks? The only criteria to remember is that in order to get an entry to this fest, you need to be above the age of twenty-one.

When: March 11, 2017
Cost: $8 per person

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Biscayne Bay Cruise

Biscayne Bay Cruise for the Miami Spring Break

Image Source: Ed Webster/flickr.com

You cannot be in Miami and not explore its sparkling waters. Realizing the fabulous bays engulfing this city, several cruise services were initiated to offer visitors a beguiling experience. An ecstatic blend of luxury, novelty, adventure, relaxation and of course sweeping panoramas, you must experience a cruise tour of the stunning Biscayne Bay. As you get fascinated by the sweeping panoramas, this tour will also have you covered on some of Miami's most important attractions like American Airlines Arena, Venetian Islands, and the Miami Herald Building. There are several cruise services that take you to the Biscayne Bay. If you feel more adventurous, book a glass-bottomed boat cruise!

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Jungle Island

soak up the Miami sun at Jungle Island

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

One of the most visited attractions of Miami, the Jungle Island can never be too much or too less for anyone! The best way to soak up the Miami sun is to spend the day out at this zoological park that will surprise you with its playful spontaneity. With exquisite wildlife putting up entertainment before you in some of the most hysteric ways, you are bound to have a fabulous time here, making for one unforgettable South Beach spring break 2017. Its verdant environs will make sure you don't get overwhelmed by the heat.

When: Monday to Sunday. 10 am to 5 pm
Cost: $32.95 onwards per person

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Bayfront Park

Be at Bayfront Park for the Miami Spring break

Image Source: Rafael Montilla/flickr.com

An unmissable on every list of things to do in Miami, the Bayfront Park will bowl you over with its Japanese characteristics. Best visited in the evenings, you can sit here revering the glorious Miami sunset, clicking a ton of pictures, signing for a yoga class or if you feel, you can just do nothing! This is especially a great place to relax after parties for the fresh air and cool breeze will certainly kick off your hangover. With its frequently buzzing Amphitheatre, as well as a lot of open air spaces and much more, this has to be on your list!

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Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Recognized as one of Miami's major thoroughfare in the South Beach neighborhood, Ocean drive along with other nightlife regions like South Beach and Lincoln Road is a must visit. This place is one of the most happening areas, whether you are looking to have a good time with friends at night, have some fun drinking scenes, or goofing around! The entire strip is abundant with a ton of options, leaving you spoilt you for choice. Do not miss its Art Deco hotels! Perched amidst another very popular draw of Miami, the Miami Art Deco District, which holds a very high historical significance, a night rendezvous here will easily be on your favorites of South Beach Miami spring break 2017 memories.

Townhouse Hotel

best hotels for spring break in Miami

Image Source: Booking.com

One of the best hotels for spring break Miami, the Townhouse Hotel has long been a favorite of many, given its very refreshing vibe. It is ideal for spring break especially given its very young, playful interiors, that appeal to youngsters and families alike if accompanied by. Not to forget it has been the location of several premier fashion magazine shots, including that of Elle, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and much more. A very dynamic location, right in the heart of the city, at South Beach, you literally just have to get out of the hotel to get into the city's buzz. During the day, you can head for some relaxing sunbathing at its rooftop, which magically transforms into a very happening part of the hotel, as the night draws.

The Savoy Hotel

Image Source: Booking.com

Rather than a hotel, this entire place is an experience. The Savoy Hotel serves you in a way that you will not want to leave! Accommodations in the form of highly charming oceanfront suites, and the likes, this gem boasts of a location as happening as itself. You can absolutely walk to the most popular restaurants, lounges, bar and other centrally located vicinities from here. Embracing the Atlantic Ocean, this beach location amps up the appeal of this hotel even further. With major emphasis given on art, this hotel maintains a very energetic and young vibe to it, making it perfect for youngsters on Spring Break. A restaurant placed atop the building offers some panoramic views of the adjoining vistas that can be well admired as you enjoy a scrumptious meal. 

Miami sure is a plethora of opportunities awaiting to be explored, and if you want to head to the town, just shake off all the stress, you can never wrong with this one!

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