Staycation Ideas For Couples In Delhi For Romantic Times

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At times, a staycation is the best form of vacation. Not only because of the fact that it is cheaper but also because it lets you explore your own city in a better way and definitely from a fresh perspective. In a desire to travel across the world, sometimes we forget how beautiful our own place can be! For those who are still unaware as to what is staycation, it is vacationing within the city and the idea is fast catching up among people who want to save on a vacation but do not want to sacrifice on other indulgence. So what it entails is easy budgets; no hassles of booking hotels and flights and no travel waiting time. Also, a staycation is more rejuvenating than a traditional vacation, which can leave you exhausted by the time you return home.

Delhi has always been a famous tourist destination not just for the Indians but also for the international travelers. The city nestles modernity and antiquity in such a seamless manner that at times the two of them can’t be just juxtaposed. The city has such cozy corners, in search of which couples generally take long flights. So while you are in Delhi, let us look at some of the staycation ideas in Delhi for couples that can make your vacation in your hometown, a memorable one.

1. Book a luxurious Hotel

Believe it or not! Most of the posh hotels are considering staycation as a form of their revenue model. For that matter, they are offering special packages on weekends to make your stay a memorable one. The idea of spending your weekend in a plush hotel can definitely make you feel you are travelling to some other location but obviously without the tiresome journeys to entail. The ideal staycation is in a suburban hotel or one almost out of town with sprawling grounds that gives a slightly "country feel". One hotel that fits the bill is The Westin Sohna Resort and Spa .

With hotels offering an array of experiences such as specially curated menus, spa treatments and luxury airport transfers, your staycation is bound to immerse in your memories forever. Another great option can be Kempinski Ambience Hotel that keeps on offering staycation packages with discounts on stay, dinners as well as spa and salon.

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For those who wish to add a traditional charm to their staycation can opt for Heritage Village Resort Manesar. The Rajasthani Haveli fashion comes alive while you stay her and enjoy the modern luxuries in a traditional set up.

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2. Follow Delhi’s legendary food trail

Image Source: Abigail Becker/Flickr

From upscale let us hop on to the local! It is a well acknowledged truth that Delhi revels in curating mind blowing street food to people. Delhi’s street food has actually gone beyond the level of just being restricted to streets only. Food items like Chole Bhature, Chaat, Gajar halwas are available in best restaurants as well. Venture on to a street food hopping tour of the city and know what the city holds for you in terms of gastronomic delight. Places to visit shall include: parathewali gali, Chacha’s chole bhature at kamla nagar, Tikkis at BTW which is spread across the city, Nizam’s kathi rolls.

Remember, love can find its expression in small ways and at small places.

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3. Awaken the artist in you: Visit Delhi’s Art galleries

Image Source: harpreet singh/Flickr

Delhi has always been home to Avant guarde art and literature. So while you are enjoying the local charm of Delhi, do not forget to visit some of the galleries here that are also some of the best in the world. We always think of Spain and France when it comes to viewing art. But why not visit some of your own town first? Recommended ones are: Delhi Art Gallery, Nature Morte, Exhibit 320, Art Alive Gallery, Art Positive.

4. Love Delhi to the core: Visit its famous markets

Image Source: Chris Schmich/Flickr

Who’s unaware of the charm of Delhi markets? Some of these bazaars such as the Meena Bazar are replicated after the famous Turkish ones. Today, with the advent of modern mall culture that offer you the best of brands, these bazaars still shine resplendently with their artefacts, local clothes and that exotic air that makes you fall in them. Visit Sarojini Nagar market, Lajpat nagar market, kamla nagar, rajouri garden, chandni chowk, dilli haat to get the best of local colour! Even Bollywood has been left wonderstruck with them.

5. The Essence of Delhi: The Historical trail

Image Source:

When was the last time you visited Red Fort or Qutub Minar? In schools, I am sure! With some of the most well preserved ruins of the Mughal Era, Delhi can be very easily termed as the cultural and architectural capital of India as well. You can also visit places like Hauz Khas village, Agrasen ki Baoli etc with your loved one to enrich your knowledge as well as moments of togetherness! Moreover, you will find quiet surroundings here to reinstate your love!

6. For a Spiritual retreat: visit Zorba the Buddha

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If the two of you want to indulge in some soul searching, head to Zorba the retreat where your love might just grow platonic! Zorba The Buddha as a cultural village where ‘people from all walks of life come to find peace, creative expression, and freedom’. The farm provides a cosmopolitan free space where social mores and conventions don’t mean a thing- everyone follows their heart and happiness just seems to follow suit. Perfect for lovers!

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7. Explore Delhi at night

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There are many authorities which will tell you that Delhi can be unsafe to explore at night. However, for couples there are certain haunts in Delhi that are completely safe to roam around. Believe me, the city is definitely stupendous at night and nothing can match its monumental glory during the dark hours! Places around Connaught Place, Akshardham temple, Bangla Sahib and India Gate offer beautiful views of the city at night.

8. How about a cultural tour?

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These days there are a lot of cultural tours that engage the travelers with their unique ways of storytelling. You can take the Delhi’s Little Tibet tour with Indomania to know more about the migrated Tibetan group. You can also count on Indomania to enjoy pottery in it full glory in the outskirts of Delhi during the Pottery Village Tour, and get the opportunity to indulge in interactive activities with the potters. There is also another interesting cultural tour to Philkhuwa in Ghaziabad, close to New Delhi. Here, you can take a Tonga and explore the textile industry near this place. You can also take a cultural tour to the Kathputli Colony under the Shadipur Depot bridge, which is the home of around 800 folk artists, including magicians, puppeteers, mime artists, acrobats, jugglers, folk singers and dancers. For this, opt for Art of Hope Tour!

9. Sufism to reawaken spiritual passion in you

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Delhi has been a hub of Sufi music owing to its coalescing of Hindu and Muslim traditions in its folds. While you are in Delhi, try to attend the famous Nizzamudin Dargah for an indulgence in Sufi music. Sufism, a more tolerant version of Islam that allows freedom of expression through performance arts and poetry as a means of reaching Allah, is growing in popularity amongst young people in India who are seeking an alternative spiritual experience. 

There are also many lounges such as Lighthouse 13, Shalom, Story Unfolds where you can listen to live Sufi music and lend a graceful charm to your romantic evenings.

10. The modern Delhi: Visit the unusual Cafes

Image Source:

What makes the city today different from the others is that it harbors unconventionality very well within its folds. There are cafes in Delhi that have defied the usual experiences and have verged on to be the rebel in their own ways. The all-new "social” at Hauz Khas has taken the industry by storm. You must have seen this place captured in the movie Tamasha as Dipika meets Ranbir after their first meeting. What intrigues the visitors over here is the path that leads to Social, made to look like a dungeon! The narrow alley lined with graffiti opens up into a vast space with two floors, numerous rooms and big glass windows. Look at the view of the beautiful Hauz Khas from here:

Apart from that there is Kumzum travel café that blends travel and reading experiences in its unique set up.

There can be innumerable ways in which you can explore Delhi as a city. Would you like to add up more staycation ideas to this blog? Let us know.

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