Four Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling for Business

By Guest Blogger on Oct 31, 2017
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If you do a lot of traveling for work, you might have noticed a disturbing pattern: after spending several days away from home attending meetings and spending hours at airports and on planes, the only souvenirs you bring home with you are a stuffed head, sore throat and low grade fever.

Fortunately, getting sick during and after a business trip does not have to be a foregone conclusion. There are a number of tips and tricks to try along the way that can boost your immune system and keep you feeling like yourself. For example, check out the following ideas:

Eat as Healthily as Possible

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You don’t have to rely on pricey airport meals, heavy hotel food and fat-filled buffets during your trip. Pack healthy snacks that you can enjoy along the way and at your hotel; this includes trail mixes, pretzels, apples and nutrition bars made with natural ingredients. While at the airport, choose simple soups and salads over greasy burgers and fries and at the conference, select fresh fruit and yogurt whenever possible over donuts and pastries. Limit your intake of high calorie alcoholic beverages sodas and instead go for plenty of unsweetened iced tea, club soda on the rocks or one glass of wine. At dinner, choose the simplest meals on the menu, like a grilled piece of salmon or chicken paired with a small salad. Filling up on healthy foods will go a long way in helping your body to stay on an even keel.

Don’t Forget the Vitamins

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Vitamins and other supplements are an ideal health insurance policy of sorts — they fill in nutritional gaps and can also boost your immune system. As you pack for your trip, fill a small container with enough multi-vitamins to last you while you are away, adding in extra vitamin C and garlic capsules. When shopping for vitamins, it is best to find brands that are made from natural ingredients; a great example is the Nutrilite supplements from Amway. The company offers a wide variety of high quality multi-vitamin and mineral formulas and other supplements that can help keep you as healthy as possible while traveling.

Go Back to the Basics: Hand Washing and Rest

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It is amazing how effective a relatively simple tip like frequent hand washing is to reduce your chances of falling ill on a business trip. As often as you can, wash your hands with warm water and soap, and pack a small, TSA-approved bottle of hand sanitizer in your purse or briefcase and use it frequently. Make it a rule to never touch your mouth, eyes or nose as this will introduce germs into your system. Also, do everything you can to stay on a regular sleep schedule; if you are crossing over time zones, get as much daylight as you can when you arrive and consider a low dose of melatonin at night to encourage your body to sleep.

Relax and Rejuvenate Along the Way

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To ward off as much stress as you can, which will also weaken the immune system, be sure to pay attention to your mental and emotional health. Text or call your loved ones back home for a needed boost, and try to make time every day for something fun and relaxing — for example, practice meditation in the morning in your hotel room and at night enjoy watching one of your favorite TV series on your tablet.