Spring Festivals in Cincinnati

By Shraddhanvita Tiwari on Jan 22, 2018
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What do you do when the most beautiful season of the year, Spring, in its vibrant colors envelops the earth with its beauty? Most of the folks pack up their bulky winter clothes, sit amongst the spring blooms, and decide where they should head to for celebrating Spring break. So, in Spring, when all the green fields around the world turn into bright, colorful expanses of cherry blossom, tulips, and wildflowers, the city of Cincinnati, perched on the picturesque Ohio River, also blooms with festivities. The love for festivals is quite natural for a city which is so rich and diverse in history, architecture, and art. Are you in Cincinnati this Spring? Lucky you! Don’t miss being a part of these unique Spring festivals in Cincinnati.



Celebrations are synonymous with a pint of beer, aren’t they? And what can ever be the best way to celebrate the coming of spring cold beer, mouthwatering food, and great music! Bockfest is known as the funkiest festival of Cincinnati, and also the oldest German-style festival in Cincinnati. The people of Cincinnati love their German beer heritage. The festival is celebrated in the first week of March. This one-of-a-kind festival begins with a parade which is truly a visual treat to watch. The parade is later followed by Bockfest dinners, beer competitions and tasting, historic brewery tours, and live music. This unique festival sees over 30,000 attendees every year.

Cincinnati International Wine Festival


Have you ever thought of attending a “grand tasting” of over 700 types of wine? Well, I know it looks like a dream for all the wine lovers, but Cincinnati International Wine Festival makes this dream come true. Every year in Spring, International Wine Festival marks the beginning of spring celebrations in Cincinnati. An exciting and unique range of wines from around 250 wineries around the world are available for tasting. Apart from a fine wine, you will also have a scrumptious dinner here. Meet the wine educators in the special “tasting rooms” and know the history and making procedure of your favorite wine. Wouldn’t you like to taste some Blanc de Noir Champagne, Pinot Blanc, or Pinot Gris?

Cincy Cinco Festival


Cincy Cinco Festival celebrates the Latin culture. The celebration begins after Cinco De Mayo, the day that commemorates victory of the Mexicans over the French army in The Battle of Puebla. This family-friendly and community wide festival provides a glimpse of Latin history, art, and culture. The celebration takes two days full of culinary delights, music, and dance. Come here and you will be able to watch traditional Mexican mariachi bands and salsa band, and gorge the authentic Mexican cuisine. Children of Cincinnati also present the folklores after getting dressed in colorful clothes. 

Appalachian Festival


The year 2018 will mark the 49th annual Appalachian Festival. This is one of the most loved and popular festivals of Cincinnati. This three-day celebration takes place on the Mother’s Day weekend and over 10,000 people gather to attend this festival at the Coney Island on the Ohio River. All the activities here are organized by Appalachian Community Development Council (ACDA) which is a non-profit organization. If you are interested in knowing about the beauty of Appalachian life and culture, you should not miss attending this festival. 

Constella Festival of Music and Fine Arts


The Constella Festival of Music and Fine Arts, 2018 is going to mark the 7th anniversary of Constella Art. If you love attending performing arts concerts, you have to be at Constella Festival of Music and Fine Arts. Come spring and this festival in Cincinnati will be back with its diverse, multidisciplinary concert experience and dozens of world premieres of melodious shows. The festival is a whole entertainment package that includes guitar music, bandoneon, tango, violin, piano, visual art, and short documentary series. Check out the schedule now and book your seats on time.

Cincinnati May Festival

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


The May Festival in Cincinnati is the oldest chorus festival and considered as one of the best events in Cincinnati. This time the May Festival is going to feature the May Festival Chorus and Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (CSO) inspiring the audience with fresh collaborations in the recently renovated Music Hall of Cincinnati. There will be five concerts that are going to be performed over two weekends of May. The event witness thousands of visitors and music lovers from around the world. Are you a music lover too? Then reserve your seat to listen to the choral masterpieces.

Krohn Butterfly Show

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No matter what their age is, everyone just loves the sight of butterflies flying freely around the vibrant flowers. So, when flowers begin to bloom in Spring, the Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati organizes its International Butterfly Show. The show is going to start in the month of March and will be available to the visitors from 10am to 5pm. On your visit, you will also get the Butterfly Show Field Journal and meet “Mona”- the lovely butterfly and her other monarch friends. As you look at the butterflies enjoying the world of hydrangeas, marigolds, and celosia, you will not want to leave this place. 


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


Maifest or May Fest is the traditional German festival which is celebrated by the German Society of Cincinnati. This is basically a pagan festival which became a part of Christian celebrations as well. Cincinnati Maifest is organized in the beautiful Germania Park of the city and is indeed the most colorful festival of Cincinnati. The festival has a long history and has been celebrated since the 10th century by Germans to welcome the Spring and say goodbye to the Winter. Gather at the park during the fest and you will get to taste German pastry, local craft beer along with plenty of carnival rides and games. 

Taste of Cincinnati

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Spring in Cincinnati has something special for all foodies! Taste of Cincinnati is the annual festival where you can taste the best of Cincinnati. Celebrated on the Memorial Day weekend, Taste of Cincinnati is a three-day fest and boasts over 265 inventive signature dishes prepared with care by the famous chefs of the city. You can come to taste and if you are a good cook, you can participate as well. The competition is held for different categories such as bet appetizer, healthiest food, best dessert, best vegetarian dish and more. 

Asian Food Fest

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This is another big treat that the Spring season brings to all the food lovers in Cincinnati. The Asian Food Fest began in 2010 and since then, it has been a favorite event to many. Every year the chefs from the local restaurants gather in the park to celebrate the Asian cuisine and culture and present the signature dishes from the Asian countries such as Cambodia, China, Hawaii, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan etc. While tasting the authentic Asian dishes, you can also enjoy live music. This 2-day food extravaganza will surely make you fall in love with the Asian food. 


Open Access to Ark Grounds

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One of the best things to do in Cincinnati is to visit the Ark Grounds. The Ark Encounter, located in the southern part of Cincinnati, is a full-sized reconstruction of Noah's Ark. The size of the Ark is so magnificent that it itself amazes the visitors. But you cannot always visit this unique structure. It is open for the public access only in spring. It looks heavenly when you watch the Ark in the rainbow lights. Till 28 February 2018 you can access everything outside the Ark for free and experience its features such as Ararat Ridge Zoo, Emzara's Kitchen, the gift shop, themed-restaurant, fair trade market, and more.

Cincy Fringe Festival

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Organized by Know Theatre of Cincinnati, Cincy Fringe Festival offers a great treat to the theatre goers. The festival runs over 12 days and every day there are over 200 beautiful theatre performances. The Cincy Fringe Festival features FringeNext, FringeDevelopment, and the Fringe Bar Series that are followed by Fringe Olympics, Fringe-a-oke, Fringe Prom, and other activities. Every year they try to bring in some new ideas that attracts thousands of spectators. 

When sunlight glitters in the Ohio river, the city parks turn into carpet of flowers, and you hear the sound of songbirds, it’s time to celebrate Spring in Cincinnati. Which festival did you like the most? Do let me know.


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